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  1. Help needed. Can anyone out there give me the date (or close to) for my Mark III Which has the serial number 30053. Thanks. F.C.
  2. This old timer has been loading cartridges since 1962 and making his own shot since 1973! No licence needed to do this, BUT, as stated, some folk make up nonsense. However, you could come unstuck if you loaded some 'naughty' and illegal loads, like lettered shot, slug and the legal minimum number of projectiles in a cartridge. Always ASK if in doubt.
  3. I am using P.B. Clermont powders for .410 bore. The codes are #659*and #736** but I believe this is 'factory nomenclature' for 65mm 9 shot (14g) and 73mm 6 shot (16g) because Clermont powders have PCL codes. Example PCL512. *flattened ball **ball powder (looks like H110/W296)
  4. Tractor starters

    1. Floating Chamber

      Floating Chamber


      In the mid 1990s I was approached by a man who had a plane with a Coffman starter.

       I was then associated (loosely) with SNPE in France. They gave me a formula using a Vectan Tubular powder, which I passed on to a famous goose shooter and gunmaker called Alan Myers. He also purchased 20kg of the propellant which I delivered to Weston Park Game Fair using my Pomster (RCA) document.

      I am sure this fellow is still alive! Let me know how you get on.

      it has taken me ages to sort out this forum. I am 72!


  5. Well said! (Hi! Haven't seen you for a while...in the good old CSB0 days with Graham!) A RSPB activist trapped me in B&Q Kidderminster. He started off by saying Britain had a 56 million shortage of starlings, etc. I will refrain from stating my response; he was not pleased.
  6. As posted by other members. However, I have them with a broad black War Departmet arrow and 'SG'. Other plain ones were pale blue, again with the black arrow, but with a hole in the top card of the turnover. As a 15 year old, in 1962, and an avid reader of the Firearms Act, in my father's 'POLICE LAW'*, I was quick to destroy them!!! They were ex Home Guard 'LETHAL BALL'. * Moriarty.
  7. Lyalvale Express use Cheddite cases. I am sure you'll have no problem with them.
  8. Red tape could be the fuel of the future!
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