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  1. humperdingle

    Christmas presents!

    My wee mum had put aside some Christmas money for us. Sadly she passed away in August, so I thought i’d buy something a bit longer lasting than usual
  2. humperdingle

    Christmas presents!

    Beretta 687 but I already have it lol And the missus has got me a BB-firing RC tank 😮
  3. humperdingle

    Seat cover recommendation - possibly Browning

    I’ve heard Turtle seat covers are good. No personal experience of them, though.
  4. humperdingle

    Ear protection for fowling

    Electronic ear defenders? Keep the lugs warm, too
  5. humperdingle

    Claybusting near Cupar

    Yeh Cluny Clays has a pretty good layout. They’ve recently improved the forest paths with hardcore, so not muddy any more. They use a card system, so you go to reception, get a card which allows you to launch clays at any stand, then pay for what you launched. Each trap also has a changeable delay for solo shooting.
  6. humperdingle

    Cheese - Lovely Cheeeese! (Sussex Charmer)

    The missus made a mozzarella style cheese. Was very nice on a home made pizza!
  7. humperdingle

    Browning A5 humpback wanted

    Cool, PMd you details.
  8. humperdingle

    Browning A5 humpback wanted

    He’s moved it on to another friend. If you don’t have any joy elsewhere, I can ask if the other chap is selling.
  9. humperdingle

    Browning A5 humpback wanted

    I have a mate over that way - I’ll check to see if he’s still got his for sale.
  10. humperdingle

    Browning A5 humpback wanted

    Where are you?
  11. humperdingle

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    Same price even when I go on Amazon site on a private browser...
  12. humperdingle

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    On Amazon? If you don’t have Prime, you might not see them. I’ll get a link... Honeywell Howard Leight 1013530 Impact Sport Foldable Ear Defender, SNR 25(Green) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001T7QJ9O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_dGP9Bb80KEST4
  13. humperdingle

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    Just got another pair of Impact Sports (Dispatched from and sold by Amazon on Prime, not a sub seller) Definitely genuine - Packaging and defenders are exactly the same as the ones I got years ago. £35.96. Bit of a bargain!
  14. humperdingle

    Leather workers

  15. humperdingle

    Leather workers

    Depends what kind of leather it is, mate. If it is moulded to a shape, it is more than likely veg tan. (Assuming it is) You can wet the sheath and put the knife into it (wrap in cling film to stop it rusting), re-mould it to the correct shape and leave to dry.