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  1. I’d say that if you’ve applied shellac, the beeswax probably won’t soak in to the grain of the wood, and will just wipe off.
  2. 32p for non members, about 28p for members, from memory. Edit: 32p/30p Not a great discount tbh...
  3. I’ll take it if sale falls through
  4. It would depend if the leather is ‘real’, and if it has any kind of coating on it (i.e. PU or wax etc). Usually I use Fiebings oil leather dye on natural leather, which covers well and evenly.
  5. Looks a bit naff. Don’t people like Defenders because they can fix most problems with a hammer and a screwdriver?
  6. It’ll be a minimum of 18sq ft.
  7. That’s pretty much an entire hide. Check Abbey Leather online
  8. Hobo With A Shotgun is a decent film... just don’t take it too seriously and you’ll enjoy it
  9. humperdingle

    UHD TV

    We’ve just changed our 42” LG TV after 7 years... absolutely nothing wrong with it, but we wanted a larger ‘Smart’ TV. So we bought another LG £299 for a 49” 4k UHD Smart TV is pretty cheap, compared to a chap at work, who paid almost £2000 for a TV with all the bells and whistles, only for it to develop a very costly fault after 2 years 😮
  10. Shot through a rifled barrel, it will give a hollow, circular pattern. Pretty useless, really.
  11. Very nice handle! I have a couple of the MOD knives - one as new and another very well used one... used it to cut down a small tree 😮
  12. Cameroon are a horrible team, huh? Reminds me of the Columbian mens’ squad in the last world cup.
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