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  1. Found three of theses in the workshop , of any body wants them PM and I will post on ...on the proviso that you put a couple of quid in the charity box
  2. Trying that route Currently......thanks
  3. After reversing over friends shotgun ( I kid you not ) I need to replace .... thanks
  4. Has anyone got a spare one as mine has distorted and is no longer viable to use ....thanks
  5. storsey

    Tow ropes

    Ok guys just seeing if anyone had a couple ...I will go on the bay and get a few thanks anyway
  6. storsey

    Tow ropes

    Thanks for the reply’s , they are not to use on the road but to lower canoe trailers down slipways Hence they don’t need to be tip top
  7. storsey

    Tow ropes

    Hi there I’m looking for a few tow ropes to donate to the scout group ...if you have one laying around and it’s not too much money please let me know
  8. What are you after I have a few ...
  9. As title suggest these are brand new both guns changed to magazine feed ...complete with internal spring they are both short action very cheap as I won’t use em ...£30 for both posted cheers
  10. Hi guys ...I’m after a flapper to give to a guy on my shoot , his is now beyond repair so was gonna treat him . So please be gentle with the price . im in Kent thanks
  11. Sold pending the usual
  12. As title suggest I have 10 sets of corded quality ear plugs . On the bay they are £1.80 odd plus postage per pair I was thinking 10 pairs for £12.00 posted .
  13. Can you please post a picture buddy thanks
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