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  1. I will take the camo trousers please. could you send me payment details, bank transfer or PayPal etc. thanks
  2. The farm where we have our syndicate has planted about 60 acres of wild bird seed and nectar rich crops under a stewardship scheme. They are full of small birds and insects. We also have the advantage that they hold Pheasants really well.
  3. With my Cens in I can have a normal conversation and don't remove them between drives or stands. If I am in the woods shooting a couple of pigeon I can still hear the birds tweeting etc. I was let down by Cens customer service when mine were sent back with a fault. Told 5-7 days turn around which is great. Unfortunately it took well over 4 weeks. Emails and Phone calls not returned, delivery dates missed, never the right person available to speak to etc. and at that time a complete disregard of customer service. In the end I refused to speak to anyone apart from a manager and not wait f
  4. My Cens are a fantastic, the one problem is their customer service and that lets the product down.
  5. Very true. But things do break and that does not excuse terrible customer service.
  6. It’s not the product that’s the problem, it’s the after care that is ****.
  7. Completely agree, I love the product. But my last experience really put me off.
  8. I guess about 3k for my syndicate and paid days, cartridges etc. But I do beat 2 - 3 times a week so i get well over 1k back on that.
  9. One of my Cens ear plugs has stopped working. Last time this happened I sent it back for repair and received some truly bad service. The 5 - 7 day turn around took over 4 weeks. Lots of promises made and broken, calls not returned, failed deliveries etc. Has anyone had any experience lately of their customer service good or bad.
  10. Hi Steve, I will always take some if you have any left. Don't mind what, they will go along the others I have had before. But as I have had some before I am happy to be at the end of the list. Thanks Kevin
  11. Ok i will have a think on it.
  12. How much with postage?
  13. I have a homemade Biltong box and Very interested in this, do you have a website link for the box.
  14. Open to offers, for the lot as they are just sat here doing nothing.
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