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  1. storsey

    Air rifle

    There’s a rat catcher for sale .22 on private gun sales ....good guns for the job I’m told
  2. thanks for the replies all sorted now 👍
  3. As title suggests .... PM me new owner wanted ... so by my reckoning it's in the right section ... bet its removed within 24 ... but offer still stands till it is
  4. Hi there just inherited this single shot shotgun look in ok condition but really have no room for it , if any one in Kent or somewhere near wants it for free let me know I'm near Bromley
  5. As stated in the text the photo was too big to upload and I stated that I can email the images to Intrested parties so i guess if your interested send me your email address 🤔
  6. Back when my eyes weren’t held to ransom by Specsavers I use to tie flies ..with some success actually selling in some famous tackle shops in London . But alas those days are gone but I have literally thousands of flies some of which have sat in boxes for a long time ...I’ve sorted a few mixed boxes out but will test the water with this one first ....it’s a box of various small nymphs , buzzers , small lures and shrimp patterns all tied by my fair hands . There micro barbed or barbless ( tied for catch and release ) but would do for any type of trout , grayling , char situations box , 90 odd flies £30 posted ? Thanks ...can’t upload pic as too big but will email to interested parties
  7. I bought this trout rod about 20 years ago ...😱that makes me feel old !!! Anyway lovely rod to use it’s 8 weight 9ft long ..was always my go to rod . It’s used so please don’t expect a new one . It has scratches and the whipping varnish has a few cracks but lovely to use and a delight to play fish on If Memory serves me ...it was £170 ish back in the day I’d except £70 posted and it will come in a hard lockable rodtube.
  8. Quatrro Lureflash fly rod, it’s 10ft long and 8-9 weight in hard case , 4 sections. i bought this for a fishing trip to Africa . I didn’t use it and stayed in my room then traveled home with me . That’s was 20 months ago and since then I haven’t taken out of the garage. i was thinking £60 posted i also have a few other items for sale as I have just acquired too much stuff cheers
  9. Good evening guys ...just a quickie .. After careful deliberation over the last few months I decided to buy myself a new Franchi semiauto , I was going to buy yet another berreta after having several over the years but taking the word of the retailer and listening to his enthusiasm after recently returning from Italy I decided to go for it Its reasonably well made and solid when put together, I opted for the camo version. After taking it out a few weeks ago and honestly shooting better with this gun straight out of the box then I did with my faithful old berreta auto I was pleasantly surprised. Today was the second trip out for the franchi and i can honestly say I don't think I have shot better with a gun in all of my life it just flows in the hand and is a absolute pleasure to shoot, comes up wonderfully and patterns really well with clear pigeon and half choke . The reason for the purchase was my faithful old gun had really seen better days issues with blueing and a few cracks appearing I decided to splash out . The Frenchie was around £600 and whilst I was more than happy to pay more as I was originally looking for a Berreta I honestly have no complaints of the new purchase and if anyone is looking to buy a new semi please give this one a good look over 👍
  10. storsey

    Lamp required

    Hi there , just wondered if anyone has a lamp that plugs into the cigarette lighter they don't use or have a spare they would like to sell ...red lense would be ideal . Need one to keep in the truck for ... you've guessed it ..lamping ? Thanks
  11. I've got a few as well mate send me your address
  12. Sorry chaps I didn't see the replies till today ... Alas I have parted company with them already ... Friend of a friend, he's happy and I've cartridges for the rest of the year ( well for a while anyway )
  13. A friend of mine has recently bought a small cottage in kent and is knocking it down to build a new family home . We ventured Inot the loft this morning to see what treasures if any it held ., Low and behold nothing so we came back down to make a cuppa . We had a quick smoke in the garden and my friend went back indoors .... I decided I would have another and a walk round the garden . At the end was a very old green house and a small wooden shed on opening the door to the shed apart from the smell of damp I noticed a rolled up carpet and the end of a wooden stock showing ... I was like a kid again for a second desperately unravelling it to see what it was and to my surprise it was a airrifle and pistol wrapped in a oily cloth . the rifle is a BSA air sporter mark 1 , 1945 and the pistol is a Diana model 5 1930s , all of which are going to be serviced tonite and a few shots in the morning but all seems well with both
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