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  1. And I got a brillant deal at the RFD today (when I went to sort out transphergh) I pick up some ends of cartridges... 104 pure gold 32g #5 felt for £25 (£6 a box) 25 pure gold 32g #6 felt for £4 25 mini magnum 40g #3 for £7.50
  2. Great, I'm certainly pleased chaps. His service so far has been exemplary, I just can't wait to get it in my hands!
  3. I have bought a laurona O/U 12b from Wabbitbosher. Went to RFD today so hopefully he will send it soon Has anyone else had guns off Wabbitbosher?
  4. Thanks mate but you are a fair way from Cambridge! Cheers and good luck with getting there numbers down. Sounds like you have plenty of sport there
  5. Where about's are you located? Many Thanks, J
  6. Thank you I'll try it out... Watch this space (in 3 years )
  7. So could I just smoulder some oak chips under sloes for a few hours?
  8. Brillant, I love making sloe gin... Get through ALOT of it (my favorate tipple for a hip flask) How do you cold smoke the sloes though? Many Thanks, J
  9. So another question, dog threatening horses? Are they not still livestock! But also if you felt threatened by a dog on your land, how would that be viewed?
  10. Hi there Elma, I believe I fit the bill? I am 19, a student and love my shooting but have been saving up for some decoys (already had some netting lying around)... Only problem is I don't have a car and am in Cambridge. :'( Now I know this is really cheeky... But if you don't ask! If I where to pay for postage, could you post them to me?... I know it is a little hassle, but when I go to upgrade in a few years I promise to pass them on to another beginner! Many Thanks, James
  11. thank you TIGHTCHOKE I will do.
  12. thank you TIGHTCHOKE I will do.
  13. Scrap that I have posted on another of your guns...
  14. What are the chokes, and would you RFT for 150?
  15. I am by no means at all knowledgeable about gun makes. But Mmm, I don't know because (and no offence) but I have had very good cheap guns before that people where telling me would be no good (because of there name). Does anyone have any personal experience of these guns?
  16. Or would this be better: a baikal 27e , 12gauge, o/u, fixed choked, 1/2 & 3/4, 28" barrels, double trigger. For £100+ £30 for RFT
  17. So I'm looking for a really rough and ready, built like a tank 12B that will (hopefully) never go wrong! this is intended as a back up, pigeon, rabbit, fox rough gun. Sportarmi, 12B, double trigger (my prefrance), over under, 28in barrels, 1/2 & 1/4, 70mm chamber (I believe that's 2 3/4?), 15 3/4 stock. Will that stock be too big for me? (I'm medium- slight build 5' 10) Genral opinions greatly appreciated. [i have heard of thease having some trouble with one trigger setting of both barrels and the same upon closing the gun. Is this jus due to a worn out sear spring, that could
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