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  1. I have so much fly fishing tackle it’s a bit embarrassing …if you still need some D M me and we can talk ….👍
  2. Looking for a second hand rat catcher for some pest control . I need this quite quickly so if you want to sell I’m your man 👍
  3. Looking for a take down rifle gentleman so if you have one that’s gathering dust or indeed just wanna change please let me know . I appreciate theses are quite a rare commodity but happy to travel or post ….what have you got ???? thanks
  4. Tbh Ricky I’d just go for .223 …ammo is better value and more readily available than .204, lots of choice in guns but sako are cool ( I have one ) .223 will do over and above what you want to do or need it for it’s a great calibre . Having owned a 22-250 I personally wouldn’t go back …if it’s just foxes I’d go with .223….just my opinion
  5. Actually ignore me …Ive just seen how much they are on eBay ….££££££ forget I said anything and ignore the listing 👍
  6. Hi guys , I’ve recently been going through my dads stuff in the loft and found a tin with lots of car key rings in ….they were mine about 35 - 40 years ago . My dad had a car showroom ( dealer ) back in the 70s through to 1987 and would take the key fobs off cars when they were px and give them too me , I used them for my collections badge at Cubs in 1980 ….now I feel old ….anyway they are very rare I’m told and I have lots …if you have a vintage or classic car send me a message if your interested as I may have one for your vehicle …was thinking about £25 each posted . There are reproduction ones on eBay for £7 but these are all at least 30 -50 years old …mostly enamelled….if it’s no I will put them back in loft thanks 🚗 ….. PLEASE IGNORE THIS LISTING …I’ve just seen how much they are on eBay ….sorry guys 👍
  7. Hi there .....long shot but has anyone got a mountain top or canopy for a 2006 ranger MK2 double cab .....I’ve managed to find a very good truck but has no rear cover so whatever you have please get in touch . Thanks in advance
  8. Found three of theses in the workshop , of any body wants them PM and I will post on ...on the proviso that you put a couple of quid in the charity box
  9. Trying that route Currently......thanks
  10. After reversing over friends shotgun ( I kid you not ) I need to replace .... thanks
  11. Has anyone got a spare one as mine has distorted and is no longer viable to use ....thanks
  12. storsey

    Tow ropes

    Ok guys just seeing if anyone had a couple ...I will go on the bay and get a few thanks anyway
  13. storsey

    Tow ropes

    Thanks for the reply’s , they are not to use on the road but to lower canoe trailers down slipways Hence they don’t need to be tip top
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