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    With regards to shooting i enjoy nothing more than a good day decoying pigeons. I'm known to shoot the odd phesant here and there. Now i have got my air rifle i shall keep you guys updated.

    My second hobby would be mountain biking, all variations of it.

    Last but not least, I have got a car for my birthday so driving is another "hobby" if you can call it that.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions chaps. I hadn’t even considered that as an option for the shoulder strap! I should have time in the next couple of weeks to crack on with this. I’ll make sure to post some before and after photos.
  2. I’m going to wash with saddle soap and a drop of bleach to kill the mould, let it air dry and then use neatsoil and apparently it should be as good as new!
  3. think I’ll need a full forensic suit tbh
  4. Hi all, I have a pretty old leather Gun Slip that has been sat in a cupboard for many years as it’s in pretty poor condition overall, I then had a look at it and it’s gone mouldy from a water leak! Now I feel a bit guilty and as a little winter project I am going to try and restore it as best I can. The problem is that I have no idea where to start! Presumably I will need to ‘clean’ the leather and then condition/nourish it and then a final wax? Any advice/pointers will be gratefully received. TIA
  5. Yep, straight stock and double triggers... Oh and it's a non ejector
  6. It's a 1964 model 400f, so it's just turned 50 years old!! Most of the cars are mine or my mates, I also hate spiders, the girl is mine and finally the hit men tried to kill a member of another forum I'm on. Coincidentally they did use shotguns
  7. OK, Time to refresh my interest in the pursuit of finding out what the hell this gun actually is! I've emailed AYA who informed me that the gun is a model 400f, this must be a factory number as it doesn't relate to anthing in the AYA lineup. All of the references that I can find online suggest that the model 400f is the Matador.... I've looked at various 'Matadors' and can say that they are NOTHING a like what so ever. However, it appears to be identical to a few #3 Boxlocks' that I have seen; http://www.guntrader.co.uk/Guns-For-Sale/AYA_Shotgun_3-Boxlock_For-Sale_121220115900885 There are a few minor differences between that one and my gun such as a different safety switch. Is anyone able to clarify this for me? Thanks
  8. Does it come with the Beretta hard case etc? Any chokes?
  9. Lord Geordie, coincidentally my Brother is selling the exact same jacket in XXL! It's not in quite as good condition but I am sure that will be reflected in the price. If you're interested drop me a PM. Thanks Thanks for that fieldsportsman, I'm prepared to make them even more of a bargain and I will take £40.00 for both items posted!
  10. Now open to sensible offers
  11. Barbour now sold. Lordgeordie - still awaiting your email
  12. Plenty of interest in the Barbour but first to pay gets it It's a large mate, has a couple of nicks on the back but nothing too bad and could easily be stitched up.
  13. The tweed jacket is a Medium, a big medium though I would say (if that even exists?) What's your email address? I will send one over after the Rugby. Ta
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