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  1. wabbitbosher

    Wabbitbosher Masonic charity shoot

    Quick update, the 18th of May it is !
  2. wabbitbosher

    Chokes for 2003 Betinsoli

    I can get them New genuine
  3. wabbitbosher

    Wabbitbosher Masonic charity shoot

    If you could that would be fantastic
  4. wabbitbosher

    A public thank you

    PW Rocks ! Well done Dave
  5. wabbitbosher

    Wabbitbosher Masonic charity shoot

    Why thank you kind sir
  6. wabbitbosher

    Wabbitbosher Masonic charity shoot

    I’m going to aim for £55 for the 100 bird and £67 for the novice 50 bird with tuition,
  7. Right ! Its that time of year again I’m just arranging dates with Sporting Targets I’m looking at 18th May Bacon Roll on arrival as last year the main event will be a 100 Bird Charity Shoot if There is enough interest I’m going to run a 50 Bird Shoot alongside this for novice shooters , as we did last year Now it’s all in the planning stages and the dates might change ( hopefully not ) PM me your thoughts and if you’re interested of course there will be a raffle and the usual Bosher prize ! I’m going to see if I can rope in local business and BASC for other prizes last year we had almost as many raffle prizes as entrants,. Some Brilliant prizes too many thanks 🙏🏻 in advance
  8. wabbitbosher

    Ithaca M37 barrel

    Got a feeling I’ve got an Ithaca Barrel I’ll get digging
  9. wabbitbosher

    22lr & 17Hmr setups wanted.

    I’ll have both .22 LR and 17 hmr by Monday, both will come with scope and mod pm me an email address and I’ll wizz you pictures over
  10. wabbitbosher

    Browning A5

    I’ve got one here in wood I’m breaking up
  11. wabbitbosher

    AYA No2 Sidelock 12 gauge

    I know Graham well , he knows his Aya’s im sure he’s researched it by the serial number what does it matter anyway, it’s still a Very Cheap Aya sidelock ejector
  12. wabbitbosher

    Semi 12g wanted

    Got an old school Breda here cheap if it’s any good to you
  13. wabbitbosher

    Browning 535 game / short barrels

    Are you close to Wellingborough? The gun cupboard has a 325 Skeet gun which will cost you less than a pair of 525 barrels
  14. wabbitbosher

    Deactivated Lee Enfield 303

    I think you might struggle, the new deactivating criteria is awful, and under the new Law it’s illegal to sell a gun without a modern certificate with mlirtary rifles especially they have to be double submitted , so unless you live on the doorstep to the proof house your looking at two days out or two lots of postage to start with