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  1. Just make sure the bullets fit loose in the cases, so they can be easily pulled if inspected.
  2. Buy a cheap, generic clay cartridge. Your clay ground will let you know the best value choice. And don’t obsess about chokes, either. A lot of shooters constantly change these, looking for excuses as to why they’re missing targets. Concentrate on your technique at the beginning but most importantly- Just enjoy the sport, whether casual shooting or competition further down the line.
  3. It’s a Baikal O/U fixed choke but not sure which model. I’ll check tomorrow but tbh I won’t send it by RFD
  4. Ok, bit too far away, i’m afraid!
  5. Where are you? (Sorry, on phone and can’t see full page)
  6. humperdingle

    Ipad 32 g

    We’ve had Apple iPads, then gone over to other makes, only to return to Apple again, usually because the other makes start slowing down or simply stop working as well. The Apple products just seem to work better for longer, at least in our experience. For us, the cost difference is worth it. If you know any students at university, you can use their Uni Days details for some good deals from Apple store. We got free air pods with an ipad purchase recently, worth £130
  7. Feather blades for me. Flip the blade over before each shave and they keep a better edge
  8. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/server-busy-switch-to-or-retry/0557d0ee-ff60-416c-97e6-eca75d601d10
  9. Must admit, I don’t like the keyless system. They just seem way too easy for thieves to steal (?) I know anything can be nicked if they really want it but I just don’t trust keyless. Mine is 1.5 DCi 4x4 but 2014 Laureate, so the spec is decent. It’s been a decent motor tbh but haven’t taken it offroad yet. Can’t comment on wheel size as I know nothing about it
  10. Yeh they never told me about the second gear thing when I test drove mine either, despite it being a Dacia dealer. I’m pretty sure it says in the handbook to do this, unless poor conditions. Might be selling mine soon, as the missus is now working from home indefinitely and she’s only filled her petrol tank once since February!
  11. Apparently baking soda tenderizes minced meat and helps bind the burger...
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