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    Pigeon shooting<br />rough shooting<br />rabbit shooting<br />just about any shooting.

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  1. rimfire4969

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Very, very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. rimfire4969

    mullion cove cornwall

    Hold on to your hat. It’s getting a bit rough.
  3. rimfire4969

    mullion cove cornwall

    Glad you’re having a nice time down here.
  4. rimfire4969

    Key safe for Ammunition safe security

    I have a key safe next to my gun cupboard those keys fit my old safe. Hopefully someone will take a bit of extra time to get in the key safe for the wrong keys.
  5. rimfire4969

    Theoben Evolution .22

    Shame you won’t post.
  6. rimfire4969

    Superwinch T2000 (2,000 lbs capacity) New Boxed!

    Morning, Can I take this please. Don't mind meeting somewhere in the middle to collect it or posted, whatever is easiest. Kevin
  7. I will take 2 if you still have some. Payment sent with delivery address.
  8. rimfire4969

    Alone Redemption

    I think its Discovery channel 130 on Sky about 10 pm on a Wednesday.
  9. rimfire4969

    Deadpool 2 DVD

    Sorry for the slow reply. I will pm you.
  10. rimfire4969

    Chris packham

    The guy is a complete ******.
  11. rimfire4969

    Alone Redemption

    First one in the series was good, remembering a few from the older series. very surprising the girl went out with the fish hook, she is the second longest survivor ever on about 86 days.
  12. rimfire4969

    Stuart Mitchell muntjac knife

    So pleased you are. I was working out how to sneak another knife past the wife. Mind it’s easier that a new gun. Enjoy it, Stuart Mitchell knifes are fantastic.
  13. rimfire4969

    Cheap knife.

    Knife porn.
  14. rimfire4969

    Deadpool 2 DVD

    I have an unopened DVD of Deadpool 2. We managed to preorder 2 of them. A very funny action film, if you liked the first one then this is for you. £12 including postage.