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  1. Hi WB, is this 16 bore still available? 

    1. Depends which shadow your gun is , I have a couple of nikko shadows here I’m breaking can you send a photo to me ? I’m pm details
    2. Comparing an old meteor with a HW80 is like comparing a Yamaha FS1E with a BSA Gold Star ⭐️
    3. SOLD ! WHAT A LUCKY NEW OWNER Many thanks indeed
    4. Hi I am very keen on the Boswell hammer gun, can you take card payments? 

      1. I can get them in New for you
      2. Got a Miroku ORE here , mint bores , blueing thin , two small repairs on the forend , nice open chokes and short barrels £135 !!! I’ll list it later
      3. Hi Mick, wondering if you could give me a bit of advice, I am the bloke who visited you at about 07:00 on a Saturday you were going on a beaters day and bought a Baikal O/U.

        I've just been cleaning it and noticed a dent in one barrel about 1.5x1.5mm wide and 1mm deep, I can see a mark on the inside of the bore.

        It was propped up on a pick-up and fell over today.

        Whats best to do? I've never dented a barrel before. Are Baikal barrels fairly interchangeable and do you have any?





        1. wabbitbosher


          Do you want me to get you a quote on a new one ?
        2. wabbitbosher


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