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Ford Ranger intermittent vibration

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Hi was driving back after collecting some logs about a ton in weight and at 2 points on the way home the vibration in the cab was epic, dipped the clutch see if was the drive but it still vibrated lasted a couple of hundred meters then stopped. The road look ok no ridges or obvious cambers as it was a bit intermittent could it be tracking or wheel balancing

Any thoughts

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I planted my Cavalier in mud up to the floor and had to be pulled out. I parked the car up and went beating. After the day beating I drove home and at 40mph the vibration started and at 70 I thought the car was going to fall to bits.


I limped home and pondered what could it be. I worked it out that there may be muck behind the wheel pans causing the wheels to be unbalanced.


Sure enough there was a area of rim caked in mud. I cleaned it off and the car was fine.


It's amazing what a bit of mud can do.

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