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  1. Yes one is smart valve
  2. I’ve got a couple here gen 2
  3. I’ve got just the thing , pm me an email address and I’ll wizz you pictures
  4. Where are you based? i am sure I’ve got a couple here do you want any choke ?
  5. Got a squires Bingham slugster 25 inch barrel £85 plus delivery have you got an email address or mobile I can send pictures too?
  6. Got one here I can post to your local dealer
  7. Wanted CZ 452 or BRNO model 2 steel mag cash waiting
  8. I’ve definitely got New five round, might have a ten I’ll check
  9. Picked up a prescription for my mum today on my thunderbird
  10. Yup ! Text or call 07773551638
  11. Hi mate looking for shot gun new to shooting ruf and ready preferred licence being applied for next week

  12. I should have , I’ll check
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