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    Pigeon shooting<br />rough shooting<br />rabbit shooting<br />just about any shooting.

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  1. Hi Steve, I will always take some if you have any left. Don't mind what, they will go along the others I have had before. But as I have had some before I am happy to be at the end of the list. Thanks Kevin
  2. Ok i will have a think on it.
  3. How much with postage?
  4. I have a homemade Biltong box and Very interested in this, do you have a website link for the box.
  5. Open to offers, for the lot as they are just sat here doing nothing.
  6. Well i got a CLA 220 D AMG Line Shooting Brake and we love it, we have had a A4 Advant S line and the Merc knocks spots off it both styling wise and overall. I am a very happy man.
  7. Knife received, very happy thank you.
  8. Thank you, looks nice. i am tempted.
  9. Any chance of some more photos of the blade please.
  10. Do you have anymore photos of the Stuart Mitchell, condition etc.
  11. Looking at buying a newish motor really like the look of CLA 220 Shooting Brake and its got a cool name, anyone had or got one give me a honest review please. i would be looking at the bigger engine version not the 1.6.
  12. Someone I know was selling his Lab pups for his usual price about £1000 good working stock and kc reg. He had phone calls asking whats wrong with them as they are so cheap! even messages saying they were stolen.
  13. I beat at a few shoots, so spread the word it i am looking for a dog and normally get told of decent litters fairly quickly. You can't beat recommendations.
  14. Enjoy your retirement Steve. See you on the other side.
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