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Found 20 results

  1. Hi guys, I am part of a small self managed rough shoot in Henly-in-Arden. We have 2 possibly 3 guns available for next season. We have a few work parties in the off season to manage the land and prepare for the new birds so willingness to help out is appreciated but not required. We also have access to the land all year round for vermin shooting. Roughly 300 acres. You would also be expected to help with the feeding and topping up feeders in certain areas throughout the year once the birds are in place. Unless you pay for gun only. We normally put down 100 ducks and 100-150 pheasant each year and shoot 10 days through the season. Of which we have 6-7 self driven/beaten drives a day. Our bags are anywhere from 2 to 20 birds so not huge but fun. We are also located in the middle of 3 other surrounding large shoots so often get a-lot of spill over. Ideally you would also have a dog to assist with the beating. We are a nice mixed bunch of guys that enjoy being out on the farm. The price for a gun and assisting with work parties and feeding is £400. The price for just a gun with no work parties or feeding is £500. Let me know if your interested at all. We are also looking for beaters or people with dogs. Our shoot is also ideal for training your dog as we are all relaxed and would be grateful for having the dog with us. Thanks Nick.
  2. Hi For sale is my Walther rm8 .22, (reluctant sale, but needs must), it has uprated hammer spring with a stainless top hat for smoother bolt action(is very smooth, see images - these internals are circled in red). it has also an air fective carbon fibre 2 stage shroud(makes this gun very quite). 2 stage adjustable trigger, walnut stock. Gun Is in great condition had very few absolute minor little marks, also has a full adjustable swivel bipod fitted(one of the bipod legs has no spring) . Message if interested please , Also has PAO red dot sight, and sling screw fitted also. chrono'd at avg. 11.4ft/lb with JSB exact diablos 15.89g .22. Also comes with original barrell weight and a custom bolt handle should you wish to fit it made with 9mm shell casing. and also the original fill adapter with a quick fill connector. Feel free to ask anything about this advert i am more than happy to answer any queries.!! Update: i do have a bsa gun bag for this rifle although it is tatty, but will send with it , should you want it. For everything seen and mentioned in advert: see below 👇 £200..collected.😁 Air rifle is in Grimsby, N E LINCS £225 posted.😁 Open to very sensible offers. Gun can either be posted for a fee after bank transfer, or how ever we arrange it, RFD or to yourself, either way no ship till payment received, or cash on collection. (May meet at a mutual location depending) no time wasters please. Daughter start uni in few weeks and I'm trying to raise some funds thank you. PLEASE Leave A MESSAGE ON the forums HERE or DM me if you are seriously interested, thank you for your time viewing my item. Or alternatively, Call/txt: 07555 213 043
  3. Hi guys, I am part of a small self managed rough shoot in Henly-in-Arden. We are looking a few beaters with dogs for next season. Dogs don’t have to be fully trained so is a good place to help train them. We shoot every other Saturday during the season usually 10days. In return for your attendance if you shoot also then some vermin shooting days are available in the off season and occasionally join the guns if available. please let me know if you would like to know more. Thanks Nick
  4. Mini-Driven Shoot Date Date available for team or single guns. Stirling, Scotland. 27th December 2019. expected bag circ. 40 birds, mixed pheasant, partridge and duck. £250 p/gun, 6 guns on the day, 3 spaces available. Message me for further details.
  5. Due to a cancellation, there will be space for 2 guns on a small walked up day here in central Scotland. Grouse shoot over dogs with a fair bit of walking involved. small team, friendly bunch. £230 per gun. 7th September 2019 email/pm for further info.
  6. Anyone wanted to shoot outside a Range? New event from Emmett and Stone: http://www.emmettandstone.co.uk/woodland-shoots
  7. Hello My name is Paul, i am 20 years old and i am from Grimsby in Lincolnshire. I have recently had an interview for a Gamekeeping Apprenticeship at Bishop Burton college in Yorkshire and I have been offered a place so long as i can find employment but being in the north east Lincolnshire area Gamekeepers seem to be few and far between, i have contacted the major local estate (brocklesby estate which is owned by the Earl of Yarborough) and some smaller estates ran by farmers and the only replies i seem to be getting are "we aren't looking to employ anyone else" which is fair enough but also rather disappointing but hey, what can you do. I am posting here to see if there are any people out there that may know someone that could take me on or actually take me on themselves in or around the Grimsby area?(30 mile radius) I have experience in: - organised shoots as I was a beater at my local shoot (no gamekeeper, it is ran by volunteers) - pest control as I often shoot pigeons and rabbits for the local farmer. - Handling rifles and shotguns I can drive so transport is no problem. I am looking to work within a 25-30 mile radius of Grimsby. The employer has a possibility of gaining a £1500 grant if they take me on which is provided by the college (the government have the final say however as it goes through them + Terms and conditions apply) I am willing to do trial runs I can do voluntary work to gain experience. If there is anyone out there that will be able to help me it would be more than appreciated. If anyone has any offers or information then please contact me via my email - Pldiplock@gmail.com
  8. Emmett and Stone Country Sports is holding its first Open Day on 5th Sept this year and will be opening a new firing range - 50 metres - that day. If you're in the area call by, all the key brands will be displaying demo stock - AirArms, Daystate, Impact Airguns, Weirauch, Viking, ATA.... No entry fee. SL7 3RR - Wilton Farm. There is also a free prize draw to win a Hatsan Escort Rifle. 01628 474187
  9. Looking for two more guns to join our shoot in c/o Durham If you would like to join .Please pm. Thanks Pete.
  10. Been looking for a permission to get started on. Experienced field target shooter wanting to go for live quarry. basa insured, sensible, well presentable and keen to do well. cheers people. Damo.
  11. Hello guys this is my first ever forum and he only one im on so no idea what to do really? Anyways, im 22 from manchester been shooting air rifles for 3 years only targets tho and really looking to get into the field sports tho dont want to pally for fac and Sgc if i dont really like it.. Im here hoping i can join a few of you guys on shoots? Day and night to get a really feel for the country man sport.. I am willing not to shoot and only collect game/vermin set up decoys and watch till your happy with me joining in.. I play fair il pay my way in cost and may even buy you a good ye old cuppa.. Willing to pay you to shoot with you (small fee) be honest if you want a helper im free if you fancy teaching a young fellow a trick or two il pay for the service.. Thanks for reading ( feel rude talking about money online ring me *****************************
  12. Hi all, I have bought two guns on a great shoot for the 30th November, with the intention of me and Dad having a bit of day out. However, due to a work commitment I am no longer able to take my gun and am therefore offering it to back to the PW masses. The shoot is in the Driffield area and is being run by fellow PW member YDS. The link to the original advertisement is below: http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/254226-100-120-birds-days-yorkshire/?do=findComment&comment=2225532 In brief the day is a fully driven 100-120 bird day - mainly pheasant and partridge (with some cracking partridge drive too) - with a total of 9 guns. Having shot this land last year, to say I'm gutted to miss it this year is an epic understatement. However, work has to come first this time. I'm looking to recover my £310 for the day, which is superb value for a day like this. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss. I would be willing to sell the two guns (£310 each) if you and a friend wanted to join forces, if it helped secure the sale. Thanks 4eyes
  13. Hey there, I'm looking into gaining my own permissions but I would really prefer to tag along to a shoot with somebody from here that can show me a thing or two.. Any offers or advice just drop a comment. Am willing to set decoys ect and pay my own way maybe a little more to go with a certain person/s that can teach me the art of this great sport Also im new on here so any regular people from this site i would love to get talking to for future outings
  14. Hi I'm Scott have ten years exp with air guns fully insured looking for land to shoot on I'm a electrician so looking to exchange my skills for permission pm for details
  15. Hi all, Have five spaces spare on a duck shoot with walked up pheasants, The day is around 100 birds no bag limit,Fourteen guns . The shoot is on the Somerset Devon border. Must prove you have a full uk gun license and insurance, a dog would be a bonus. Good hight on ducks and a few good drives for pheasants so intermediate guns needed. £200 plus tip £20 please email me for any details wildlife@inbox.com 22 and 31 dates Hi again guys after some feedback I will give you some back ground info on the shoot, my dad picks up and helps the shoot all year and in return he gets a couple of days a bit cheaper not a lot but a little. We usually have the same 14 guns but this year due to holidays and work commitments we are five guns short. I live and shoot in Buckinghamshire and my dad shoots and lives in Somerset I have most of the guns coming from bucks and a couple from Somerset. I didn't realise how hard it would be to get 14 guns we new to shoot but its hard when a few people you usually count on cant do it. With this our regular outing and to you a first time to meet us it's a bit worrying as we don't want to lose the deal we get and you want to make sure your getting a good deal. So the best I can say is pm me I will give you my number we can have a chat and go from there. Regards sorry its long winded Nigel.
  16. Hello, We have some opportunities for full and half Gun membership of our friendly game shoot in North Wales (about 15 minutes from Chester) . It is a stand and beat shoot, shooting on 8 Saturdays throughout the season with several pheasant drives on each shoot day. Ducks are driven over standing Guns and there are also woodcock on the shoot. Vermin is controlled through the year with good pigeon/crow shooting over crops, and rabbit shooting in the Summer months. The farms are pasture with some arable crops, plenty of hedgerows and several well placed woodlands. We also grow a cover crop and have two duck ponds. The land lies across 2 small valleys so the drives provide some challenging birds. We have two release pens and rear a few hundred pheasants and some ducks each year. There are voluntary work parties in the summer, a summer fun clay shoot and social, and an informal shoot dinner in January. We aim to have enjoyable shoot days with memorable birds, rather than just “how many are in the bag?”. Saying that, we do aim for and regularly get, bags of 30+ and make sure that every Gun has fair and equal opportunities to shoot. The shoot has improved and grown each year, and we are expecting this year to be even better again. The bag is shared at the end of the shoot day and everyone gets at least a brace to take home if they so wish. We have syndicate rules to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of shoot days. Guns with dogs are preferred, but not essential as we also have some regular volunteer beaters. If you are interested please pm me and we can arrange to chat on the ‘phone and meet for a walk around the shoot before membership is offered/taken. Some PW guys are already members and I am sure that they will give you their views! Full Guns £780 8 days (plus 1st February rough shoot) Summer vermin shooting. ½ Guns £440 4 days (plus 1st February rough shoot) Summer vermin shooting. There is also a one-off Joining fee of £30 Opportunities are limited, so send me a pm as soon as you can if you are interested.. Spitzer
  17. Hi All, I'm pretty new to shotgun shooting and I have a few questions about when to pull the trigger and when to wait. I have a Winchester SX3 and am using 30mm Size 6 with 30g loads and a 1/2 choke. I am using either a pop-up hide, or poles and cammo depending on the situation. First outing: 25 shots, 2 crows. DOH! Questions: At what range would you all hold-fire with the above set-up? Would you use another Choke size, and if so, which? (I have the usual: Full, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4) For the ranges; 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m and 50m, given an average speed of 30mph, what would the lead be? Aside from the pattern, what would be the closest decoy distance, and the furtherest? Is an electronic Crow caller illigal to use in the UK? If so, why are they for sale? Thanks in advance all, Jamie
  18. A great way to get rid of the Overfull feeling of Christmas and Boxing day, Join us on Mersea Island to blow away the cobwebs and raise money for charitable causes. The Rotary Club of Mersea Island is holding a 50 bird sporting clay shoot at the Mersea Outdoor Centre (the Youth Camp) on 27th Dec 2012 Start time 10:00 thru 13:00 with last entry @ 12:30 £15 entry Carts 12g & 20g will be available, as well as Bacon rolls and tea/coffee FIBRE WADS ONLY please. pm. me you have any questions Regards Mike
  19. Hi Guys What with the recent bad weather, raining and flooding etc. does anyone know if the shoot at Flint CTC will be on or cancelled this Sunday coming ? Many Thanks Pat
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