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    Pigeon shooting<br />rough shooting<br />rabbit shooting<br />just about any shooting.

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  1. rimfire4969


    Must be the Cornish accent that I felt so at home.
  2. rimfire4969

    Stopping drinking

    A fair point but I don't want to give up, 3 or 4 nights a week with out a drink is fine by me.
  3. rimfire4969


    I have been to Florida many times. Florida is comparable in size to England, have I done and seen everything in England no. If you have been to Florida and only done Disney you are missing out on so much it has to offer, from fantastic national parks with wild Bison, Bears and Panthers to amazing beaches and fishing, reat towns, restaurants and bars. One of my favorites is floating in a tube down in a gin clear spring fed river so peaceful. I love many of the States but Florida is a very special place for us.
  4. rimfire4969

    Stopping drinking

    I drink quite a bit of wine in the evening and have decided to cut right down, I could do with losing a stone and a half. I eat fairly healthy but with the empty calories of beer and wine I am not going to lose any weight. So today is the day, I will start with more fruit and veg and a lot less wine and beer. edit: My Son just got his A Level results so we will open a bottle of bubbles tonight but I will have a small glass and thats it.
  5. rimfire4969

    Grey Partridge reintroduction

    There are none on our ground, would love to reintroduce some. This link is for a project about 20 miles from us. https://www.gwct.org.uk/news/news/2016/may/20160520/ The project started 2016 and is still going strong.
  6. rimfire4969

    Betws y coed salmon

    Fantastic to see.
  7. rimfire4969


    I love America. The world moves on even if you don't like it. Once my youngest goes to Uni and leaves home my Wife and I will spend every February and some of March there. (Obviously after the Pheasant season)
  8. rimfire4969

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    We have already had our day cancelled in October due to poor numbers.
  9. rimfire4969


    They are about 11 weeks old, the pen is behind where I took the photo. They are nice birds and done well so far. We are just trying to contain them not hold them in the pens. Those old slag heaps are sand dunes and heath land, over the top of them is the beach and obviously the sea.
  10. rimfire4969


    I guess everyone is in the same boat at this time of year, our birds stretching their legs. Over 50 in this stubble field this morning.
  11. rimfire4969

    Barry Elliott aka Barry Chuckle

    Real shame. My kids grew up watching their antics on tv. Mind I can just imagine the pallbearers carrying the coffin, "to me, to you" RIP.
  12. rimfire4969

    Any information on Nest Knife.

    Never heard of the maker, but I expect someone will be along who has. I would call that a prunning knife, it has a bit of a look of a lambsfoot but they have a straight blade.
  13. rimfire4969

    Bee attractor

    We have about 8 Lavenders in a row each one about 1 metre across there are a huge amount of bees on them. We often get some of our guests counting them each time they go past. All our Budlella has had a great season and is still full of bees and butterflies even though they are now past their best. This year we also planed a area with a nectar rich seed mix visiable to our guests without them walking on it and this has also had a great season and is still very full of colour and insects.
  14. rimfire4969

    Clear out

    PM Gaitors.
  15. rimfire4969

    Fizzy drinks shortage

    There are some brands that I can't get from the wholesaler. Tango orange and Sprite are the main ones.