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  1. If you want real custom knifes made to your specifications have a look on Fb for Kernow Knifes.
  2. 2008 for me, been on here a lot less over the last 6 months, but still my go to place for asking questions.
  3. Morning, no messsge received yet, I will pm you. Thanks
  4. Yes please, could you let me have your PayPal details please.
  5. Good price, unfortunately I would need to time travel to 1988 to fit in them.
  6. Thank you all for the input, I will do a bit of research and buy one and have a dig around.
  7. My kids and I have decided we quite fancy playing with a metal detector. I have land to use it on. We know absolutely nothing about them. Don’t fancy paying more than £100. Are we better going on an auction site and buying secondhand or new. Any recommendations gratefully received.
  8. Omega are one of the most prestigious watch brands around. My last Omega had increased in value when I part exchanged it. I have had Rolex etc. But always go back to Omega. The one I have at the moment I have had for about 4 or 5 years. Omega Ocean Planet. When I want to change it I will look at watch finder find something I like px my old one.
  9. I will take the camo trousers please. could you send me payment details, bank transfer or PayPal etc. thanks
  10. The farm where we have our syndicate has planted about 60 acres of wild bird seed and nectar rich crops under a stewardship scheme. They are full of small birds and insects. We also have the advantage that they hold Pheasants really well.
  11. With my Cens in I can have a normal conversation and don't remove them between drives or stands. If I am in the woods shooting a couple of pigeon I can still hear the birds tweeting etc. I was let down by Cens customer service when mine were sent back with a fault. Told 5-7 days turn around which is great. Unfortunately it took well over 4 weeks. Emails and Phone calls not returned, delivery dates missed, never the right person available to speak to etc. and at that time a complete disregard of customer service. In the end I refused to speak to anyone apart from a manager and not wait f
  12. My Cens are a fantastic, the one problem is their customer service and that lets the product down.
  13. Very true. But things do break and that does not excuse terrible customer service.
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