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  1. Cheesefiend

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    http://millfarmshoot.com/ in Dundry, south west of Bristol. Members scores are logged in a running table but it’s not a CPSA shoot.
  2. Cheesefiend

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    Membership £75 pa Fortnightly 50 bird shoot, with regular trophy competitions (SxS, pump, semi, single barrel), and occasional 150 bird three man flush. Members Shoot £10 Box of carts £6 Guests Shoot £18 Box of carts £7 Free tea and coffee Full house roll (egg, bacon, sausage & black pudding) £3 Strictly fibre wad if you bring your own carts Free squidgy plugs if you have no ear protection Glasses are your choice and not policed.
  3. Cheesefiend

    New member here from Somerset/Bristol

    There should be a membership post in the paid opportunities section somewhere. @oowee are you still linked with the club?
  4. Cheesefiend

    Can anyone crack this code???

    I’ve worked it out - there is one typo in each entry I think. The first one seems to be about an intimate hygiene problem!
  5. Cheesefiend

    Can anyone crack this code???

    23rd - top line reads ‘conversation with mason’. Use the ACE B.D.F. alternate variant to decode, about 3/4 down the page in the link Bazooka Joe posted above.
  6. Cheesefiend

    New member here from Somerset/Bristol

    Welcome to the site, I’m also in Bristol. I’m not a fan of early mornings and being cold, wet and muddy, but you could always get in touch with Clevedon wildfowling association, and (membership permitting) Bristol 12 bore club has a permission near the Severn bridge if I’m not mistaken.
  7. Cheesefiend

    Low incoming floating target

    I had a stand like this a few weeks ago. Incoming from maybe 40yds or so up the field, ever so slightly right to left. When I hit it I shot well underneath and kept the barrel swinging down. Having to force yourself to consciously shoot lower than you think it should be didn’t feel natural, and thus I missed above the clay a couple of times.
  8. Cheesefiend


    Found it! It’s a spare so has never been used. I don’t have a container for it, but how about £15 inc postage?
  9. Cheesefiend


    I think I’ve got three so might have a spare - i’ll check tonight. Is that the one marked **** ?
  10. Cheesefiend

    Joules Girls Astbury Tweed Coat

    Yes please - can you pm me your details
  11. Cheesefiend

    Distance app

    Strava would probably do the trick?
  12. Cheesefiend

    Artificial grass

    My parents in law have artificial grass in their back garden, and fitted it themselves fairly easily. Foxes were going into the garden at night before it was laid down, and they continue to go in and try to dig up their existing spots now, so the corners of the turf were getting a bit of a going over. I think they’ve used some decking as skirting to pin it down around the edges which is working so far.
  13. Cheesefiend

    Determining the age of an AYA 12b SBS

    340041 is late sixties/early seventies according to this: http://www.shotguns.se/html/aya_serial_numbers.html plus it’s a 70mm chamber
  14. Both eyes open but squint as I mount, otherwise sometimes my left eye can take over.