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Clay Shoot RAF Wattisham - Suffolk

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I hear a shoot takes place here on the base every second and last Saturday of the month ( only recently started up) and it runs from 1pm to 3pm. 5 stands with 10 birds each. Not sure of cost.


You need to take your certificate and the gate staff will take your photo for security reasons - enter via the main gate (sign posted I am told)


Anyone been yet? Any one thinking of attending on the 30th? Could be a few faces there from the Ofton Shoot arranged by Mike/Paul last year, which sadly got closed down by local non country (living in country) residents.


I shall make an appearance with my brace of Baikals ( No Hatsun Escort anymore) hopefully Crisis500 may come too with his flash new gun.


Get in touch if anyone wants more information.



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I have shot there but not for a year or so, it used to be run by a few off the base and you either had to be signed in and escorted accross the base or have a membership card and then they issued you a pass so you could drive yourself.


The shoot itself was by the helipad for the Suffolk police helicopter near the low end of the main runway.


I cannot make this coming saturday but if you fancy it at all just let me know.





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OK so the club is still active, a friend I know goes there, but I have no details. I do know security is tight, I used to be in the AAC Gliding Club 20 odd years ago and security was tight then, it is worse now, you needed to be vetted, I believe they do security checks on you, they will need to take your photo on the gate every time you go on the base to see if you match their records once you have been added onto the system, so you would need to make contact with someone who will arrange access. You can’t just drive up to the gate and expect to be let in. I googled Wattisham Clay Pigeon Club and google comes up with a mobile number, no idea if it is still a valid contact number.

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