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  1. Sorry don't necessarily agree and I won't be changing my practice
  2. I prefer to be transparent in my dealings and having looked briefly at the posting rules I believe there has been no infringement of them (Admin please correct me if this is not the case). So I just want to get on with my business without unhelpful posts thank you
  3. Hi £30.00 POSTED. Thanks Mike
  4. Yes will take this if it includes postage. thanks Mike
  5. Got 2 x K9 and 2 x CAB dog boxes for sale. Based in South Wales. £250 each Thanks Mike
  6. Yes. Working this weekend. Will sort on Monday
  7. Yes please PM details for bank transfer Thanks Mike
  8. Evening Keith Transferred the funds and sent my details through. Could you please confirm receipt of funds. Thanks Mike
  9. Hi £300 and will take this please. Let me know Thanks Mike
  10. Hi How about £30.00 and I will have this Best Mike
  11. Hi £50.0O and you have a deal Thanks Mike
  12. Hi Would you take £400 cash for the gun. What is the barrel length please. Thanks Mike
  13. No joy with Sporting Targets but thanks for the lead. It is for a 12 bore late 80's early 90's model Thanks Mike
  14. Hi Looking for a stock to fit a Browning 325/425/525. Must be free of cracks. Let me know what you have. Thanks Mike
  15. Hi Would you RFD it as I live in South Wales. If you would and the woodwork is mint I would happily give £700 Thanks Mike
  16. Hi


    £550 and I will take it please





  17. Hi what is the one that you have like as I could do a straight swap for a leather one that I have that will accommodate 28 inch barrels Thanks Mike
  18. Hi Looking for Parker Hale black plastic coated shotgun cleaning rods. Thanks Mike
  19. HI In the States at the moment but I will take this and sort payment on Wednesday when I am back in South Wales. Thanks Mike
  20. Wanted Parker Hale Shotgun cleaning rods with the black plastic coating. Thanks Mike
  21. Hi £60.00 and I will have it. Bank transfer. Thanks Mike
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