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  1. wabbitbosher

    Cheap sxs

    Okey dokey! I will list a few tomorrow just for you ❤️
  2. Testing a Beretta A391 20 bore Sunday I’ll keep you posted how it performs
  3. wabbitbosher

    Cheap sxs

    Stacks here from £30 each buy one get one free £55 delivered to your RFD
  4. This Powell has changed Dramatically 😜 im guessing there will be pics to follow 👍🏼
  5. Gunsmith is Definitely the way forward 👍🏼
  6. Hi I am looking for a forend with washers for a Winchester  1400

    as mine has split  regards spencer

    1. hi, dont know if you can help i am looking for a full set of chokes(plus key) for a winchester 6500

      regard shatel

      1. Pretty good condition, beretta screw in choke
      2. I’ve got one in fixed choke , I’ll check it out
      3. Are they different from a normal Aya ? ive done them on yeomans they normally require a bit of fitting
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