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  1. wabbitbosher

    Hammer guns

    I’ve a couple of nice deactivated Hammerguns here , I’ll send pictures
  2. wabbitbosher

    .22 wmr

    Anschutz 22 WMR New original mag screw cut £225
  3. wabbitbosher

    CZ452 5 round metal mags .22lr

    Done !
  4. wabbitbosher

    Hammer gun

    I’ll have a dig , got a few budget guns , got a Baikal 16 bore hammer gun in
  5. Going on the first PM I’ve received, they are on hold for a day
  6. wabbitbosher

    Wanted left hand 12 gauge

    I’ve nothing here at the moment 🙁
  7. wabbitbosher

    Super cheap O/U stock+forend

    Heck yes !
  8. wabbitbosher

    Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

    SOLD Pending the usual
  9. wabbitbosher

    Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

    1959 I believe
  10. wabbitbosher

    Trigger Guard for Browning 325 O/U

    Got one here £18 posted
  11. wabbitbosher

    Wanted Berreta 12 bore s56 or silver pigeon

    Should have one back soon from being re jointed
  12. wabbitbosher

    Spanish Single trigger ejector BARGAIN 12 gauge

    Yes steel proof for normal steel loads up to no4 shot
  13. wabbitbosher

    Smoothbore musket

    I’ve got a barrel and stock, needs a lock and trigger
  14. wabbitbosher

    Shotgun problem

    The bottom one looks to have been a rook rifle and may not have ever had a forend middle one (if the top lever moves ) has probably got a disconnected or broken bolt , it’ll need a gunsmith repair pm me if you want me to take a look