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  1. I have a Deerhunter jacket a light weight short thing. Waterproof and wind proof but makes me sweat so much that it I take it off for a short period of time and put it back on the inside of the sleeves are wet. Not nice.
  2. Curing your own bacon is so easy. I am sure I done a thread on here a few years ago. I will have a search. Here it is; this is even better it you raise your own pigs.
  3. How much do you think for a courier?
  4. Until my Cens die I will stick with them.
  5. I like my cens, but over 5 weeks for a simple repair and no communication from them only me chasing for what I was told will be repaired and returned in 2 weeks. If I need another pair I will be buying a different brand with decent customer service.
  6. I will take a half if any is still available.
  7. Agree completely. Dynamite may be the only answer to get them in the air.
  8. With Cens you can buy passive and upgrade to digital later on if you wish. My only grip with Cens was the bad customer service I received when I send one back for repair.
  9. I have some 1oz coins and a few bars. I have given quite a few as presents to family members minted in their birth year.
  10. Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  11. rimfire4969

    Gary Rhodes

    He was the first tv chef my wife and I watched when we bought our first house back in about 1994.
  12. I have one in for repair at the moment, they have had it 2 weeks already and I have not heard from them. I chased it and was told they will contact me when they get around to it, possibly another week. No very impressed.
  13. Unfortunately without the shoot name we can’t know. We had a 100 bird day in Devon quite a few years ago, by lunch I had not fired a shot and we had 10 birds in the bag for about 20 shots. The keeper then took us to some ponds with some nice friendly duck that he would get up and we can shoot at as well as driving a small wood for pheasant. 8 ducks shot not one pheasant seen. Total bag 20 pheasants and 8 duck. We had only paid a deposit so renegotiated the price for the day that afternoon, which the keeper was not happy about. He had the choice of our price which was fair or nothing. He was going to take us to court but as you can imagine we heard nothing.
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