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  1. Anyone selling a deactivated Lee Enfield (Mk4 / SMLE preferred but not sporterised) or Sterling 9mm SMG?
  2. That has always bothered me. Prior to using emails, I used to send notifications by recorded mail for security. Then they send my licence by snail mail... obviously a cost cutting exercise but the extra cost of secure postage could be incorporated into the fees.
  3. Must admit i’ve mostly printed the files that others have designed. I’ve only designed a couple of very simple objects (on Fusion 360) but I need to knuckle-down and do some learning on the subject. These were the parts I made for a Chewbacca bandolier...
  4. Neatsfoot oil and flex the leather after applying, a thin coat at a time, letting it soak-in before applying again.
  5. I’ve owned a 3D printer for some time now and printed various stuff. Not much relevant to shooting, though 🤔 (Unless you regard Star Wars blasters as ‘shooting’ related 😂) Anybody printed interesting shooting items? I quite fancy printing a collection of shotgun or rifle ammo for size comparison.
  6. The ready salted ones are definitely not as nice as they used to be. Probably cut too much salt out. The salt and vinegar dissolve the inside of the cheeks, though, so every cloud... 😮
  7. I got an email today from a chap who has been dead for over a year. Most impressive!
  8. I used to work in a DIY store and one of the favourites there, was the thief would put a pressure washer on a trolley, pull off the plastic banding, open the box and fill any gaps with packs of Duracell, dimmer switches etc., then replace the banding. They knew the alarms would go off due to the copper coils inside the machine and that staff would wave them through. They’d then take it home, empty all their stuff and return the washer for a refund... I scuppered one guy’s plans and he had over £2k of stuff in it 😮
  9. I don’t think the artsy photos do it justice. Google images of the gun and it is rather lovely 🙂
  10. Think i’ll stick to my cheap Asda Ruby Port... I honestly can’t tell the difference between that and really expensive stuff... hic...
  11. Merkur 35 (I think) and Feather blades. But buy from a reputable source, as fakes are gash (pun)
  12. Are you sure the other answers are correct?
  13. Car salespeople don’t want cash sales. They make decent money from finance contracts.
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