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  1. Its actually quite easy to grade steel you should do some research rather than flying off your hot little seat because you are offended that lesser quality steels with harsher wear patterns due to tolerances means lesser lifespan clap clap basics of mechanical lifespans, And yes i do know of the guns we pass on as they are mostly bought by people who become members, i have worked here for a long time see a lot of guns come and go. They are built to last their warranty as in they are not overengineered like lots of newage things- you take things so literal. What do you think i meant o
  2. Well for starters all of my personal guns cost around the same money, so show me where i said my multi thousand dollar gun is better than anything else? And for your information my father is an aerospace engineer who knows a little more about metallurgy than you and when it comes to opininons like yours over facts on material qualities i'll take facts everyday of the week, We replace the mk70s every 3 years as we have a contract with our firearms supplier to do so, we support their business by doing so of that is ok with you??? i know of 15 guns that have been sold on and have nev
  3. I was replying to the other person who was basically being offended by basic engineering and steel grade comaparisons in regards to longevity of mating faces etc between a miroku and an ata. But thanks
  4. Actually my knowledge comes from what i have witnessed first hand at my club over my 15 years there and my time pre working there, what is your experience? our club uses mk70 miroku's as loan guns, they are kept for 3 years and will shoot somewhere in the area of 60,000 conservative figure in 3 years, serviced and sold on, the only issues in that time have been lower firing pins pitting on small number of guns and a cracked stock from being dropped, we purchased 2 ata's in 2019 and both had problems, where moved on early due to ejector wear and gouging in receiever/fore end mating faces , if
  5. I've commented on a few of these posts as its basically a question i am asked every week, what gun to buy/first gun, so for anyone else looking at this choice- i own an ata as a loan /backup gun and several older miroku's /winchester 101s, The ata is well specd for the money- can get an adjustable, palm swell , looks ok shoots ok, multi choke etc.etc. So as a first gun its an option- Now that being said i will only compare it to what you can get for the same money/ as new silver pigeons are over priced for what they are. But if you can shoot the ata or even strip it down
  6. They never made parts for beretta, the connection is stoegor who beretta own. And stoegor has been plagued by barrel issues I have an ata as a backup gun, Doesn't get shot a whole lot, It shoots ok and handles reasonably enough- nose heavy, If you plan on doing high volume shooting i would say go a used miroku , 680 etc Ata fills a gap in the market well, but they are built to a budget and side by side with a miroku etc the quality gap is decent. They are an ok gun for the money, and if only shooting 1000 or so a year they are a good option for people who
  7. Pointing out the gap between them is stating a fact, lots of owners of them seem to think there are no differences, like i said compare them all and see for yourself. I said they shoot ok and handle ok, don't remember saying they are overall a **** gun, they are ok for the money, but there is a quality gap, i wouldn't own one if i thought was total rubbish would i?
  8. Three thousand cartidges is only just broken in, there are 30plus year old mirokus, beretta, browning, winchesters out there with 100s of thousands of shells through them, I own an ata as a loan gun,people just need to accept them for what they are- a budget built gun that is made to look like a beretta. i have stripped the ata and my winchester and a 680 special and compared everything. And what i found was They are good for the money in spec terms for a casual shooter etc, but they are a long way off the likes of the other guns mentioned, differences being Lower qual
  9. The beretta connection is beretta owns stoegor, who ata makes barrels for, and if you do your homework stoegors have had many many issues with barrels and monoblocks etc, ata are good for the money, but put one on a table and compare it piece by piece to a new or old miroku, beretta, browning, winchester etc and there is a huge gap, the materials, tooling, qualitu control, coatings and overall geometry is nowhere near as good, yes good for the money but people need to accept they are made to a very low budget, good backup gun or casual/beginner gun, but i always say buy used quality over new c
  10. Yes they are still available and will be for a long time luckily. Just interesting to think about because side by side the actions internally are very very close.
  11. Hi Guys, Out of curiosity has anyone ever compared an original winchester 101 firing pin to an earlier browning/miroku pin? Interested to see if they are different and by how much since the action designs are so similar. Top image is 101 bottom is miroku. I habe never handled them next to eachother but they do appear very much the similar dimensions from images i can find
  12. Mine aren't the same as 101 ejectors. They are the same as nikko 5000 series. No springs in fore end these are sprung loaded ejectors, they are retained by a button but i don't want to guess work it as it's basically new Same design as these, you can see the round button here. Supposedly they pop out
  13. Hi guys. I have picked up an old winchester 96 xpert- the twin sister to nikko 5000 and winchester 101. Don't suppose anyone kmows how to remove nikko 5000 style ejectors? Just want to give her a good clean as it has never been fired so 40yrs of cabinet action.
  14. Hi Vic. Out of curiosity how do you remove the nikko ejectors? I just picked up a winchester 96 xpert which is identical to your nikko mechanically .
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