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  1. I have heard they are great gaiters once you get them on, but seem to be almost impossible with some boots. If you do get them on do not take them off.
  2. As said above fly into Miami, rent a car and drive down.
  3. Depends where and when you go. It has been a bit windy these last few days but very sunny. Today I am working outside in a tee shirt and it is great, sunny and warm. Ridiculously for April we could really do with a couple of days of rain but none in the forecast for the next 10 days or so.
  4. We are paying £4 for Poults and 90p for day olds.
  5. I will take this if its still available.
  6. I know this is not the answer but when I take any of my young dogs when i am feeding my Pheasants they are at heal or sit all the time. I think this starts to build steadiness.
  7. I have had quite a few Landy's from Series up to my Defender 90 I have now. As far as I am concerned they should of let the Defender die and called this new model something different. There are always going to be the comparison between the two and they are chalk and cheese. Try comparing a old Defender to a new Discovery pointless.
  8. The F1 is my favourite knife from my favourite maker. So robust and holds a great edge. Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.
  9. Hi, I am interested in the Lazer Fire Set, is this the mk1 or mk2 set? Thanks
  10. Ok thanks. I’m not very centrally located, matter of fact I’m at the end in Cornwall.
  11. Could you combine the postage on one of each?
  12. If you want real custom knifes made to your specifications have a look on Fb for Kernow Knifes.
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