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  1. Last point for me. People say Scotland can't be successful as an Independent country. They may be correct but I don't think they are. Why would England, Wales and Northern Ireland not be glad to see the back of us then? I would be if I was from England and Scotland was such a drain on resources and money. Is it possible that under the right leadership we could make a success of independence and use the natural resources, intuinity and industry that we have to be successful and embarass the rest of you guys 😉 Have a good weekend 😗
  2. Nothing I've said 'is not true'. Yes the oil is running out and is thought to be poorer grade but under the Continental shelf order, over 90% of the UKs oil is in Scottish waters using the median line. Everything else you mention is good input and appreciated within the debate but does not contradict my very first post on the subject. Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Slovakia etc all independent countries with similar sized population. Some with natural resources, most without. They will have their problems but doing ok.
  3. The old firm has deep seated hatred for some. Its more a religious issue that is demonstrated through the Old Firm. But its a small, no tiny, idiotic minority on both sides that actually care about it. Most folk aren't interested or only see it as a light hearted way to wind up colleagues or friends. Same could be said of any anti English sentiment that I'm sorry that you may have received. Its not the overwhelming view of Scots that the English are an issue. And as I've said, I've yet to meet anyone who has genuine anti English feelings beyond the usual 'banter'. Yes, there's issues up here that need addressing. As I'm sure there are plenty of issues down South. Plenty of smaller countries with far less resources are doing well independently and thriving. I find it strange that the folk who wanted independence from Europe and the greater ability to self govern seem so reluctant to believe that Scotland can go alone.
  4. Now that is a lot of ****. I genuinely don't know anyone who hates the English. And I mean that. In all the years I've been alive, and all the folk I've met. No one I have ever known has hated the English. A lot are pro English and a lot who like to take the mickey out of our Southern friends but in a friendly way. Like we do with each other over religion, football or whatever. Its simply a case for some Scots that they want Independence as they can see the benefits. But likewise, a lot want to stay as part of the Union. But what it isn't, is some kind of deep rooted hatred stemming from hundreds of years ago. The British public have largely forgiven the Japanese for horrendous atrocities committed a relatively short time ago so am sure us Scots have forgiven the English for any naughty behavior 300 years ago. Apart from when England play any football team of any nationality 😉
  5. Thank you for the recommendation, I will read up on that as I have other pro Union papers/books. Sorry, the last piece of my reply was worded clumsily and rushed. Majority of Scots didn't vote SNP. I meant they where the majority party. Couple of years back, I think it was 45% of the vote or something
  6. So who else do you vote for? Tories, Scotland hasn't voted for a Tory Government for decades but still get lumbered with one. They are generally disliked here. Labour. Useless. Green party. Pro independent as well Lib Democrats, no thanks Etc etc No political party is ideal. Its a case of voting who is the best for your individual reasons. For the majority of Scots, its SNP
  7. Don't be so hard, you English are not all nasty. Thank you Not taken as anything else as a friendly argument and banter. If I was short with anyone else, I do apologise. I was bombarded with notifications and trying to reply to them all. Will see you all at the border, I will be the one standing with the pitch fork wearing my kilt shouting 'Freeeedddooommmmmm...
  8. Because a vote for SNP is a vote to try Independence and the chance to get a different party in later with different views on Europe. Maybe its the lesser of two evils 😁
  9. Thank you for your sentiments, thats very big of you. If Independence comes, I think Scotland would do well. If not, its down to us Its funny how people run out of arguments and resort to insults. Actually happened very early on in the thread. Have a good weekend too Sir
  10. I agree. I would not want SNP to run an Independent Country on their present form If you don't mind waiting, I will gladly get them for you but not tonight as have things on.
  11. Just to clarify. I was always a unionist however looking into the facts and figures, it does make a compelling case for Independence for the benefit of Scotland but unfortunately, to the detriment of the UK. The SNP have their faults but a vote for Independence is a also a vote to possibly have a different party in an Independent Scotland To be fair, I am trying to respond to several different replies at a time so not capable of proving anything I say at this time. However, I'm putting the info out there. People can take it at face value or look for evidence to support it or dismiss it. If I'm wrong, provide evidence and I will double check and apologise if I'm wrong.
  12. That the cost to the British taxpayers for Scottish welfare state is not as bad as is often made out
  13. Do you think I've got the time or inclination to pamper to your needs. Go and Google it yourself If in doubt, check it out. If its wrong, I will double check myself and apologise for unintentionally misleading anyone
  14. Scotlands welfare costs under £3100 per head for benefits and pension. North East England is just under £3300.
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