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  1. I think you are doing this great golfer and business man a disservice. He has to look after his 800 million as well as play golf.
  2. I paid about 8k for my Gator secondhand 2 years old, 800 hours on the clock. I can but brand new for about 13k. I can go in some fairly sticky places where I would not even think of taking my Defender. I also need the turning circle of a fly to get through some of our woods. Gator is the best tool for the jobs that I use it for, if I need a off road car I already have a 90 Defender.
  3. Not for me, I will stick to my Gator thanks. It also has a better name.
  4. My friend was building a new house so I had his 3 shotguns locked in my gun cabinet. We just transferred them to me then back when he had his house build and cabinet fitted.
  5. Some good advice here, just don’t rush it.
  6. I am not that close to St Merryn but will share the dog lost page about. I really hope for a positive outcome.
  7. First on seen on the 7th April this year so within a week the last 3 years.
  8. Might pop over to Falmouth and have a look. Thanks for the info.
  9. Received, thank you very much for the very quick delivery and a great item.
  10. Agreed. Surely the people who use this vile language at a football match do the same day in day out, it gets passed to future generations, how the hell are we meant to stop it unless the law comes down very hard on them. Yes the guy is rich, but he should not suffer abuse because of the colour of his skin.
  11. I am fairly sure last year I saw my first on the 4th April and the year before the 11th my boys birthday. No sign yet.
  12. Mine will do 34 mph on the flat, i have never worked out the mpg I fill it up for about £20 which lasts me a good week or more depending on the work. This will included going to the feed store, the shoot a few times and towing caravans and stupid big front wheel drive motorhomes that can’t drive on wet grass. Selectable 2 and 4wd at the touch of a button and locking diffs. I have been through some very wet stuff that I would not take my Defender through with no problems. Doors are great in the winter but hot in the summer but easy to remove.
  13. Not had a single problem with it including the seats. I will take special care of the window at that price. My main reason for buying John Deere compared to the others is it seemed more up to the job and not so much plastic bits to break like side bits. I also thought the build quality was more heavy duty, more farm and less country lane.
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