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  1. Don’t mind a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle now and again... but I always put extra soy sauce in.
  2. The charity side was why I started doing it a few years ago. Being asked to attend a child’s bedside at short notice, in a hospice, as his body finally gives in to cancer is very humbling and a bit surreal. A worthwhile thing to do with your spare time? You bet.
  3. Based on a Sterling 9mm... so 9mm plasma carts Cheers
  4. Hey folls, anyone want to strut around in plastic (who doesn’t, right?) (Collection only from Dunfermline, Fife) RWA 2mm acrylic capped ANH Armour including RWA helmet Currently cleared to 501st Centurion level. (Extended shins and larger kidney/chest/shoulder bells) Would best suit someone of average/larger build - 5’10-6ft (ish) XL Extreme Racing one piece undersuit ANH E-11 blaster Aker voice amp with charger and spare headset Neckseal Balaclava Imperial boots - size 10 Large suitcase and holdall included £700 or may swap for decent shotgun etc
  5. Search ‘“Wilkins pellet pouch”, i’m sure they’re still being made
  6. The thought of an 11 hour round trip disturbs me 😂 Even for a lovely Enfield 😞
  7. If only I were closer 😞 Been after one locally for ages
  8. Only 45% of voters in Scotland voted for SNP in 2019 general election. This means that 55% DID NOT. Strangely enough, the same percentages as the 2014 referendum Scotland won’t vote to become an independent country
  9. There’s nothing quite like the smug feeling of breaking a fast crosser with a £60 .410, when shooters with £2k 12 bore O/Us have been missing it
  10. No, it’s a modern hammer action.
  11. I have a .410 Norinco single barrel, which I keep for my daughter’s ocasional use and introducing friends’ kids to the sport. It has a 3” chamber, so will take anything from the 9 gram 2” loads up to 18 gram 3” magnum loads. And it’s fun to use as an adult, too I just remove or refit the recoil pad, depending on who is using it.
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