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  1. Not sure whether still looking but I could probably put some gear together for a varied budget, based in Suffolk, let me know if interested
  2. Not sure if they adjust for weight of pull, most adjustable triggers are just movable forwards and backwards i believe
  3. I would suggest John Bidwells at Darsham, just into suffolk, down the A12 about as good as it gets https://highlodge.co.uk/
  4. 7 to 10p on cars I have had, double check your contract price to your quoted price as often mysteriously different without pointing it out to you
  5. but why make them so darn ugly?
  6. Charliedog

    Youth 20 bore

    Only £450 new, secondhand not a lot cheaper, i got a youth 20 bore kofs for my son last year when he was 13, probably had around 5000 shells through it and never missed a beat, triggers a bit agricultural but if its first gun you know no different, Hull pro twenty carts were excelent combination
  7. My lad is only 14 and he usually shoots 28g selects, dropped to the 24g ambers for a sim day and he said they were fine but slightly more punchy than the selects (and a bit more expensive from a dads perspective)
  8. Thanks for the update, sounds like a good result
  9. Be interested in any feedback, whilst he is clearly a superb shot I know nobody he has coached, be interested in his approach
  10. Not saying thats how many get shot by the shooter but the sponsorship gift is less than 5000, any more shot were purchased by the shooter (thats was told to me by the shooter himself)
  11. Even if Mark's price includes the clays it seems a bit steep
  12. I hear its much less than 50,000, possibly less than 5000
  13. How do you determine how dirty a cartridge is, my barrels look the same no matter what I shoot through them, they always look dirty until cleaned, which again seems to take the same amount of effort and comes up shiny?
  14. I think the fact no children are involved makes it much simpler, its pretty simple in that you need a solicitor and look to draft a clean break settlement, she will be entitled to half the equity in the house and half of any savings/debt you have together. She is also entitled to a claim on your pension although this is not half, but half of the percentage you have been married/lived together as a percentage of the years you have paid in. Generally in a clean break situation your silicitor will negotiate significantly less than she is entitled to in favour of getting the money immediately. You may well need to remortgage to raise the funds to pay her off but then its done and dusted, I handed over £250k to get shot of mine, that pained me deeply but she was entitled to quite a bit more if she was prepared to wait, good luck.
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