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  1. Fabarms have two different chokes , send me a pic of the choke I’ll check out what I have
  2. O boo! After a half hour dig it’s an Anschutz
  3. I’ve a feeling I have one with the extractor missing, I’ll dig it out
  4. Not the old Labour in vain in yarnfield 

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    2. wabbitbosher


      The last time I supped a pint in there the sign outside was a woman scrubbing a black baby in a bath tub, I’m guessing it was over thirty years ago 

    3. Marka11


      That got pulled down and next sign created a bit of controversy 😆😆

    4. wabbitbosher


      I used to visit an old friend there 

      manwell fitchu 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Good evening! Not far to travel to the Bosher emporium 👍🏼 o my Stoke ! Spent many a teenage evening in Stoke / stone / yarnfield
  6. wabbitbosher


    Is the mag still available?
  7. Side by sides mmmmmmm my business started predominantly selling side by sides we’ve got Dozens! I’d be interested i Love my Hammerguns
  8. It was an incredibly emotional day removing all section one and two parts for Liz 😢 decades of parts and dust , the building will be gone soon and turned into flats
  9. Yup it’s 2 3/4 inch 70 mm , must have been distracted by something, thanks for pointing that out tho
  10. How is the “gunsmith” determining economic repair if you put say £400 into it ie rejoint fine bore and re brown then the gun is worth maybe £600 or £700 your picture shows it’s off it’s bed which most guns are , if it’s tight on it’s face then that’s all that matters
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