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  1. It does seem crazy the way the public react to the use of guns and particularly the way it's portrayed by the media. Just noticed that The Herald online has published pictures of a Tory MP or something who has caused outrage. He's had the audacity to be pictured holding an AR15 at a legal range in Prague. How someone who has committed no offence or done anything wrong makes it to the news is beyond me. Think shooting is under more pressure than we think with this type of sensationalism reporting
  2. 20 between friend and myself since start of the year, with myself getting a personal best of 11 today from a garden feeder. Can't beat the S410 for the garden though I did have one runner which I felt terrible about. 79
  3. A true countryman. Most of my peanuts get eaten by songbirds. The pleasure you get from watching the birds outweighs the pleasure from shooting the squirrels in my opinion. Amazes me when I see peanut feeders that only allows access for squirrels. Defeats the point a bit of shooting them. Yes, you're helping the songbird population by controlling vermin but could help even more by feeding the birds in lean times
  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  5. 999 everytime for a suspected drink driver. End of the day it's a potential risk to life. Saying that I've always had good service when using 101 for non urgent police matters
  6. Sorry to hear that and hope you have a speedy recovery. Hate hearing stories like that. It's all too often that you hear of scum attacks like that. Hope the attacker gets jailed for a long time or killed when he tries it again
  7. Yeah I think so. There's a wealth of knowledge here which I've tapped into many times and am very grateful for but end of the day, it's an internet forum and if you're new to the game, there's always the chance that info you may be given is wrong. I should clarify, any advice on legalities with licensing should be clarified through your local licensing branch preferably by email or written anyway. That way you're covered. Rather than take advice from internet strangers as gospel. I appreciate that a lot of FEOs aren't that knowledgeable about shooting but they should be able to give guidance on the law to keep yourself right
  8. The police will want to know that if you get your certificate that you won't be a threat to yourself or others. To yourself means that you aren't likely to harm yourself with it. To others, means that you're not going to shoot someone intentionally or accidentally through negligence. Go to a club, get your basic handling and safety training so you can demonstrate that you are safe, knowledgeable and know about gun handling. Make sure you and you only have access to cabinet keys (there has been revocations before as partners or family members have had access to cabinet keys and they wherent certificate holders). Above all, be honest. Always be safe and be seen to be safe and you will be fine. And it's great getting advice here and generally it's good advice but if you ever need to know legalities beyond doubt, your FEO will be the best person to ask
  9. You're absolutely spot on there, but my personal experience with Police Scotland is that they want you to have a reason for wanting to acquire a SGC. They've always contacted land owners and quizzed me why I needed a shotgun. Note that I say needed, not wanted. You could argue the case with them about policy and guidelines but if I told them I had no shooting and just wanted a shotgun as is my right as a law abiding citizen, I would likely be refused and have to appeal. Good luck to Tasmin. Can't see any issues with getting your certificate with what you've told us. There's no chance the Police could discriminate due to body art unless it was offensive in nature.
  10. Any restrictions or legalities with transporting air cylinders in your car? The type of air cylinders that a lot of folk on the forum would use for their PCP air rifle
  11. I've noticed a big drop in numbers in my main wood. The peanut feeder isn't attracting them like it normally does. I'm putting it down to the mild weather and abundance of natural food. Beech mast was exceptional this year
  12. Christened my S410 today. Fantastic bit of kit that accounted for 7 1975
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