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  1. Even if Mark's price includes the clays it seems a bit steep
  2. I hear its much less than 50,000, possibly less than 5000
  3. How do you determine how dirty a cartridge is, my barrels look the same no matter what I shoot through them, they always look dirty until cleaned, which again seems to take the same amount of effort and comes up shiny?
  4. I think the fact no children are involved makes it much simpler, its pretty simple in that you need a solicitor and look to draft a clean break settlement, she will be entitled to half the equity in the house and half of any savings/debt you have together. She is also entitled to a claim on your pension although this is not half, but half of the percentage you have been married/lived together as a percentage of the years you have paid in. Generally in a clean break situation your silicitor will negotiate significantly less than she is entitled to in favour of getting the money immediately. You
  5. I also shoot the smart strikes and particularly like the breaks but I have to say they are at the thumpy end of the spectrum in my opinion, eley select the smoothest I have used.
  6. Just encountered a fairly steep price increase unfortunately so be warned
  7. Been using the cheddite smart strikes in plastic and fibre for a couple of years now, great cartridge if a touch thumpy, £220 a thousand round my way
  8. Got my renewal back in a week, day later the request from the doctors for info plus £30 was received, rang firearms and they said ignore (in a round about way)
  9. A friend has one, generally likes it, only dislikes lack of boot space (width i think) and boot opening (sideways)
  10. I seem to remember that the 3 year element is only applicable if caught in the same constabulory, in theory you could do a speed awareness in Suffolk 1 week, Norfolk the next and Cambridge the following, the one I attended I was the youngest there by at least 30 years and was pushing 40 at the time (age not speed)
  11. I have used this place for my last few new cars, they dont do fords but most premium brands, if you see anything you like give them a call, very easy to deal with, you then deal with their preferred main dealer, any queries just ask https://www.uknewcars.com/
  12. I got 2 of the black extended second hand for £80 if that helps, really great chokes in 3/8th
  13. yes it was but it was an 07 vehicle actually
  14. I owned the previous model Forester from new for 7 years, the only real negatives were wind noise (pillarless doors, not sure if same on newer version) and the price of new genuine spare parts but saying that there are some very good and cheap specialist breakers about
  15. Its very interesting looking up old cars youve owned to see if they are still on the road and how the reg numbers suddenly spring back to your memory
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