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Found 14 results

  1. My Anschtz is not particularly ammo. fussy fortunately and I run the Ely & RWS subsonic ammunition as it is usually readily available.The Eley and RWS subs also seem quite clean😊
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum so hope that I have posted this correctly. Just to give you some background; I used to shoot clays up until my early teens, when I discovered beer and girls! Now that I am 40 and married with kids I am looking to get back into shooting but want something a bit more interesting so am working on getting myself some permissions to shoot pigeons on the local land. So, as I am embarking on my journey I am looking for some advice from the more experienced shooters as to what kit I actually need to get me going and whether the cheap and cheerful kit from Death
  3. Hi All, I’m trying to gain permission in northampton for pest control. I am currently trying my best to knock on doors and call in as many favours. As I know there is a huge network here I thought I would ask. Fully insured with BACS and have a good amount of experience. Currently using air rifle and plan to upgrade to SGC and FAC when possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all, Sam
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows anywhere between Rye and hastings I can get permission on for sub 12ft/lb air rifle pest control relatively new to the area BASC insured and willing to help clear paths and fallen trees
  5. Morning all, I have recently been contacted about a local permission where the land owner would like to me come and help dispatch a number of crows with my trusty 12 bore. I have been pigeon shooting before but never shot crows. I wondered if any of you kind folks could answer a couple of the below questions? 1. Ideal cartridge for crows 2. best method (Pattern of decoys, considerations for wind direction, placement of hide, general set up) 3. best times of day to set up/ start shooting 4. Best way to dispose of shot corvids/ crows afterwards 5. any g
  6. hi guys, well i must have knocked on 25 farmers doors this week and all to no avail. im polite and curtious always attend tidly dressed,a tidy motor fully basc insured so weres it all going wrong. im looking to offer my services of free pest control with both shotguns and hw100 airgun for close quaters work around barns and pens. ive got buisness cards made up that i leave with them incase anything changes for them in the future. i am fairly new to it all but have been out shooting a few times on other peoples perms and try to improve my skills at the clay grounds, any help on how i can in
  7. We were asked back to the Pig Farm. Bear in mind this is Pest Control, shots being sporting isn't the priority.
  8. Available to shoot Tue, Sat, Sun every week in the Rotherham area (willing to shoot in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Doncaster if it isn't ridiculously far) I'm an avid clay shooter but I'm new to pigeon shooting, though I'm aware of the basics. I would very much appreciate some land to shoot on. I will keep gates closed, mess picked up etc. I'm also a full member of BASC.
  9. Hi there, shooter from Peterlee here, would greatly appreciate any land to shoot on, more than willing to take down any pest. On break from my university till later in the year now, have full insurance from BASC and a few years of experience. Shotgun is my tool of choice, let me know if you have anything, thanks
  10. Hello all, I'm looking to get my foot in the permissions door in the South Lincs / North Norfolk area. I am aware in similar posts it has been considered bad practice to use the first post on this forum as a request for permissions, nevertheless thats what this is. I'm 24 and serve full time in the Royal Air Force in Norfolk, I hold my section 2 cert and BASC membership. I have spent an arm and a leg shooting clays over the years and would like to spend more time in the fields than at shooting grounds. Anyone requiring more detailed info please let me know. Cheers, SS
  11. Farmer has asked me to stick a post up! Looking for 4 people per day to shoot over 180 acres of land in Guildford. Including mid week. There is a mixed bag of Woodies and Rooks with a day rate of £75 per head. Shooting is on a DIY basis. £25 per head non refundable deposit required due to a couple of no shows last year and we had to cancel people willing to come
  12. Hi all i have recently bought a S410 TDR .22 and was wondering which pellets would give me the most clean kill. If any one could tell me would be sweet thanks
  13. Hello, I am a keen shooter and Im looking for some airgun pest control or shotgun in and around the hertfordshire/Essex area like Broxbourne, Stevenage, Epping and surrounding areas but also happy to travel. Happy to offer my help as a beater too. Experience wise, I used to go Pigeon shooting every other sunday many years ago, and now only getting back into it, was also a member over at East Barnet Shooting Club a couple of years back but that wasn't for me. Plus many trips last year at Rectory Farm clay pigeon Shooting Ground. I know asking on the internet isn't the most polit
  14. Hi, I live in North Wales, and am looking for permission to shoot on this winter, preferably in North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire. I own a .22 air rifle (so am restricted to rabbits, pigeons and small game/pests) but am looking to apply for a licence at the start of 2013. I enjoy shooting as often as I can but I am having trouble finding permission with plenty of game. I've asked a few farms around my area but they already have people doing the job for them, so I would be more than grateful of any shooting or buddying anyone. I am a bank clerk, I enjoy socialising with friends and
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