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  1. humperdingle

    Gun Sale/Snobbery ?

    Nothing to do with snobbery, really... Xtra wood stocks (in my experience, at least) are not the best looking stocks. A real piece of hardwood will always be more durable and look better IMO. But the stock can always be changed and Beretta woodwork is pretty plentiful
  2. humperdingle

    Amazon Prime

    Going back to standard delivery times is a bit of a pain, after using Prime... as is paying seperately for P&P elsewhere. We get pretty good value out of our Prime subscription between the delivery and Prime video.
  3. humperdingle

    Anyone a pipe smoker?

    I used to dabble... some really lovely-tasting baccy out there
  4. humperdingle

    Recommendations for 1st shotgun

    Possibly because they last longer and have fewer issues than cheaper guns?
  5. humperdingle

    Cluny Clays in Kirkcaldy

    Yeh I’ve had many a bargain from Andy... some ‘interesting’ guns, too
  6. humperdingle

    Cluny Clays in Kirkcaldy

    I’d go with what has been said already. Very relaxed - You get your card at the reception, on which you can charge drinks, food, ammo and clays to, then settle-up at the end... or pay for it all individually, of course. There’s a great variety of targets from skeet to various simulated game - a couple of entertaining bolting rabbit stands, too. Cartridge prices are based on Justcartridge price list, I believe.
  7. humperdingle

    AyA Yeoman sbs

    They’re fine in my experience... £100-£200 or so for a decent condition gun
  8. humperdingle

    Went ahead and done it.

    Mine is getting 40mpg on, doing 10 mile trips on average. Laureate was the older version of the top of the range. Equivalent of Prestige, I suppose?
  9. humperdingle

    Went ahead and done it.

    So it does Bought myself a ‘64 plate Duster Laureate last month, only had 13k miles on it and is immaculate... very pleased so far
  10. humperdingle

    Went ahead and done it.

    So...what are you getting?
  11. humperdingle

    New Jimny Launch

    Yeh don’t get me wrong, I loved my 2003 Jimny - It got me through the really bad winter of 2010 when we really needed it. But as you say, economy wasn’t great. 28-30 mpg on average if I remember correctly. And it was definitely fun off road.
  12. humperdingle

    New Jimny Launch

    Yeh I was interested when the initial OTR price was estimated at £13k ish... it’s now starting at £15.5k. Too much for me, i’m afraid. Looking at youtube reviews, although a capable offroader, it’s still tiny inside, 3 door and will have awful road handling, just like its predecessor. I just bought a 2014 Dacia Duster 4wd with low mileage. So much comfier!
  13. humperdingle

    Christmas presents!

    My wee mum had put aside some Christmas money for us. Sadly she passed away in August, so I thought i’d buy something a bit longer lasting than usual
  14. humperdingle

    Christmas presents!

    Beretta 687 but I already have it lol And the missus has got me a BB-firing RC tank 😮
  15. humperdingle

    Seat cover recommendation - possibly Browning

    I’ve heard Turtle seat covers are good. No personal experience of them, though.