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  1. My mum had a £30k investment for a few years... from memory, the best year’s winnings was around £500 or so. All in £25 prizes. Not great but then at least she didn’t lose any of her money and got a wee bit of excitement at each draw
  2. £12.32 back from Direct Line, which no doubt they will just add on to next year if I stay with them
  3. I have SGC but would probably need to pay the full amount for a new airgun licence 😞 Thing is, these low-powered pistols can easily be used in a garage for informal target shooting.
  4. Can we buy these without a licence in Scotland? Sorry, i’m not really up on the licensing of airguns these days
  5. humperdingle

    Wet shave.

    That’s what I use. Have been using it for years and changed from expensive multi-bladed razors when I kept getting bad shaving irritation around the neck. I use a Merkur DE with Feather blades and Arko shaving cream.
  6. Just made a loaf (not machine-made, just by hand). Nothing tastes and smells nicer
  7. Don’t mind a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle now and again... but I always put extra soy sauce in.
  8. The charity side was why I started doing it a few years ago. Being asked to attend a child’s bedside at short notice, in a hospice, as his body finally gives in to cancer is very humbling and a bit surreal. A worthwhile thing to do with your spare time? You bet.
  9. Based on a Sterling 9mm... so 9mm plasma carts Cheers
  10. Hey folls, anyone want to strut around in plastic (who doesn’t, right?) (Collection only from Dunfermline, Fife) RWA 2mm acrylic capped ANH Armour including RWA helmet Currently cleared to 501st Centurion level. (Extended shins and larger kidney/chest/shoulder bells) Would best suit someone of average/larger build - 5’10-6ft (ish) XL Extreme Racing one piece undersuit ANH E-11 blaster Aker voice amp with charger and spare headset Neckseal Balaclava Imperial boots - size 10 Large suitcase and holdall included £700 or may swap for decent shotgun etc
  11. Search ‘“Wilkins pellet pouch”, i’m sure they’re still being made
  12. The thought of an 11 hour round trip disturbs me 😂 Even for a lovely Enfield 😞
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