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  1. I read that as being patronising to people who have the audacity to question BASC. Possibly you don’t intend it to come across as such. I disagree with elements of what BASC has done, so have left after many years of support and I wish them all the success for the future but there seems an inability to listen to genuine concerns and respond to them
  2. It’s simple really. If you believe BASC are worth the membership money, support them by being a member. If you don’t, go elsewhere. I never renewed this year, after over 20 years of being a member as I don’t think it’s value for money and they don’t seem to be fighting as much as they should for shooting sports. In my opinion anyway. I remember a while back they had fund raising for a new state of the art media centre that was going to be used for combatting attacks on shooting. I’ve never once seen or read about BASC representing shooting sports on mainstream TV/media outlets. Now I’m sure that they have but I’ve never personally come across it except for in media aimed for the field sports market. My point is, if you asked a cross section of society if they have heard of Wild Justice, PETA, LACS, etc etc or if they have heard of BASC a lot more folk will have heard of the anti field sports community. Likely no one could tell who BASC was or represented. Which considering the membership, money, resources and Media centre BASC has, they should be far more high profile
  3. Great bit of kit and very useful. Gave exact same readings as expensive fancy chrono in shop. customer service meant to be excellent too
  4. I initially used as a retired police man as my referee when there was only one referee required. When I renewed my tickets, I needed 2 separate referees so asked 2 shooting friends to vouch for me. The licensing where adamant that they would contact my original referee to ensure that I hadn’t done anything that made him reluctant to act as a referee. Fair point really. A point to make is that anyone of good standing can act as a referee. It used to be thought or even encouraged that the person had to be of good standing in the community such as GP, MP etc. Now other ticket holders are widely accepted and even encouraged due to their knowledge of safe handling practices and whether the applicant has the right reasons to want to possess guns.
  5. Even if you change referees, the FEO will contact your previous referees to make sure there was no issue as to why you (the applicant) no longer wishes to use the previous referees.
  6. Presumably both barrels firing 21gram cartridges simultaneously
  7. The more I hear, I’m glad I never renewed membership after 20 + years
  8. Sounds like you will have some good shooting. My personal experience is that for every one squirrel you see, there’s another 10 you don’t see. Ideally, you would leave it for a couple of weeks to let them get used to it and build up scent trails through the wood to it, but by the sound of your spot you could start shooting straight away. I generally find that the first 2 visits will give you a big bag then it fails off a bit but still will get a few. Just not as hectic with them. Only way to know is to get out there and shoot, and if possible, pick the best conditions and time for your first visits. One thing I can guarantee is that it will not be one squirrel. And if you do your part, double figures are on the cards.
  9. I’ve found them to be really good in my S410 in .22 They've grouped better than AA Diablo and shoot 25 fps faster too. There’s definitely more of a smack from them on cardboard targets but yet to try them out on the squirrels
  10. Problem is that lead has a bad image with the public, rightly or wrongly. As conservationalists first, shooters second, we have to be seen as acting in the best interests of the countryside and to an extent, our quarry. While lead has been widely accepted to be toxic, it’s going to be hard to argue to the non shooting public that it’s use by shooters is acceptable, especially when there are other alternatives. The only way to fight the restricted use of lead is to prove it’s safe beyond doubt and get that message across nationwide. Which isn’t going to happen.
  11. It would concern me that parts would require to be changed every couple of years. I’m no gunsmith but I would imagine that any items should only be changed as and when required, not part of a biannual service. Most guns still function fine after decades of use without servicing. Saying that, I did have an gun built in the 20s that I serviced every year. Until someone rightly pointed out it had been going strong for the best part of a 100 years at the time, and likely only been serviced a couple of times if that.
  12. If it’s wound on to tight to the spool or sometimes over filled, it binds itself and won’t feed out, snapping at the outlet eye instead. But most likely spooled on the wrong direction though I’ve used strimmers before that didn’t have an auto feed, instead you had to stop the machine, open it up and manually pull line out 😮 Buy a Stihl
  13. Not required as they’re not licensed but some retailers may only sell via a RFD
  14. It’s hard to describe how loud it is. The o/u with subs is quiet enough to hear pellet strike. It depends on your surroundings, open fields and shooting into the air is a lot quieter than around sheds etc. At a guess, 100 yards away in an open field, most non shooters would possibly hear something but not know what it was. I like the A tec as you don’t have a dedicated moderated gun. You only add the suppressor as and when needed. And the sight line is not affected and the balance isn’t bad compared to pumps with mods on. It’s definitely louder than my o/u though. Again, at say a 100 yards, people in houses with windows shut wouldn’t likely hear it, but if they where in gardens it would be noticeable but not annoying. Obviously, big difference with subs and sonic cartridges. it depends what you need. If you need a gun that no one will hear at all, you will struggle with any shotgun but the full modded o/u is probably near enough the best. If you just want to minimise noise pollution or complaints, the A tec may do the job. Another option is to get your existing o/u barrels sound moderated. That’s what I did, think it cost around £600. Might be an option instead of buying a different gun
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