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  1. I do the same... obviously be careful and don’t hold the heat too close or for too long, as mentioned. You’ll start to see the wax melt into the leather and any excess can be wiped off whilst molten. If you’ve ever watched the Barbour rewaxing video, you’ll see they work with heated benches to ensure the wax stays workable. I don’t have that luxury but I do keep a small fan heater pointed at the jacket or boots.
  2. Huge Star Wars fan and i’m finding the Mandalorian a great watch... although the last two episodes haven’t been the best. I’m liking the proper old spaghetti western, gunslinger style And of course, the little green baby is pretty darn cute!
  3. You’re probably better contacting Sako directly, to ask what safety measures are in place, to avoid such circumstances
  4. Way better than my first attempt Invest in a drill-mounted burnisher... they work really well. And quickly!
  5. I had a Jimny for a few years and it coped superbly in mud and snow. I’ve had a Dacia Duster for almost a year but haven’t had it off road yet, and it hasn’t snowed since I bought it... hoping for a bit of snow soon, though
  6. Corned beef sandwich with brown sauce... luvvly!
  7. Apple iPad Mini 2 - 16Gb (WiFi) Boxed but the original plastic seal has been removed. Silver/white Has not been used apart from booting-up to check OK Comes with new Apple lightning cable but the plug is European style, not 3 pin British (Easy to overcome!) £120 plus post
  8. Still available...go on, treat your man cave
  9. As mentioned before, if you try shooting these through a rifled barrel, the shot gets flung out and forms a hollow circular pattern, so you’d need to aim off centre to hit anything. I’m sure they’d form a decent pattern through a .22 smoothbore but have never owned one.
  10. The more the SNP push for a second referendum, the more people will be encouraged to cast their votes elsewhere IMO. The last general election showed the very same, with the Conservatives winning far more seats than ever thought possible. Wee Jimmy Krankie and her mob might shout the loudest, but i’d be confident a second vote would be even more in favour of remaining within the UK.
  11. I’d say that if you’ve applied shellac, the beeswax probably won’t soak in to the grain of the wood, and will just wipe off.
  12. Who said money laundering??
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