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  1. Hi There. Used Mossberg Hushpower .410 in any condition for cash purchase. Based in Derby.
  2. I have good results with Owl decoy. On Fleabay artificial taxidermy owl...£20....10 yards away looks like the real thing. Place out in high visible position and wait. Crows will mob it as a predator, more so when nesting or young about to leave nest.
  3. I think the Mossberg variable choke system is called the C-LECT -CHOKE. Looks a very useful workable system.
  4. I have a Mossberg Newhaven .410 3 shot bolt action with full choke. Purchased in 1986 and still going strong, fitted a Hushpower suppressor to it. Very light well made little gun, and with the Hushpower fitted it is a very useful bit of kit...well reccomended.
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