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  1. I am using P.B. Clermont powders for .410 bore. The codes are #659*and #736** but I believe this is 'factory nomenclature' for 65mm 9 shot (14g) and 73mm 6 shot (16g) because Clermont powders have PCL codes. Example PCL512. *flattened ball **ball powder (looks like H110/W296)
  2. Tractor starters

    1. Floating Chamber

      Floating Chamber


      In the mid 1990s I was approached by a man who had a plane with a Coffman starter.

       I was then associated (loosely) with SNPE in France. They gave me a formula using a Vectan Tubular powder, which I passed on to a famous goose shooter and gunmaker called Alan Myers. He also purchased 20kg of the propellant which I delivered to Weston Park Game Fair using my Pomster (RCA) document.

      I am sure this fellow is still alive! Let me know how you get on.

      it has taken me ages to sort out this forum. I am 72!


  3. Well said! (Hi! Haven't seen you for a while...in the good old CSB0 days with Graham!) A RSPB activist trapped me in B&Q Kidderminster. He started off by saying Britain had a 56 million shortage of starlings, etc. I will refrain from stating my response; he was not pleased.
  4. As posted by other members. However, I have them with a broad black War Departmet arrow and 'SG'. Other plain ones were pale blue, again with the black arrow, but with a hole in the top card of the turnover. As a 15 year old, in 1962, and an avid reader of the Firearms Act, in my father's 'POLICE LAW'*, I was quick to destroy them!!! They were ex Home Guard 'LETHAL BALL'. * Moriarty.
  5. British Pastrami from Aldi! Love it!
  6. Lyalvale Express use Cheddite cases. I am sure you'll have no problem with them.
  7. Red tape could be the fuel of the future!
  8. I have spare 16 gauge Diana wads and primed plastic cases. Message me. Happy to help out.
  9. I have never known adapters to be restricted, or licensed, unless they are rifled. An adapter is purely a 'sheath' or 'reducer' into which a smaller bore shell can be inserted and fired in a larger 'parent' gun. I have been using .410 adapters since 1962. I have used Webley, Browning 'Little Skeeters' and Savage 'Fourtenners' (longer version). Recently, a chappie nearby has been turning out copies of Skeeters in 'Aircraft Grade' aluminium*....and good they are too! Reducers do not need to be proof tested. *that's 'aluminum' to those across the Pond.
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