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Coating for deep frying chicken ?

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Had a bit of luck and ended up getting about 20-25kg of Free Chicken,

It's portioned/jointed up as Thighs, Drumsticks, wings and legs and has gone in the freezer.


I'm never gonna be another Colonel Sanders,

but can anyone tell me how to make a simple coating (with perhaps a hint of BBQ or Sweet Chilli ?) for deep frying please ?

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Plain flour, salt and pepper, I usually add powdered ginger, chilli powder and paprika too.


Put them all into a bag and shake to mix.


Dip the chicken pieces into a bowl of beaten egg, then put them into the flour mix.


Then deep fry the chicken.

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Thanks all,

Well due to a shopping disaster today, Spent over an hour selecting the cheapest of everything, 'own brand' - 'value' range and got our monthly food shop down to £77 .

Got to the till, everything scanned through and bagged, Utt Ohhh card declined - insufficient funds. More embarrassing as all in front of my wife's colleagues, she was next to inconsolable.

Anyways had to walk round the shop putting everything back.


We get one egg every couple of days from our last chook, So it'll be dipped in a beaten egg and into a bit of plain flour before frying, or tossed in a bit of veg' oil and then in the oven

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