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    Pigeon shooting<br />rough shooting<br />rabbit shooting<br />just about any shooting.

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  1. rimfire4969

    Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moon Watch)

    Very nice, I really like the Omega brand and have a Omega Planet Ocean. The Speedmaster is a great looking watch. Good luck with the sale.
  2. I will only use fibre, had my best season ever with Blackgold. I find them very consistent and have no wish to leave more litter/plastic around the countryside. As far as I’m concerned I would Have no problem if plastic was banned everywhere apart from clay grounds. But that is a slippery slope.
  3. rimfire4969

    Domestic LPG-what do you pay?

    I use a lot of lpg and have 2 x 2000 ltr tanks. I have been a calor gas customer for years but their prices keep going up and never down. I was paying 38p a Ltr, I have just swapped to Avanti gas and paying just over 27p ltr, they are also installing 2 x 2000ltr underground tanks so no more eyesaw tanks .
  4. rimfire4969

    Dented rib

    Thanks for that. Fingers crossed it will be sorted by then.
  5. rimfire4969

    Dented rib

    All done, I expect I was maybe lucky, I used two wedges of wood and slowly brought them together. It looks fine, not quite perfect but I did not want to push my luck. After the season I will drop it in for a well deserved service and get it professionally finished. Thank you all for the help.
  6. rimfire4969

    Dented rib

    Somehow on Saturday at our little syndicate I managed to dent the rib of my gun. I don’t have time to get to a gunsmith and I am shooting a couple of times this week and all next week till the season ends. I am thinking a screwdriver under it to ease it up, then get it properly sorted after the season. Anyone had a go at it any other way with success?
  7. rimfire4969

    Windsor Davies

    Shame, loved his voice. RIP.
  8. rimfire4969

    Tax relief on vehicle

    Don’t know the figures, but yes you would get some tax relief if you used a suv for work. But to get full or the best tax relief the vehicle would need to be classed as commercial. This is why you see so many 4 door picks ups.
  9. rimfire4969

    Caesar Guerini

    I think in said his are flush.
  10. rimfire4969

    Caesar Guerini

    There are two lengths of choke for CG’S are these the shorter or longer ones?
  11. rimfire4969

    Automatic feeders

    3rd dibs.
  12. rimfire4969

    The Internet...

  13. rimfire4969

    Barbour shirt large

    Yes please. Could you pm me payment details.
  14. rimfire4969


    I am told by our farmer that maize does not like competition. But it would be really useful to have something else under it.
  15. rimfire4969

    Miroku MK60 Grade 5 or Browning Crown

    I would also be looking at Caesar Guerini Magnus, Ellipse, Maxum, Apex if you really want to splash the cash the Invictus or Forum. Very well made and finished guns for less.