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  1. We have a deer safari scheduled at Cornbury Park for Wednesday 23rd October, bacon roll, tea/coffee on arrival then a tour of the park with the deer manager Tom Marshall Upon our return we'll have more refreshments with snacks followed by a demonstration by UKDTR They'll be a BDS stand and R.J. Blackwell gun makers shop and showroom is adjacent to where we will meet and will be open to showcase their range of Mauser and Sauer rifle plus various makes of shotguns Spaces limited to 30 people and I have 17 booked so far, if you want a place please e-mail me on chris@oxfordmeditech.co.uk Cost is £15.00 All the best Chris Christopher F Robinson Oxfordshire County Group Vice Chairman, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
  2. It was a pleasure to welcome you & Amy onto our team Mark & many thanks for the lift on the 3rd drive. We all had a great day & even though my severed Achilles Tendon kept me from shooting some of the Partridge that got past me I did get my fair share of the bag. Jonathan was great in loaning me the quad for the day to get about. All the best Chris
  3. I applied for bolt action .22-250 with moderator. Must say I was impressed with the Tikka I looked at. Chris
  4. Well the FAC finally arrived this morning Only took 4 months, pretty good for Thames Valley. :( So its time to spend some money Have been looking at .22-250 Tikka's & an RWS Titan so it's decision time. I've got a Kahles 3.5-10x50 scope on its way from the USA. Chris
  5. If anyone has a Deer-Quest CD for sale, original or copy I would be grateful. Regards Chris
  6. Bought mine from here. http://www.stadia-sports.co.uk/products/at...startingblocks/ Chris
  7. Have a Silver Pigeon III Sporter 30" but after a year I found I wasn't shooting clays so much so changed the white front sight for a brass bead then had the manual safety converted to auto safe more in keeping with a true game gun. It's a great gun & nevers gives any problems. A friend has the Silver Pigeon V & it's identical apart from the colour case hardening. You won't regret buying it. :blink: Chris
  8. Nice to see my old Webley & Scott being put to good use Sidney, keep up the good work. Chris
  9. My old bus a 1999 2.5 DSE Range Rover
  10. Anyone interested in a Webley & Scott see my post below. Chris http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...showtopic=40823
  11. Webley & Scott 12g Wildfowler Semi Auto, 28†barrel plus a 4†screw in extension, 3 1/2†MaxiMag chamber, steel shot proofed, 2+1 capacity. Synthetic stock finished with Advantage Max-4 HD camouflage. Comes with five interchangeable chokes, ventilated rib & a Webley & Scott gun slip. Very good condition, only 6 months old. Need the space in my gun cabinet for imminent arrival of new rifle! £385 (new £499) Chris
  12. 12g Sussex Armoury Heritage Boxlock SBS bought I think around 1982. First target a tree branch! I remember I was so keen to let fly I had a go at a rotten branch on the way to the field were the wheat was being cut & first quarry of course, rabbits escaping from the combine. I still have the old girl & occasionally bring her out for a pigeon or two. Chris
  13. Hi all After getting a great deal on a Webley & Scott Wildfowler semi auto earlier this year I found it would occasionally hang up 2¾ (70mm) cartridges on ejection. Recently Webley & Scott have put a disclaimer on their website stating only 3†(76mm) or above cartridges should be used. I like the gun a lot so don’t really want to get rid so I’ve been looking around for 3†cartridges with lead shot in 5 or 6 shot sizes. I know I can get steel 3†in any amount of sizes which I do use occasionally for Duck but really want lead for the Pigeon. (don’t really trust steel) I’ve found RC50 in number 5's & Eley do an Alpahmax magnum in 4's but if anyone knows of another 3" cartridge with lead shot in number 5 or 6 sizes please let me know. Cheers Chris
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