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  1. Never knew about that... good tip
  2. Cheers for the replies so far. Quite probably mate, where are you?
  3. Anyone know of a decent reloading supplies shop in Scotland (central preferred) Looking for .410 consumables. Tried Bushwear, and they have loads on their website but contacted them and they don’t keep it in stock ?!
  4. I carry a little Gerber Clutch - probably not available now - Great little tool that i’ve used many times.
  5. Fancy a one arm bandit as a swap?
  6. Are there any good online suppliers of powder, shot, primers etc? Can’t seem to find any local stockists 😞
  7. Ok thanks - I’m neither a wildfowler nor with BASC. I’ll keep an eye out for a PW meet
  8. I bought this a while ago, thinking i’d lose a bit of weight (ha!) But it’s a bit on the tight side for me, so has been in wardrobe since trying it on! Barbour Duke olive waxed jacket - Medium. Nice fitted design. Below is a stock photo, but if there’s any interest, I can take some photos. Still has the tags attached, with a £199 RRP and still has the little enamel Barbour badge. I’d be looking for £120 + Post at cost. Or collect if you can
  9. Would you have any pics of this setup?
  10. Cool, cheers. I suppose also, I could always knock up a stock ‘boot’, as I do leatherwork.
  11. Thanks guys - I’m trying to steer clear of any type of screw fitment tbh... Ideally, it’d be a case of removing the pad in a couple of seconds, hence the magnet idea.
  12. I recently picked up a nice little .410, with the intention of having it available for adults to use, but also for smaller frame people and kids. The length of pull is around 14” with the original 1” thick vented pad - Ideal for me - but I can shorten the LOP by an inch just by removing the pad - Ideal for shorter shooters. So the question is... how can I make it so the stock can be switched from shorter to longer very quickly? I did try velcro, which works really well but sometimes a little ‘too’ well, and it was difficult to remove the pad without peeling off the sticky velcro. Any tips? Magnets set into the pad/stock?
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