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  1. Hi m8 Have you any pics please and how much are you wanting for it ill message you Atb paul
  2. Wanted As above get in touch Atb paul
  3. As above the ones like a 50p shape Atb paul
  4. Depends on what its like to be honest Mint condition £7-800 Message me any info Atb paul
  5. As above must be in good condition and not been tampered with and no power cut outs to the stock Send me a message Atb paul
  6. Hi looking for an original hw77 venom lazerglide Atb paul
  7. As above looking for the long one Atb paul
  8. As above anybody got one in a draw somewhere they dont use Atb paul
  9. Thanks button but i want an original venom
  10. Hi mice Yes ive seen them m8 but not impressed with them to be honest
  11. Are u selling it If so send me any info and prics m8 Venom tuned edd
  12. Hi guys looking for a venom tuned rifle any about anywhere with a nice right handed stock ?? Atb paul
  13. As above what you got to sell Pm me Atb paul
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