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  1. I've been using the trap over the last 3 or 4 weeks. The site has been in a large garden that is heavily populated with greys. A lot of young ones this time of year. Usually have 3 or more squirrels at a time on the bird feeders. I normally catch 50 to a 100 in a season with live catch traps. They are not trap shy. Set up the goodnature trap on the tree that the feeders are on. Used the supplied bait. Tried using the trap with feeders out on the tree and feeders taken down for comparison. Absolutely nothing caught. Not a thing. I've been catching squirrels for 25 years so have a bit of experience.
  2. I feel for you. The same happened in the Clyde in Scotland. Bottom trawling was restricted to 3 miles offshore. Then due to pressure from the fishing industry, the government repealed that law in the 80s, allowing trawling up to the shore. The result was the devastation of the fish stocks in the Clyde. I liken it to having a woodland full of diversity and a great habitat for all different types of species. You destroy that wood then plough it on a weekly basis. Nothing is left except worms. It's the same with the sea bed. Years ago the shipbuilders on the Clyde threatened to go on strike. The reason? They where fed up being fed with freshly caught salmon on a daily basis. They where that many salmon and other fish, the yard owners used that resource as the cheapest way to feed the workers. Now, you need to wait for the mackerel to catch anything in large amounts. And even then, they are being overfished.
  3. And that is the answer. To all who moan about the BBC, stop paying for the license and funding all that's wrong with it.
  4. I think we will eventually see further pressure on shooting sports through the licensing system. We've got the situation in Scotland where it's technically easier to successfully apply for a shotgun than it is to apply for a Airgun. All guns will likely be put on the same level of certification. By that, I mean they will all be on a Firearm certificates or a new equivalent. And a good reason will be required for each and everyone. Then somepoint down the line, the 'good reason' will be strictly enforced rather than the current interpretation, which is more of a desire to own x y or z rather than a good reason for a lot of certificate holders. Shooting will continue to have a future but it will be chipped away at and it will become too much hassle for a lot of hobby shooters. But there will always be a need for deer and vermin control. Whether the general public will be allowed to do it, or only some new government body and its especially trained employees, I'm not sure.
  5. I've just bought one. Hopefully will set it up over next few days and will update how it well it works or doesn't work. It seems to be well built anyway
  6. Good stuff. The welcome pack is worth the money alone! 👍 👍 👍 👍 And a big 👍 to anyone else who has joined up. A charity like this, with the right numbers behind it, can help to sway public opinion while doing a lot of good for our song birds.
  7. I hope all who read this thread join up the Songbird Survival charity. £20 a year for membership. They talk a lot of sense and more members they have, the more influence they have.
  8. They are being looked after by a vet until they are transferred to a wildlife centre that has a license to release them.
  9. I had the same problem with larger birds taking over. Tried various squirrel and large bird proof feeders. Nothing really worked as although the larger birds couldn't access the feeder, they would eat the seed that was spilt. After a while, the pigeons learned that if they took it in turns to land on top of the feeder, seed would fall out. Their pals would then eat the seed on the ground. It was quite interesting to see this learned behaviour. This meant we had lots of pigeons and other unwanted species but few small birds. What I done to solve this was very simple and cheap.. I bought long bamboo canes and some 3" by 2" plastic covered wire netting from B&Q. I built a pyramid shaped frame with the canes, fastened with cable ties. At the bottom, the legs being spread out 3 or 4 feet apart, narrow at the top where the canes joined. Approx 6ft in height. I then fastened the netting onto the canes using cable ties. Making a small door that can be open or closed to allow access to feeders inside. The feeders hang inside this contraption. Any seed that falls stays within the pyramid so pigeons have nothing to eat. Up to Blackbird size birds can get in (this means Starlings can get in too, but you could reduce netting size to keep them out). The small birds love it as it gives them protection from kestrels etc too. If I could upload a picture it would show how simple it is and easy to make. But very effective, it has completely solved our pigeon problems
  10. I've got the RTM Tempo. It's 15ft, weighs 26kg, very stable compared to sit in sea kayaks and is fast and easy to paddle. I can keep up with friends in their 'proper' sit in sea kayaks. As henry d says, you will need to factor in purchasing a lot of other gear but it's easy enough to look online to see what's available in your budget. Never scrimp on safety equipment and training to deal with the unexpected. A mile off shore is a long, long way in a kayak if things go wrong.
  11. I've used Airbnb many times for boozy weekends away. All I'm expecting is that the property is as described. Obviously different properties have different qualities or amenities which are reflected in the price. I think it's a great system. Usually cheaper than a night in a hotel, but you get the whole apartment or flat to yourselves. If I was a Airbnb owner I would be conscious of my neighbours and the clientele that you may be attracting. Prospective users are reviewed and given a star rating by previous Airbnb owners so that, at least, gives you some idea of the type of person requesting to stay in your home.
  12. I've the same issue. Have tried 2 different custom made crossover stocks, shooting left handed, various aiming aids such as luminous add on beads, etc etc. I couldn't independantly close my left eye. The best solution I've found is a well fitting gun and a small piece of tape over the left lens of shooting glasses. If I tried that at the start, I wouldve saved a fortune.
  13. Priority is to speak to your neighbours, however hard tgat may be. They may not appreciate the upset and harm it's causing. If they enjoy feeding birds, point out how crows will predate and drive away the song birds. Suggest they feed the smaller birds by using cage feeders that exclude the crows and pigeons. Only if it can't be resolved peacefully report to the council.
  14. Think the total is 567 as per the 7 shot since Walker570 tally of 560. Total 567
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