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  1. Stewards enquiry! Diver One guessed correctly 😆 Sorry akka Hopefully A1 will give you both a prize each
  2. Virgin now do broadband without line rental or phone.
  3. What you need to consider is of how much value the gun is. You mention its Japanese built which would more than likely be a cheaper gun. Likely a well engineered and built gun, but one that is likely to be in the region of hundreds of pounds rather than thousands. You have to consider the cost of getting a cabinet, cost of applying and renewing your license every 5 years, any doctor reports etc that may be an added cost. Then all the time and hassle involved with this. And it is time and it is hassle. What im trying to say is, if it has genuine sentimental value and/or you are likely to use it and it brings you joy when you use it. Go ahead and apply. Otherwise, forget it and look at other options whether deactivation or gifting to a friend who has a certificate to care for it. Or even sell it with your dads blessing and use the money to buy something else that you would find beneficial. Otherwise it may prove to be more hassle than its worth. If you do intend to apply, it may prove useful to have a use for it rather than just a desire for sentimental reasons. Join a clay ground or some other kind of shooting. Good luck anyway
  4. As said, no one here can tell you. They can offer advice based on experience or opinion but its down to your licensing branch. I would apply and see how you get on. Another option is to have the gun deactivated and therefore exempt from licensing. However, that obviously depends on the value of the gun and how much that value will depreciate by deactivating it, and also if you ever actually intend to use it. Best of luck anyway Edited to say that obviously the gun can be stored with a friend who has a certificate or with an RFD indefinitely until you get a certificate granted. Just gives you more options, however I would still apply. There's no fee if you get refused.
  5. 20p per clay at Continental Shooting Supplies
  6. Reluctantly considering selling my Orkney Coastliner boat. Its great condition. Comes with a brand new 6hp Mariner outboard and a brand new 3.5hp Mariner outboard. Good trailer. New tyres. Load of extras, some unused. Based near Glasgow and looking for around the 3100 mark. Can offer pictures and loads more information to anyone whos interested. Thank you
  7. If its not currently subject to licensing laws you could have it posted to your home. Obviously if the seller agrees. Then you can add it to your own certificate and notify the police accordingly. Obviously the way you suggested works exactly the same though the RFD may charge. Thats my understanding of it, however if in doubt. Double check with your licensing department
  8. Thanks again guys for your input. It is appreciated. Im in central Scotland and yes, it would be great if I could try some out before spending a good bit of cash. Really looking for the kind of maximum ranges that you can see squirrels, foxes, deer, etc from? Ideally, if the Pulsar XM 30 could detect fox or deer out to 600 or 700 yards(and squirrels to half that range) that would be great but not sure if thats too optimistic
  9. The op added more info regarding the persons possible mental condition after i posted my last reply. However, I maintain that folk nowadays are too keen to run to the authorities when the first thought should be try and resolve the situation first before potentially wasting others time. Obviously if its something serious, contact the police as your first resort
  10. Just think instead of running to the police, its worth trying to speak to the person first hand if thats possible. They may be reasonable. They may not. If they're reasonable and listen to sense, jobs a good un. If they are unreasonable and continue with bad driving, then go to the police who likely will be stretched as it is and either wont have time or inclination to investigate. And if they do investigate, it will be the complainants word against the driver. Unless other folk are willing to put in corroborating statements. And if its just one persons word against anothers, the police can only really advise the driver to screw the heid. Which, in that case, you would be as well speaking to the driver yourself. Yes, we're all duty bound and more importantly, morally bound to report wrong doing but sometimes common sense needs to be applied to try and resolve a situation first before wasting police time. Then if that fails, call the police.
  11. Does nobody talk anymore? If there is an issue, surely the first thing you would do is speak to them and point out their driving is causing concern for you and others. This may or may not resolve the issue but its worth a try. Neighbours had a similar issue. I spoke on their behalf and it stopped. Albeit, just for a while. I heard that when the speeding in the neighbourhood (by the same particular person) recommenced, other folk pointed out that if this person continued to drive like an idiot and disregard the safety of our kids. The safety of his car couldn't be guaranteed. Not saying thats right but a friendly talking to may nip it in the bud. And if it doesn't, then start thinking about calling the police.
  12. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Looks like I will be getting one...
  13. Has anyone got any experience of the Pulsar Axiom Key XM30 thermal monocular? Seems to be a good price but wondering how effective they really are? They boast an identification range of 1300 metres, but I would think thats an absolute max range with a big target in perfect conditions. I would be looking to find squirrels in the trees and roe deer, fox etc. Just curious if some one on here has one or used one and can tell me a bit more about them? Or can recommend a decent thermal spotter thats not crazy money. Thanks
  14. Thank you. Will pm later on tonight.
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