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  1. Shame you are so far down
  2. wabbitbosher


    Want to PM Me some details? I’ll list it for you if you wish
  3. Hi Bosher, 

    Ooops... I've blown up my Lanber. It's spat out a choke tube and split the barrel. If you get an o/u ejector in with a duff stock I'd be up for the barrels. 

    Cheers, Chris.

    1. We have various scrap stocks pm me a mobile number and I’ll get some measurements off you
    2. Do you have any forends for a franchie falconet ,12 bore ,o/u made in the 1980s .cheers Welsh grouse.

      1. It sounds like a gen 2 , but there’s two types of choke
      2. What bits are you looking for?
      3. Hi WB, is this 16 bore still available? 

        1. Depends which shadow your gun is , I have a couple of nikko shadows here I’m breaking can you send a photo to me ? I’m pm details
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