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  1. My last pair were Merrells, need another pair now so will be following this.
  2. I have a few of these already if you decide to split i would be interested in Kenzie and Hunters Fen.
  3. That is a bargain. I would of bitten your hand off if you were down this way as I'm looking for a starter gun for my Nephew.
  4. We raised 400 day olds and bought in 400 poults. All our birds are looking good, very upright and growing well, been in the pens 3 weeks so plenty out and about but they are walked back ok. Some have found a maize cover crop others are out sunning themselves. A fantastic sight to see. With the push on limiting medication and antibiotics this may of had a effect on your birds, but no game farm that I know off would let birds leave it they were not ok.
  5. I expect others use it. But it does come up with a request when a new device wants to connect which i can refuse.
  6. My Daughter uses my Netflix at Uni.
  7. These are warm up games for the World Cup that starts in about a month.
  8. Prefer Joseph at full back to Daly. Being a Cornish Lad I really like Jack Nowell on the wing but the way he plays will always pick up injuries.
  9. Very much enjoyed the game, and quite a few second choice players for England. Watson was very good as were most of the England team. Curry was excellent until he went off, hopefully not serious. Billy was a force or nature and Cokanasiga is just huge on the wing, Ford done well and his kicking was good as anyone. Wales on the other hand just did not switch on. The next test will be a battle that is for sure.
  10. Interesting, I was under the impression that to use steel the gun should be steel proofed?
  11. Neither did I till I done some digging.
  12. Thanks, there is also a Beretta Jubilee secondhand 5k plus.
  13. Not looked at a Jubilee before just had a google, they look very nice. So what is the difference between a EELL and a Jubilee? apart from about 3k.
  14. I don’t disagree but this gun will be used on pigeon, pheasant, duck, rabbit you name it (legal quarry) and I will shoot at it. I have one farm i shoot a lot of pigeons at only allow non toxic over their crops and obviously with wildfowl it’s also non toxic. Yes I could use bismuth but that’s very expensive when you are decoying pigeon. So it needs to be steel proofed.
  15. I love my Ptarmigan would of had yours in a flash if it was a 38 or 40 as a spare. As you say best jacket I have ever owned. Good luck with the sale.
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