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  1. Cheesefiend

    Side by Side Club

    My No.4 which also retains some of it’s original colour-hardening was supplied by the renowned Wabbitbosher for around 10% of that sum.
  2. Cheesefiend

    Beretta AL391 Urika for parts / advice

    Still after one of these if possible. I was told a month or so ago that GMK should be able to get a new one “some time in Spring” for the princely sun of £250, so that’s out. I’m looking for cheap and cheerful. Any condition as long as it works better than the one in the pic above. A local gun shop had an old A303 for £150, but I’d rather spend less if I can. These bolts should be common to quite a few of the Beretta semi autos, so if anyone has one with bulged barrels or a broken stock etc please let me know.
  3. Cheesefiend

    Cheese - Lovely Cheeeese! (Sussex Charmer)

    This one is excellent too, even though it smells like a tramp’s trousers
  4. Cheesefiend

    Country shirts

    Cordings shirts for long tails and arms. Get a local tailors or alteration place to put darts in the back to pull it in a bit if the body is flapping around like a tent. Shouldn’t cost too much.
  5. Cheesefiend

    Possible ammunition malfunction

    This happened frequently with the faster gamebore carts in mine. I didn’t worry about it, but it was certainly eye catching (and not in the left-handed / right-handed stock combo kind of way). It must be disconcerting having things exiting a gnat’s whisker away from your face.
  6. Cheesefiend

    Cheese - Lovely Cheeeese! (Sussex Charmer)

    Sussex Charmer is very nice, as is Lincolnshire Poacher. There was a fancy Red Leicester-a-like in Sainsbury’s with a proper rind that I had a while back which was pretty good too, but I can’t remember the name. Stroud farmers market had one of those mature cheddars which is so strong you can almost feel blisters forming on the roof of your mouth. My kind of cheese. They advocated dipping it in honey then rolling it in ground coffee which sounds weird but it was very nice.
  7. Cheesefiend

    FAC - Medical Certificate Invoice

    I had similar on SGC renewal, docs letter wanted £25 or so before they were willing to confirm that I was in suitable mental & physical health. I ignored it and Avon & Somerset sent a new certificate though a fortnight later anyway.
  8. Cheesefiend

    Ground with tower near Weston Supermare

    Probably, most people do!
  9. Cheesefiend

    Ground with tower near Weston Supermare

    Not especially close to WSM but the Valley shooting ground near castle coombe has the highest tower I’ve ever seen. Last time I made the trek over there it was closed but it seems it’s up and running again. Edit: I had my semi-auto mocked by a 10 year old child dressed to the nines in a three piece tweed shooting suit and by his patronising father there, so make of that what you will.
  10. Cheesefiend

    BREXIT - merged threads

    This is true - I worked on the admin side in Bristol on referendum day and loads of people were refused entry at all of the polling stations and were getting quite angry and frustrated in the process. It wasn’t just European nationals turned away but also entire families from countries further afield e.g India.
  11. Cheesefiend

    Name that ****

    On the subject, this is a fascinating book. I’ve put my (Skoda!) car keys next to it for a sense of scale 😉😁 aluminium oxide density Here’s the page on Fox poo aluminium oxide density
  12. Cheesefiend

    Name that ****

    I’d agree with that, definitely a VAG fob
  13. Cheesefiend

    My Wife (once again)

    I wouldn’t know where to start with my wife, but I have a colleague who used to live in Locking, a village near Weston-super-Mare. They were looking at buying a second hand car and one ad had ‘30,000 miles, full service history, sunroof, central locking’ and she said “Oooh, central locking? That car must be just round the corner from us”
  14. Cheesefiend

    Salt beef project

    Decent butchers string that doesn’t snap and the Prague Powder are the most difficult to find, everything else can be picked up easily. Brisket seems to be much cheaper at a proper butchers, supermarkets charge an arm and a leg in comparison and it works out at least twice the price in my experience. It seems like a major undertaking but it is pretty straightforward, I promise!
  15. Cheesefiend

    Tweed shooting jacket ???.

    If you’re a size L this is fairly underpriced. Pakeman is on par with Cordings quality. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253978801547