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  1. Great game and a good result for rugby.
  2. Same as me, I have no complaints with Santander.
  3. No goods received and no communication.
  4. I had exactly the same with a Schoffel gilet I bought from him a couple of weeks ago. No goods, no communication and then a cheque in the post. I certainly would not attempt to buy from him again. Something not right. I have not said anything before as I did not want the cheque to turn to rubber. Reported this to Teal.
  5. I gladly let the world pass over me. 95% makes no difference to me, my family or my business.
  6. Japan done very well, extremely disciplined.
  7. Was with CCC, for insurance only they do the job. I have gone back to BASC as I want to be a member of a group who fight for shooting.
  8. I put my Caesar Guerini Teague chokes on eBay after I got not joy on here. They were up for a few days then taken down, stating the same as above. My argument was they are no different to a small metal pipe and certainly not dangerous. No joy and no answer from them.
  9. Have a look here: https://www.heinnie.com/knives-and-tools/uk-friendly-carry-knives These are all uk carry legal, the website is completely knife porn. UK carry knifes from £5 to about £1000.
  10. Shame you can't post the lot as I would have it.
  11. It may seem obvious but you need the cover crops where you want the birds to be driven from. On a hill above the guns is favorite. I like my cover to be up against a hedge or something, but I do have one on a hump near the middle of a field, this is only because the ground is so stoney the farmer can't drill it so we get it for nothing. Birds can be moved quite a distance just move the feeders a bit everyday towards the cover they will soon find it.
  12. The company who supply all the electric poles and cables, for me South West Electric or Sweb (not who you pay your bill too). They send me a cheque every year for the rental of my ground. They pay for poles, underground earth cables, spikes etc. When I claimed it was simple, no forms nothing, I called them and obviously their system is mapped out. They send me a full list of what was on my property, poles are obvious but underground earth cables I had no clue about. Mine was even backdated about 5 years to when I bought the place. If the poles are on your land get in touch with them it's your money even if it's only £10 a year.
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