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  1. Cheers chaps - makes sense to get it sorted quickly. I’ll make sure I’ve got my masonry bits and drill in the first car load
  2. Hello all, We’re probably going to be moving house in the next couple of months, within the same licencing area. Other than notifying a change of address - what is the protocol for transporting them while there is potentially a lot of upheaval and boxes everywhere? I’m guessing my 3 x guns will have to travel In the boot of my car in motor cases, and send the cabinet in the moving van along with furniture etc. Does the new cabinet have to be installed straight away when arriving at the new place (I may get some grief for doing that instead of helping unpack), or could I keep the guns safely locked away in my boot or hidden in the house until I get chance to install? I’d like to keep costs down so would like to avoid rfd storage if possible.
  3. Thanks for the info, I’ll give that a try on some scrap wood and see how I get on. I’ve read about using fine wet/dry paper with white spirits but I imagine that would take an age to reduce the size of the pad.
  4. I’ve got an ‘Aldi special’ belt sander which always ends up skewing the belt diagonally and chewing it up, so I wouldn’t trust it even to do a half decent job. Is the sanding doable by hand or would that be a horrific amount of work?
  5. It’s got a 15” LOP, but I’ve got arms like a gibbon so the best thing I can do to improve the handling is probably to lengthen the stock a bit. I’m considering adding an orange Silvers pad but wouldn’t want to attempt it myself in case I make a pig’s ear out of it.
  6. Thanks - i’m surprised I haven’t built up a smooth finish to the palms of my hands too with all that friction and rubbing No, getting it done professionally is not worth the extra cost to me. I did have a go myself but slipped a few times on the fore end, hence a couple of missing diamonds if you look closely in the picture above. It will still function so I’ll probably leave it once I’ve built up the oil finish.
  7. Almost two months of oiling and rubbing and oiling and rubbing and oiling and rubbing. Still not quite there yet but it’s looking so much better.
  8. I’m a designer with 20yrs experience, what sort of thing were you after?
  9. Watchworks in Bristol are very highly regarded - I know a couple of people that don’t/won’t use anywhere else.
  10. Left it out in the sun yesterday and gave it a wipe with thinners every now and again. The forend has got darker, so I guess there’s still more crud to draw out yet.
  11. The previous owner of my house was a cheapskate and major league bodger. The plumbing under the sink comprises of about 30 joined up small push to fit connectors snaking their way about 4ft to the drainage. Huge hole in the lath and plaster ceiling of the airing cupboard (someone has fallen through the attic at some point I guess) was covered up with a sheet of hardboard and a splodge of bonding. One of the worst/most dangerous was his bathroom lighting circuit - he’d obviously swapped out for some halogen and unwired the previous lights, but for some reason ran new power spliced off the landing light. Everything in the picture below is live, including the splayed loose wires with the black sleeve which are permanent live. This is all right in front of the access hatch too, so about 3” away from where your hands would naturally go to hoik yourself up into the attic.
  12. I think at the rate it’s coming out i’ll get the gun weight down below 6.5lbs!!
  13. I think I’m a couple of weeks away from grain filling and wet and dry at the mo. Gave it a go tonight with a hot air gun on low setting / thinners rag to wipe and I couldn’t believe the amount of oil that was endlessly sweating out of it around the grip and action area, and forend. The colour is getting a bit more uniform but I can see it needs another couple of goes to pull out more of what’s left.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I thought I’d ballsed it up but it’s actually come out quite well now that it’s evaporated overnight. The checkering has turned out a treat. I will give it a going over with some heat to sweat out the remaining stubborn bits, and then a few more attempts with thinners as it’s still dark in places around where the metalwork joins the stock. I know it will be far away from exhibition wood but I like the idea of ending up with something I’ve finished myself, and I’m in no hurry so will take my time. I’ve read about rotten stone burnish and/or rubbing in sanded wood dust & stock oil as a slower way of grain filling - what are people’s opinions of this method?
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