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Found 25 results

  1. I am after a cheep gun for rough shooting geese as i have some 3.5 Goose loads but need something to put the through ? needs to be 3 shot as only hold shotgun licence Around Yorkshire would be good tanks Agriv8
  2. Mini-Driven Shoot Date Date available for team or single guns. Stirling, Scotland. 27th December 2019. expected bag circ. 40 birds, mixed pheasant, partridge and duck. £250 p/gun, 6 guns on the day, 3 spaces available. Message me for further details.
  3. I do not own a gun or even a licence yet but want to get into shooting. ive had a look at the government application form and it requires me to have proof of good use for the firearm. I am looking at getting a rifle. Not an air powered one. I would want to join a shooting club like target practice but don't want to buy membership for proof if I may not be accepted for licence as it would be a waste of money. Whats the easiest thing to put as 'good use' for ownership for a firearm? Thanks lads.
  4. Following a discussion with 1066, inspired by me seeing this: https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/gun-safe/technology/ I have finally got round to my much cheaper DIY solution: Bought a cheap set of storage bins off eBay (VonHaus - £22) that came with the plastic racking panels. You can't see it in that photo but there is a second panel at the bottom. The top one needed some modifying to fit around the welded metal pieces in the cabinet (Sealey SEGS8) that hold the foam barrel supports in place but it is such a tight fit (had to be thumped in with a rubber mallet) that there aren't any screws/bolts actually stopping it from moving. The aforementioned supports have never been particularly good - for the barrel to actually fit in them means the rifle must be tilted back to clear the scope, which tends to make closing the door difficult. I'm going to design and 3D print my own clip in brackets. The white unit at the top is a caravan dehumidifier - Aldi special buy a couple of weeks ago. It's supposed to be rechargeable but it hasn't been in long. Next to it is a disposable dehumidifer (nearly full of water) and at the bottom is another rechargeable beanbag style dehum (which will need drying in the oven, I think). Stuck to the back of the door is a Napier vapour sachet thing. Moving my mods out of the ammo cabinet gives me more space in there so I've put some of the spare bins in to hold magazines, bolts, loose ammo etc. I also have space for my bipod and torches plus other bits and bobs that I might use - knives for example. Got plenty of little bins left for organising screws and stuff in the workshop too.
  5. BSA deep 8 gun cabinet with top ammo lockbox, 2 keys. Height 1500mm Depth 345mm Width 460mm I'll also throw in a new Napier sachet as I'll have no need for it. Located in Middlesbrough £175, I can deliver locally if needed Thanks for looking Mark
  6. Hello Chaps, I don't have any particular comment on the following, except that they're provided for anyone who might be interested in seeing them. There's not an awful lot of information about the little Flobert shells online - that I can find anyway - so these are published here to add to what little there is. These are example 5-yard, 10-yard, 15-yard and 20-yard patterns from a 9mm, cylinder-choked garden gun, using the Fiocchi 7½g / #7½ (Italian) cartridge. I believe individual pellet energy at 15 yards is around 0.7ftlbs for reference. Circles / part-circles on the images below are 20". I hope this is of some use to someone, at some point.
  7. hi guys atm i am using a hatstan striker 1000s it a good air rifle and i really like it but i want to buy a new air rifle just to have another one i guess i was just wondering if anyone could give any good suggestion of a air rifle to get and the rough price of the air rifle if you know thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I've shot clays a few times and I've decided it's a sport I would like to get into. I'm from North Yorkshire and I was wondering if anyone knew of any clubs in the area (rather than just experience day type venues) I found one in Barwick-in-Elmet which seems excellent (£35 for 50 clays including instructor, gun hire and cartridges). You turn up for 3 of the instructor led sessions and then you can become a member if they think you're competent (I'm not a certificate holder) This is the kind of thing I'm after, and it's a very good option, but I was wondering if there's something very similar a little closer to home that someone on here may know of? In due course, I'd like to become a certificate holder and a club closer to home would mean that it's easier to go down the range on a Sunday if I get board if I do eventually own my own firearm/become a certificate holder. Cheers! Ian
  9. I have a Baikal 12g side by side that is no longer required, therefore I would like to offer this gun to somone who is just starting out in shooting. Preferably a young lad or girl who just needs something to start them off. obviously this will need to go on thier parants or thier own certificate if they are lucky enough to have one. The gun itself is in reasaonable condition, its a side by side with 14.5 lop, 28 3/4 barrels and 2 3/4 chambers, non ejector. chokes unknown but would expect cylinder and quarter or somthing alike. The gun itself is not the prettiest but will do somone a good turn. The gun will need to be picked up from Essex, please no people trying to say you want it for you cousins second counsins aunts daughters son...(no messers) If you are genuinly interested and have a son or daughter than wants a small relaible 12g then please message me. Len PS you will need a gun slip when collecting.
  10. crossbow100


    hi there I am looking for a dt11 . if anybody as one for sale thanks
  11. Hi I have a Army surplus shop in kings lynn and im looking at supplying Air pellets .177 and .22...Please can anyone advise me on which ones are the better make to stock...Thanks Kirk
  12. 8 gun cabinet with both sets of keys for sale. In good condition. Dimensions: External. Width 46cm, Depth 23cm, Height 125cm Internal. Width 45cm, Depth 20cm. Height 123 cm More photos available if required. £110 collected
  13. For sale 5 Gun cabinet in good condition with both sets of keys. Dimensions: External. 28cm width, 24.5cm depth, 131cm high Internal. 26.5cm width, 21.5cm depth, 130cm high Photos attached If you would like any more photos please contact me. £85 collected
  14. Wondering peoples opinions and preferred Stock that they use mainly Beech vs Walnut as i can't decide? Also interested to hear in any other type of wood stocks or Plastic Stocks? Also Thumbhole vs Standard? OPINIONS PLEASE!!!
  15. I shall be working with a gamekeeper over the summer and I own a pair of msa sordin eletronic ear protectors and love them but they are too clunky to carry working all day . Obviously if I'm going lamping or pigeon shooting for the whole day I will take those but if were working in pens and a fox appears We will have a rifle and a 12 bore with us and was wondering what I could take that are lighter or shall I just shoot the few possible shots atVirmin with out any hearing protection ?? Any help will be greatly appreciated ! 😊
  16. looking for advice , thinking of buying a pump action gun for pigeon, vermin and fowling. I own a Beretta ultra lite and looking for something for the rough stuff. My Friends dont rate the pump action , was looking at winchester and remington what do you guys think?
  17. i need help because i don't know much about guns, is this gun worth £275? http://####/gun/gfstz6na231213-weihrauch-hw80-air-rifle-for.php i only want it to have fun with a few targets first and see how i do with my aim, please let me know what you think.
  18. Hi all, Am new to this scene and waiting for my FAC to come through, 13 week's and counting since I applied, had the home interview and have been window shopping since. Advice please on these two before the bank card gets exhausted by her indoors and her Christmas shopping. Anschutz 1417 G or Weihrauch HW60J in .22lr . Scopes, Am using a Hawke 3-12x50 AO IR on my AirArms TX200 and am very pleased with it, any reason to spend any more than what that cost me. Moderator, SAK seem to be dog's from what I read, so again any advance on those for the same sort of money. Many thanks in advance.
  19. I've never shot a goose; in fact, I've never pointed a gun at a goose. And it's a long, long time since I shot a duck. Now, however, opportunity knocks. Keen to learn, I've bought some books. I was surprised to read the following in Mike Swan's good book "Rough Shooting". Talking about wildfowling, he says that his father believed in small shot and they tended to use 6's in Eley Impax with 1oz. of shot, and Hymax at 1 1/4 oz. But one day he ran out of 6's and used some Impax 7's he had in his bag; he found that "they worked admirably"- he missed no more than he usually did, and the proportion of wounded birds "fell dramatically". He says, "Today, for all normal game shooting and wildfowling purposes, I use these 1oz. loads of No.7's, with my gun bored improved cylinder in both barrels. (improved cylinder in both barrels... - my comment) If I were marksman enough to use full choke reliably, I might go up to 6s for extra range, but I know that my shooting would deteriorate dramatically". Even for geese- which he acknowledges "pose a special problem"- he breaks with tradition and uses 4's or 5's rather than 3's. He says, "Earlier this season (early 1990s- my note.) I was surprised by a Canada coming in from behind. I took a hurried shot and it fell very dead to a 1oz. trap load of 7 1/2 shot from quite a reasonable altitude". I think this is a good book ,one which I'd recommend for folk in my kind of situation in relation to rough shooting generally, but I was really surprised to read the above. I was also interested to note that he makes no reference to a need for a 3-inch chamber, though that's maybe implicit in his reference to "Hymax", etc. I wish, though, that he'd spelt that out as I'm thinking that I need to get another, 3" chambered, gun if I'm to make a job of the goose side of things. I guess this subject has been done to death over the years on the forum, but I would like to hear reactions from those with more knowledge than I i.e. everybody on here.
  20. Hi all just looking for some help I've got a cz 22LR and wanting to take the gun to have the barrel cut down dose anyone no how short I can have it taken down to and what are the pro's and con's of having this done thanks shippers
  21. Arrow Nailmaster ET100 Electric Brad Nail Gun Kit with Brads & Plastic Storage Case, Used very Little so as in new condition, comes cased with a large selection of Brads, 15mm (5/8"), 20mm (3/4") & 25mm (1") £28.00 Delivered
  22. I am looking to buy a second gun. Only to be used by my guests so nothing special. I am willing to pay up to 50 quid . I am located in Cambridgeshire and I can colect from the area! Cheers!
  23. Hi I need to fix a firing pin in one of my shot guns. Any suggestions of local gunsmiths in the Chippenham (Wiltshire Area)? Thanks Ry
  24. Sold to Blunderbust LEE LOAD-MASTER A massive press with advanced features. The ram is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Stroke and clearance sufficient for the largest magnum rifle cases. Features and Product Information from Lee Precision: Loads rifle and pistol rounds with equal ease. Load progressively or singly without spilled powder or components. Five stations so you can Factory Crimp and post size. Accepts all popular brands of dies (7/8 x 14) Automatic indexing with a wedge lock mechanism that will actually hold a ton. Positive and foolproof priming system that is easy and fast to fill. Removable turrets. Change calibers in seconds. Loaded round ejector and case catcher. Quick change shell plate. No tools required. Grease and oil fittings along with hard chrome plated ram insure a lifetime of service for even the commercial reloader. Easy to empty primer catcher guaranteed to catch every primer. This press will convince you that Lee is the quality leader. Every part of this tool was designed to be strong, long lasting, rust-resistant and user friendly. This machine is designed for a life-time of the hardest use. This Rifle Kit includes: Load-Master Press .243 Lee Deluxe rifle die set Perfect Powder Measure. Universal Charge Die 2x lee resizing lubricant Wilson cartridge case gage Digital caliper Carrying case holds 50 Chamfer tool Case length case cutter Lock stud & shellholder Primer pocket cleaner Lee safety scales Powder funnel Lee factory crimp die Made only 200 bullets. Reason for sale is that im not that good at reloading and i have also just getting a .270, Quick sale £200. post to UK only £20. If picked up will also give you 1K of N160 powder This was £70 can have for Free. Email for Pic.
  25. Hello all Im new to this site so thought I'd start by asking a simple question, so here goes... Does anyone know of gun shops that have a large seletion of 12 ga over and under by the likes of Beretta in the hertfordshire? I'm willing to travel as im based in Cheshunt but just wanted to know if anyone out there can recomend one. Also slighty unsure on what barrel lenght to buy so would like to see the full range in possible. one shop said "the longer the better" even to im only 5"6... So any help would be great PS, im sure (not 100%) that The EBSC clay shoot is on this sunday, so hopping to get there early. Thanks for your time and thanks for reading Reagrds
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