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  1. You don't have to see Doctor, the Doctor compiles a confirmation letter of your medical history to send direct over to Police. If there are any concerns from this the Police follow up with yourself.
  2. My Doctors charged me £25. But took 8 weeks to get letter, next time will just use the service of MedCert online.
  3. Hi There. Used Mossberg Hushpower .410 in any condition for cash purchase. Based in Derby.
  4. I have good results with Owl decoy. On Fleabay artificial taxidermy owl...£20....10 yards away looks like the real thing. Place out in high visible position and wait. Crows will mob it as a predator, more so when nesting or young about to leave nest.
  5. I think the Mossberg variable choke system is called the C-LECT -CHOKE. Looks a very useful workable system.
  6. I have a Mossberg Newhaven .410 3 shot bolt action with full choke. Purchased in 1986 and still going strong, fitted a Hushpower suppressor to it. Very light well made little gun, and with the Hushpower fitted it is a very useful bit of kit...well reccomended.
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