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  1. Such an accepting crowd, are the PW massive 🤨
  2. Browning Legia spray… smells luvvly, too 🙂
  3. Honestly never had that issue before… I’d imagine a week or so
  4. Unfortunately, one person’s ‘Brilliant’, is another’s ‘average’. Personally, If I can’t see it first hand, handle it and preferably shoot it, i’m not interested in buying. Hope the issue gets resolved satisfactorily, though!
  5. Oh well, they’re sorting it out, so that’s a result 🙂
  6. So it was just a faulty sensor?
  7. Can you do it on a tablet or phone and take a screenshot?
  8. That’s the best stock i’ve ever seen on a Baikal! Shame you aren’t closer 😩
  9. Think you might be 🤨
  10. Search the item you want on Amazon and see if reviews have been left there 🙂
  11. The ad has been up for less than a day… (Some) members don’t look at the forum every day. Give it a bit of time 👍
  12. Yeh next time you need fuel, just fill to maybe 3/4 and see if the gauge works properly then. I think the issue was that the sensor device can’t recognise the volume of fuel if the neck of the tank is full… something along those lines.
  13. I had a 2014 Duster for a while. From being on the Duster Owners Facebook group, I seem to remember the fuel gauge thing being a known issue. Something to do with the tank being ‘brimmed’ with fuel. If you’re on FB, head over to that group 👍
  14. Had one of those - an absolute pleasure to shoot!
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