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  1. Not allowed. You would need to deactivate it. And spend money on proof houses to get a de act certificate. However, you could keep the barrels and forend. But, as always, check with your licensing branch first to confirm.
  2. Often wonder how the rural fox population survives on some places. When I started, it was a .22lr and lead acid battery. Now its thermal to spot, NV scope on top of a centrefire and all manner of expensive calls.
  3. Sure others will be along to recommend but you may have hit upon a stumbling block with your point 4 that will cause you an issue. A valid shotgun certificate in Scotland only allows you to possess any air guns already in your possession when legislation was brought in to licence air guns. If you wish to acquire an air gun you need an air weapon certificate. When your SGC expires, you will need a separate Air Weapon Licence to possess any air guns. Put simply, an existing FAC or SGC covers you for any airguns you already have. Until your licence expires then you will need an AWC. Not
  4. The majority of dogs aren't trained for shooting though, why would they? Majority of people don't shoot, their dogs are pets. Fair enough, that a shooting dog will cope with fireworks but the average pet dog won't. My (pet) dog is a rescue dog and struggles with any loud noises. I've tried to train him but the damage was done before he came to us and is deep rooted in him. To see him shaking in fear and stressed when fireworks go off is a shame. I also know a dog that died due to the stress of fireworks.
  5. I got my license at around 18 and no one else in the family shot. It would help greatly if you had someone who could take you under their wing, like a mentor. You would learn from them, gain more from the experience. Licensing would be more inclined to look at your application positively if you had the support from another license holder. They could also countersign your application. Best bet is to contact your Licensing department for advice. You will get a lot of advice from sites like this, but only the FEO can offer proper advice based on the information you give him. Good luck
  6. Been disappointing for me since I added my last tally. My shooting has been spoiled by the amount of people walking through the woods since the initial lockdown. Before, I never seen anyone, last time I was up, 9 people in different groups out for a walk. So 27 to add. All on the feeder and mostly with the air rifle. To be fair, there does seem a lot less about so hopefully the years of control has taken effect. TOTAL 1916
  7. Police look for the cabinet to be out of sight of casual visitors and fastened to the fabric of the building. You obviously know the layout of your house, but look for a cupboard under the stairs etc that you can fix the cabinet to a brick wall (if possible). Avoid loft or garage due to possible condensation problems
  8. I've tipped a few buggys over when I worked as a greenkeeper 🙄🙂 Mind that golf courses are normally a haven for squirrels if there's any trees on it, and there usually are. Get a feeder set up and add to the squirrel tally. But above all, safety at all times and be considerate of any neighbouring houses if using lamps etc
  9. No license required for sub 12 ft ib air rifle in England and Wales but required in Scotland. I've carried out pest control on many golf courses. Public liability insurance for recreational shooting will be provided by most shooting organisations but be careful as it is for recreational shooting and if you accept payment you may not be covered. Prepare to submit risk assessments etc in the future if asked for. Shooting can be good but for obvious reasons mostly at night or very early morning. Even the greenkeepers will start before 6am in the summer mornings. Mostly be rabbit
  10. Be careful with planting bracken. Its widely regarded as a pest. Its carcinogenic, practically impossible to walk through in the summer and provides little benefit to conservation as once it dominates, nothing else will grow under it. If its a commercially felled wood, you don't want bracken as you will need to replant trees and bracken stops or inhibits tree growth due to blocking light.
  11. I've always emailed them and you get an automated reply. Best to keep copies of your email and their reply in the unlikely event of any issue in the future. But to be honest, its a more reliable system than posting a letter. Even recorded delivery only proves you posted a letter to that address, doesn't tell you what was in it.
  12. Interesting fact, but to be in possession of a dead badger is a criminal offence. Only defence is to prove it wasn't killed by an illegal act committed by the possessor of the aforementioned dead badger. Obviously, in your case it shouldn't be a problem but good to know
  13. When I was very early teens, my friends dad kept guns in his attic. Was pre cabinet/security days. One day we bunked off school for a look at his dads guns. We went up the attic and found, amongst others, a 410 bolt action. My friend loaded and fired off a round. Right through the roof. In the middle of a housing estate. Happy days. Luckily no injuries
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