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  1. It’s a mistake. Mistakes happen. Challenge the ticket with proof of your registration number and ask for the ticket to be cancelled. It’s not worth getting worked up about
  2. Hopefully your friend has a receipt from the RFD logging the gun in or some evidence, whether that’s an email trail or whatever. I handed a shotgun in to an RFD to sell on my behalf. The RFD was insistent that I did not need to notify the police I no longer had it in my possession. After 6 months or so I enquired if there was any interest in the gun. The RFD told me he had sold it months ago. Obviously it was still on my ticket so I notified the police it had been sold. They weren’t happy about the delay in informing them, even though presumably the RFD and new buyer had completed the re
  3. stuartyboy


    I bought the Hades pellets to try out on my S410. The pellet obviously doesn’t deform on a sub 12 ft ib air rifle. However, accuracy matches the AA Field at 40 yards and less in my air rifle and the muzzle energy went from 10.3 ft ib to just over 11 with the Hades compared to the AA Fields. This doesn’t sound much of an increase but it gives me confidence for the following reason. I control squirrels in a garden at a range of 16 yards. At this range I am 99% sure of exact pellet placement. Most of the time the squirrels drop, kick a few times then are dead. I don’t want any runners makin
  4. Correct. Even in Scotland with the requirement to hold an Air Weapon Certificate, an RFD does not tell the police about transactions involving air guns. They may record your details from your certificate but that’s for warranty records. Interestingly, there’s no charge if you change your address for a FAC or SGC but you have to fill out an Air Weapon Variation form for a change of address at a cost of £20
  5. Was a planning stipulation for us, not sure about a regulation. We never challenged it as it suited us. Advised by the architect that it needed done to pass council planning permission, but as I say we never bothered questioning it so not sure how it stands if it is not what you want
  6. We had an extension and were told the above by the architect and planning. Reason was so that it didn’t look like a ‘tenement’ building so basically for aesthetic reasons and for us, the only way to get the extension approved.
  7. I use it on a semi auto and the gun actually cycles better with it. I think this is because more gases are forced down the barrel to cycle the action due to the gases being restricted by the moderator if that makes sense? Obviously that only applies to a gas operated cycle system, I’m not sure about an inertia system. Certainly, my Beretta cycles better with lower weight cartridges with the mod on than without.
  8. They count any component part and moderators as firearms for the stats. So the 2170 firearms unaccounted for will likely be made up of bolts that where kept separate from the rifle, spare shotgun barrels, moderators etc. Not to mention any air guns that are included in the statistics. Not sure if they would class deacts, blank firers etc
  9. No problem. They are good but no where near as quiet as a full moderated barrel shotgun. I’m near Glasgow, if you where close you could try mine before committing to buy.
  10. I’ve got one. It takes a fair bit of the noise away. With subsonics it’s good, with ‘normal’ cartridges there’s still the associated crack of them. I would say with subs, most folk indoors in the house with windows closed wouldn’t hear anything from 150/200 yards away. If they where in the garden they would hear the gun but not readily associate it with a gun shot if that makes sense? It takes the bang away and doesn’t really sound like a gun. Handling wise it’s excellent. Light so doesn’t affect balance too much and no effect on sight picture on rib
  11. Still strikes me as odd that he would spend 3 days out without thinking people would wonder were he was and be concerned. Unless he planned to camp for a few days and had made family/friends aware of that. I’ve got a lot of respect for him in the way he looked after himself but even more respect for the volunteer rescuers who gave up time with their own family to look for him. Could have been easily avoided if he carried a phone or some other form of communication. I think that if you take part in any form of sport that has a reasonable probability of you requiring rescue, there sh
  12. I thought it was peculiar that he had seen the rescuers but hadn’t thought of getting their attention or walking over to them, despite knowing that people would have been wondering where he was.
  13. I heard it was a long barrelled weapon so not the usual choice of firearm for a shooting.
  14. stuartyboy


    Said this many times before here. If you don’t like the BBC, don’t pay the licence fee. It is very simple and legal to do so. I stopped paying this tax a while back and have no regrets and urge everyone to do so too.
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