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  1. Only 45% of voters in Scotland voted for SNP in 2019 general election. This means that 55% DID NOT. Strangely enough, the same percentages as the 2014 referendum Scotland won’t vote to become an independent country
  2. There’s nothing quite like the smug feeling of breaking a fast crosser with a £60 .410, when shooters with £2k 12 bore O/Us have been missing it
  3. No, it’s a modern hammer action.
  4. I have a .410 Norinco single barrel, which I keep for my daughter’s ocasional use and introducing friends’ kids to the sport. It has a 3” chamber, so will take anything from the 9 gram 2” loads up to 18 gram 3” magnum loads. And it’s fun to use as an adult, too I just remove or refit the recoil pad, depending on who is using it.
  5. Elastic, depending on the gun, but under £1k
  6. Cool, do you have any decent pics of the gun?
  7. Toying with the idea of another 12 bore Beretta purchase - Ideally an O/U but would consider a semi auto. Must be in excellent order. Must be local-ish to Fife, for face to face deal. What’s out there?
  8. If you have an exemption (or get one), you could always buy an airsoft shotgun. Some look very realistic and start from about £40!
  9. The 2014 referendum was toxic. Many SNP supporters were becoming like fascist bully-boys (not as far from the truth as you might think! Any opposition to their tunnel vision was promptly shouted-down. I witnessed this myself up here, when simple conversations about independance turned into a very one way slanging match. Not a nice time, and not something i’d like to see happen again.
  10. These used to sell for around £100-£200! I’d love one too but not going to spend over around £400 for what will effectively be a novelty gun.
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