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  1. Thank you for such an easy transaction. The gun is absolutely as described. I am very happy.
  2. I think the word "game," is just a figure of speech.
  3. That is a cracking deal. I use mine to great effect on my rimfire for the rabbits.
  4. We had 3 or 4 weeks of very dry weather, got to the point of doing a rain dance for the newly drilled cover crop. We have now had 2 or 3 days over the past week of rain. We needed it but it can stop now. Out yesterday I saw two broods, the first one the chicks must of been close to 5-6 weeks old the other one they were I guess a week old.
  5. You should of swapped coasts, been sunny most of the day over this side. The saying if it’s raining on your coast go to the other one normally applies. What gun-shop you heading too?
  6. Have a look at Hennie Haynes website. Pure knife porn. You should be able to find all you need there. My favourite make is Fallkniven, but I would also check out Spyderco, Sog, EKA, Boker in fact the list is very long. As people have said before and lots like Mora knifes and there is not a lot wrong with them, but I would rather something a bit more special.
  7. I pile up the charcoal let it burn down then put the meat on top and sear it. I them move it up as high as it goes spread the charcoal to either end and leave the meat in the middle. You can add coals as you need them to the ends. Keep the lid closed so it acts as an oven, if you need it to cool it down a squirt with a plant sprayer.
  8. My favourite has to be a Leg of Lamb, butterflied open, remove the bone then stud with garlic and rosemary, cook slow and low for a couple of hours or so. When done the thin end is well done and the thick end is still rare, but all the outside is slightly crispy.
  9. I had a argument with a fluffy about Badgers, they were complaining that there are "no Hedgehogs around anymore, but a plus point was there are a lot more Badgers". They would not listen to my point that the more Badgers you have the less Hedgehogs.
  10. Unbelievable, this should never be allowed to happen. I am surprised there is not cctv on all London buses. These thugs need locking up.
  11. Crusty white bread, home cured bacon from my own pigs unsmoked, butter and tomato sauce.
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