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  1. What range would the Pard work out too with the onboard IR?
  2. Badger Protection Act 1992. Section 1, subsection 3. Offence to be in possession of dead badger, any part thereof or anything derived from badger without lawful reason or authority etc etc
  3. Its an offence to be in possession of a dead badger unless certain conditions are met. One of our more obscure laws. Also illegal to be in possession of part of a dead one or anything derived from it 🤔 . Few defences to that but too long winded to go in to. Badger Protection Act 1992 i think?
  4. Fair enough but I think if anyone wants to debate gun control or similar, a new thread should be started and I will happily contribute. This thread should be left to commemorate the tragedy that occurred without being clouded by arguments of the rights or wrongs of law changes after.
  5. Don't be so pedantic. Handguns have been banned in mainland UK. Sure, there's exemptions but by and large they are banned for the vast majority of people. I know you will come back and say you can get black powder handguns, long barrel pistols, mag restricted handguns etc but handguns as we used to use are no longer available to the vast majority of shooters. Just like semi automatic rifles were banned after Hungerford. The only exemption being .22 rimfire. What happened at Dunblane was horrific and the law change after was understandable. Unliked by shooters but after what happened there
  6. I'm currently using Medcert after my doctor refused to sign the forms. Have to say, very impressed with the service provided so far, though still in the process. Its £60 but think there are reduced rates for members of some organisations?
  7. Thank you, will have a look at that when I get the chance to read it properly
  8. Magpies are indigenous to the UK and their spread is a concern but they've not been released artificially. Unfortunately, their spread is nature taking advantage of a void. And a void that magpies can take advantage of as they're thriving for various reasons. In regards to the Goosander, grey squirrels have been present here for about the same time. Both can be considered to be problematic. However, its of no concern in regards to this debate as there's no need for them to be 're-wilded' as they're already present. Which leads you to the question, what species should be re introduced? Ob
  9. I support rewilding with indigenous species. For me personally, the more wildlife I see and varied the better. The benefits are numerous both enviromentally and financial. I appreciate that for a minority it may cause some issues but on the whole, for a healthy countryside we need as much diversity as possible. Obviously some species such as grey squirrels are enormously harmful but not as harmful to the environment as humans. Its people who have changed the landscape to a theme of monoculture as a whole with very little biodiversity, not the absence or inclusion of certain species. Take
  10. To me, a bigger concern is why the Police post out your unsigned certificates through the normal mail. Its obvious through the envelopes 'window' what it is by the print, paper and colour. Any one working with Royal Mail could easily identify it and steal it. That would be an easier method of getting a certificate rather than a forgery. Obviously it would need the picture changed but that would be relatively easy to do.
  11. Not allowed. You would need to deactivate it. And spend money on proof houses to get a de act certificate. However, you could keep the barrels and forend. But, as always, check with your licensing branch first to confirm.
  12. Often wonder how the rural fox population survives on some places. When I started, it was a .22lr and lead acid battery. Now its thermal to spot, NV scope on top of a centrefire and all manner of expensive calls.
  13. Sure others will be along to recommend but you may have hit upon a stumbling block with your point 4 that will cause you an issue. A valid shotgun certificate in Scotland only allows you to possess any air guns already in your possession when legislation was brought in to licence air guns. If you wish to acquire an air gun you need an air weapon certificate. When your SGC expires, you will need a separate Air Weapon Licence to possess any air guns. Put simply, an existing FAC or SGC covers you for any airguns you already have. Until your licence expires then you will need an AWC. Not
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