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  1. Thanks for your time in replying with comments. Just reinforced what I thought.
  2. Thinking about going down the PCP route and considering the S410. Any issues or advice before I splash out? Know the air rifle is highly rated but wanted to check with the experts on here before I commit. Particularly about the longevity of the S410 and service intervals etc. Ideally be a gun that would be passed down to future generations. Thanks as always
  3. As you likely will know, in Scotland you require a Air Weapons Certificate to buy an air rifle. However If you possess a FAC or SGC that covers any airguns you own previously. That is until your renewals come up, then you need to apply for a conterminous AWC at a cost of £5 I think. I was curious, if as an existing SGC and FAC holder, would I need to pay the full AWC application fee of £72 or just the fiver if I was to apply for a airgun certificate just now before my other licenses are up? And I take it I can't be given an airgun without holding a certificate for them? Though I can possess them. Couldn't find the answers online and thought someone here has likely got experience of this.
  4. I can understand the logic in that, but surely there must be times that you're standing with gun loaded and closed ie at a peg or similar. To me, a safety catch is the last on a long list of safety features. The most important safety feature is the person using the gun and the safe handling of that gun. However, a safety is a feature that should be encouraged to be used and not dismissed out of hand? And always understood not to be infallible
  5. I've mentioned the charity 'Songbird Survival' on here before. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a very pro active charity that wants to support our birds and appreciate the damage corvids and cats can do. They actively support culling of species for the benefit of song birds. They talk a lot of sense backed up by their own, and that of others, scientific research. As most of us are conservationalists first and shooters second, it is a very good charity to support. Particularly when we're facing pressure from groups like Wild Justice. I've no connection to the charity except being a member, but thought it may be a good time to remind folk seeing how Christmas is coming up. A membership is very cheap and is more useful than a lot of tat you could otherwise buy.
  6. A round chambered, safety set to fire. Any firearm will potentially go off with a big enough knock or thump. Realistically, it shouldnt and is reasonably unlikely but definitely possible. A lot depends on condition of the gun and sears etc but as I say definitely possible Edited to say, if you have the rifle in question you could try for yourself by bumping it while cocked but needless to say, unloaded. You should hear the click of the firing pin going forward.
  7. I bought the axion key 30 a month or so ago. Fantastic piece of kit, spotting squirrels that I just can't see with the naked eye, even though I know exactly where they are. Interesting watching foxes go about their business totally unaware I'm there. Highly recommend it
  8. Thanks for your comments. I'm guessing I'm not too far out from an average shot then which I'm happy with. The idea of getting lessons was bugging me. I struggle to get time out on the clays due to family and work commitments, and to be honest, didn't really fancy the idea of spending a rare free afternoon paying someone to tell me I'm rubbish at shooting. I get that from my pals. I will keep practicing myself for the time being and get the enjoyment from that. Suppose if I want to get better scores I could always shoot them in the ground when they land. Don't know if that's cheating though..
  9. I don't consider myself a good shot at clays. I struggle with eye dominance, shooting right handed but left eye dominant. Tried various methods to fix this but now mostly use glasses with a small patch to correct it the best I can. I also don't have the opportunity to practice much. However I still enjoy shooting clays but was wondering if it's worth getting lessons, even after 20 odd years of shooting. I was just wondering what percentage of targets folk are hitting when they do a round of sporting clays? I know targets are different at different grounds. I break possibly 60% to 70% of the clays and am reasonably happy with that but there's always a nagging doubt that I could do better. Most of the time I introduce new comers to the sport if I'm shooting so don't really have anyone else to compare it too. Not looking to be an Olympic competitor, just if I should be content or should be doing much better. Have to say, regardless of how good or bad I shoot on a day, still happy to be out.
  10. I've tried calls with limited success. As others have said, your best bet to get numbers is to provide a decent food source and ambush them. You will get a few by walking and stalking around their favourite natural food sources but always best to bait them out when you get the chance. End of the day, they are just rats with a better PR image. You wouldn't look to call rats to you, instead you would use their desire to eat to your advantage.
  11. Just a reminder to any one that complains about the BBC. You don't need to pay the telly tax if you don't watch live TV. There's plenty of other options that are simple and offer much better value for money
  12. Regardless of whether someone posts a lot or not at all, they are entitled to their opinion. We've not all got time to write inane drivel about our day out.
  13. The problem is personal opinion can't be used to dictate to others on their legal actions. I don't agree with the 80 yard pheasants but is it fair for me to demand that to stop? I can show my disagreement by not partaking and ensuring all my shots are within reason, and also to voice my concerns if asked, but should I demand that it be banned? What if another shooter dislikes me shooting foxes. Are they within their rights to demand that this stops? It's all relative. However I strongly believe that the shooting community should self police themselves. By always and only being seen to act within the law. And to show compassion to anything they kill. Shooting is not going to thrive in years to come but I agree that we should look at how best to present ourselves and the sport to promote it the best way we can. Ultimately, it wont change anything but it may increase its longevity before it's eventual demise. We can't bury our heads in the sand and not care
  14. I'm not going to get into an argument, as I've not got time. If you want to highlight experiences of cruel and illegal practices, carry on. I appreciate that it might go on but to fondly tell ancedotes about it does no favours to any one who cares about what this forum is about. Just to clarify, it's illegal to drown anything, including cats, in a live catch trap. There have been successful prosecutions for this. I appreciate that you know this but for the benefit of anyone else who is unsure
  15. Yes the vast majority of us are involved in the killing of species for whatever reason. But the legal killing. And the vast majority would not have the stupidity to highlight illegal acts of animal cruelty. What's your next post going to be? Picture of a dead badger of buzzard that's been shot? But as long as the perpetrator is dead that's ok. ***. My point is that as shooters we have to be seen to be policing ourselves. If we don't, we can't complain when restrictions are imposed on us.
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