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  1. I have used this place for my last few new cars, they dont do fords but most premium brands, if you see anything you like give them a call, very easy to deal with, you then deal with their preferred main dealer, any queries just ask https://www.uknewcars.com/
  2. I got 2 of the black extended second hand for £80 if that helps, really great chokes in 3/8th
  3. yes it was but it was an 07 vehicle actually
  4. I owned the previous model Forester from new for 7 years, the only real negatives were wind noise (pillarless doors, not sure if same on newer version) and the price of new genuine spare parts but saying that there are some very good and cheap specialist breakers about
  5. Its very interesting looking up old cars youve owned to see if they are still on the road and how the reg numbers suddenly spring back to your memory
  6. thanks both, will give it a try
  7. Out of interest how do you check MOT history, sounds useful
  8. I had a forester but the price of spare parts new was eye watering (£600 for a wing mirror,£4k for a rear diff), plenty of helpfull specialist breakers about though at sensible prices
  9. I used a slab of 32g 5s this season and they provided excelent kills and nice to shoot, I did hear a few shoots were not keen on the dissolvable wad residue potentially being eaten by cattle etc
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