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  1. That’s an interesting thought… I wonder if it will be some kind of single warhead type rocket or something more along the lines of a shotgun, with multiple smaller warheads…
  2. Yes But I also have other “Off topic” interests.
  3. Aah cool, maybe they just have to state that incase some things don’t port properly… don’t apologise lol, you’re giving me info
  4. Yeh i’d looked at that one, too… The fact it was for PS4 and the blurb stated that some functions may not work on PS5 kinda put me off. It did look good, though.
  5. Hi all, does anyone play hunting games on console or PC? I’ve never really considered it before but since I bought myself a PS5, I thought it might be real purdy like 😬 So anyway, I downloaded Hunting 2 simulator. Seems OK so far but haven’t had the chance to play it much. Any recommendations for other games?
  6. I’ve had nothing in 12 months. £10k isn’t much compared to some but I’d expected maybe a couple of small ‘prizes’.
  7. PW was the first shooting forum I joined and really the only one I still regularly look at. Must admit I don’t post much these days because of the few people who seem to spend their lives here, posting all sorts of irrelevant rubbish on threads they have no interest in or have nothing really to add but feel they need to add it anyway
  8. Yep this works well but don’t use it too much.
  9. I dunno, bow and arrow was one of the primary methods of killing for hundreds of years.
  10. I wouldn’t shoot it… my curiosity would make me want to cut it open 😂
  11. I’m going through the HGV process just now. It will cost roughly £2k for everything. Tanker work involves extra training which will probably be about the same again.
  12. Haven’t been for years. £45 entry fee just to buy lunch and some food to take home is a bit much.
  13. Went for my medical yesterday and have just sent off the forms for provisional. Should get that on about two weeks, then I can book into a training centre and get the theory parts done. At the moment, i’m studying via online resources and a DVSA handbook. Regarding the streamlining of tests, There is new legislation coming so new HGV drivers can go straight to C+E testing. Not sure how I feel about that… i’d rather get a bit of driving experience with a rigid 7.5 ton first tbh. Hopefully that will be an option.
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