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    I don't like the insinuation that this comment contains. Bit below the belt in my opinion. Unless you know Clakk, and I don't, you have no idea of his family circumstances
  2. stuartyboy


    Scrapping the fee is long overdue. The sooner we do so the better. Strongly urge everyone to stop watching live TV and to stop paying the fee A campaign of fear. Scum
  3. stuartyboy

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Yup. True colours showing. Only took 2 pages and folk daring to question or disagree. I retract my good luck to the op. I don't think he should be granted a certificate. Am out.
  4. stuartyboy

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Maybe I never made myself clear. The police look at the character of the person applying. If someone has a one off offence or a series of offences, but a long time ago that can maybe be an acceptable risk to the police. But in this case, you have a series of repeat offending. And not particularly long ago. Burglary is a horrible crime as anyone who has experienced it knows. The licensing team are not going to look lightly upon that. And we only have the ops word on his versions of events. I was no angel growing up. And neither were any of my friends. But we never got charged with 4 separate offences. And your comment about Judge Dress style justice? Would make sense. The coppers on the street know who the real scum are and if there was an instant justice permitted, there would be a lot less neds causing trouble for decent folk but that's never going to happen in this snow flake world Anyway, to reiterate. Good luck to the op. If he's not a idiot anymore.
  5. stuartyboy

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    I don't want to sound pessimistic but I think you will struggle at this time. You've got a history of offending, repeat offending at that. Regardless of the circumstances, you've got a record for burglary, drug offences and possession of a bladed article. When the police interview you, they will know it's unlikely every time you've broken the law you've been caught and prosecuted. They will assume you've done loads of other things and not been caught. Yes, they can't prove it but will still have that thought in their minds. Police are risk averse, esp Firearms licensing these days, and they don't care if you get to shoot targets or not. They just care about protecting the public and therefore themselves from unsuitable folk accessing guns. That may be harsh but it's my opinion of being in the job for 14 years. As others have said, phone and ask. Be honest and accept you screwed up and try to show that it's in your past.
  6. stuartyboy

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Your only chance is to be honest. Personally, I think it's very unlikely you would be granted any certificates. The offences are not that long ago and are serious, especially the offensive weapon one. Saying that, there was a recent thread and some of the previous convictions folk on here have and who have firearms was worrying. I wish you luck if you genuinely have changed. If you are unsuccessful this time, continue to keep out of trouble and show your keeness for the sport by going shooting with clubs, under supervision etc.
  7. stuartyboy

    Air Arms TX200 HC, .22

    Pm sent
  8. stuartyboy

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    4 today. 2 off the feeder, 2 trapped at the house. 39
  9. stuartyboy

    Will I get a sgc

    Bottom line is that no one on this forum can tell you for sure if you will get your SGC granted. And no one can say for sure how they would react if put in the same position as you where, when you committed your offence. You will get plenty of opinions but the only way forward is to continue your application and be totally honest with the enquiry officers. If you are unsuccessful, look at other ways of continuing shooting if you are keen. Good luck
  10. stuartyboy

    Rat Trap

    Is it licensed for grey squirrel? I looked at them a couple of years back and was put off them as they weren't legal for Greys at that time, though they where looking to be licensed for grey squirrels at the time?
  11. stuartyboy

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    1 off the feeder. Total 8
  12. stuartyboy

    Angling/fishing boat

    Shame but probably right. Thanks anyway
  13. stuartyboy

    Angling/fishing boat

    Hi Richard. Thanks for your response. I'm near Glasgow but willing to travel a bit for the right boat. Thanks Stuart
  14. stuartyboy

    Angling/fishing boat

    Looking for a small fishing boat, approx 14 to 17ft long. Something like an Orkney Longliner etc Long shot I know, just in the off chance anyone here is selling something similar
  15. stuartyboy

    Garden gun

    Pmed you