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    Pigeon shooting<br />rough shooting<br />rabbit shooting<br />just about any shooting.

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  1. rimfire4969

    Eley VIP extreme fibre 36 grm 5s

    If you were Heading to the better county Cornwall I would have them from you.
  2. rimfire4969


    I want a pair of binoculars nothing too expensive tops about £150. I have no idea what to look for, any recommendations please.
  3. I only signed up to view this little video that Sam one of our regular beaters took. I still don’t know how to use it.
  4. rimfire4969

    Clear out

    Go on then. Pm me your payment details please.
  5. rimfire4969

    Clear out

    Although I have no real need for either items, but if you get stuck I will have the lights and straps if you can cut me a deal. If not no problem.
  6. rimfire4969

    Charities CEO Salaries

  7. rimfire4969

    Leather workers

    Fingers crossed I can get it sorted. If not you will be the first to know. Thank you everyone for your input. PW at its best always someone to help out.
  8. rimfire4969

    Leather workers

    I have had dealings with Mel b and his good lady and I can’t speak highly enough of the goods and service I received but in this case I don’t want a new sheath unless nothing can be done. Thanks for this info I will give it a go as it is moulded, do I use hot water?
  9. rimfire4969

    Don't trust all vets

    Very sorry for your loss. I would expect the only way to find out what happened is a post-mortem. Without the full answer I would expect the vet to stand by what they done unless you can prove negligence and I would think it would be impossible without a post-mortem.
  10. rimfire4969

    Leather workers

    I am hoping someone with some knowledge of leather can help me. One of my favourite little knifes is only held in the sheath with fiction, after lots of use it has become a bit lose. I fear that one day when I’m beating, going over a fence or ducking under a tree the knife will fall from the sheath and I will lose it. Is there a way of retightening the sheath? Sort of shrinking it at the neck end? any help would be much appreciated.
  11. rimfire4969

    Fans of Forged in Fire

    Makes me cringe what they do to some of the blades. One of my go to programs, there is certainly a lot of skill out there.
  12. rimfire4969

    John Wilson

    What a shame. Loved his programmes.
  13. rimfire4969

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    I have a silver pigeon and a CG Magnus, for you money I think you get a better finish on a CG for the money. This even goes for the EELL against the CG Forum. I shoot my Magus more than anything it fits me well and I love the balance and feel of it. I always had planned to get a EELL but after looking at a CG forum I will buy one of those. Granted the EELL may hold its money better.
  14. rimfire4969

    Pretty sure this isn't a chicken

    Stealth chicken?
  15. rimfire4969

    Spending money for USA

    Credit card is your best bet, there is a limit to how much cash you can take in I think it’s 10k.