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  1. Mine were, after I lost them put a claim in and they paid out without any problems. Mind you I did not buy Cens again as the customer service I received was atrocious.
  2. Ask anyone who lives or spends a lot of time in Cornwall who does the best Pasty and you will get as many opinions as people asked but most from the smaller bakeries and certainly not ginsters. At the moment Mary's out of Grampound Road are top of my list. The ingredients for a Cornish Pasty are simple, beef skirt diced or minced, potato, turnip (swede), onion, salt & pepper. That's it, anything else added and its not a Cornish Pasty. www.cornishpastyassociation.co.uk
  3. The Cornish stuff from the Camel Valley vineyard is very good and has one awards up against some of the best French stuff obviously they can't call it Champagne though.
  4. A bit of a side step, at a local farm where we have a small diy shoot the farmer has been planting nectar and bird seed rich fields on some government scheme. It is incredible how much more bird life there is compared to the cauli's that used to be there. Not really a surprise I know but loads of Skylarks, Greenfinch, Goldfinch plus many other small birds that I have no clue what they are called, this has also increased the amount or Sparrow Hawks, Owls etc. and our Pheasants also love it.
  5. I am no expert but just throwing this in the hat. My son's girlfriend has a miniature and it has had health problems for most of its life and its only 4. Back, eyes and teeth are the things I remember. But he is a great dog, lots of fun and loves a cuddle.
  6. They look cracking and a very sensible price. Watch out for the person who buys only to sell on. I only say this as a friend had a litter of Labs and was selling at £1200 to working homes only to find one guy who wanted two had adverts for the same pups at £2000 even used the owners own photos.
  7. Yes please, pm me payment details please
  8. Visually you get much bang for your bucks from Silver for about £400 you can have a 1/2 kg bar of silver or 8 grams in a gold sovereign about 0.28 oz not much different to a 1p coin. These look nice 10 oz Silver coin 2022. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-coins/silver-queens-beast/10oz-silver-coin-white-greyhound-queens-beast/
  9. You can choose what year coin you would like to purchase. The link below is for 2022 gold coins, but I can't see a commemorative coin. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/2022-gold-coins/
  10. I have bought gold and silver coins from Bullionbypost amongst others with no problems. If you are looking at an investment coin I would forget the plated and franklin stuff Obviously it all depends on your budget a gold half sovereign is around £195.00 or silver 1 oz Britannia coins at about £28.00. There is no vat on gold but there is on silver. If you go the gold route and buy a smaller coin it can be a bit underwhelming but remember it is not likely to lose money. I have bought friends and family's children 1oz Britannia coins from the year of their birth as presents. You also can get lucky at a Pawn Brokers and buy something at a good deal.
  11. I quite liked it maybe because it was in one of my favourite places, Florida.
  12. rimfire4969


    Is this to tow behind a motorhome?
  13. We both were to be honest. I have just sent him the videos, he is at uni and is now showing all his mates there.
  14. You got me looking at old videos now. This one is my son aged 10 ish with a Colt 1911 in .45 ACP (The video above with the M4 is also him obviously about 8 years later).
  15. Whenever we go to Florida we head for the range, we like Oakridge gun Range, very friendly with a great selection of guns. Last time there we finished on a M4 Carbine with the full auto option.
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