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31 minutes ago, MrPhantom said:

They do have an excellent variety of target presentations, 24 stands at last count which is far more than any other ground within reasonable driving distance from me. I’m not saying that completely justifies the cost but it Is certainly a good day out and I’m happy to pay 40p on the odd occasion when I fancy a treat. As I said before the Claymate system is excellent for a Billy No Mates like me where I can just turn up by myself and practice the stands I have a problem with. 


There are plenty of claymate systems being used 'up north' and we dont get charged 40p for the privilege .......thankfully 😁

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Bywell, the nearest BIG ground to me is £7/25 so £28/100.

Our little club charges members £8/50, non members £11/50, but you can get a bacon and egg sarnie for £1.50 and refillable tea/coffee for 50p


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A couple of grounds near me are £30-32 per hundred for practice esp. there are a few small clubs one of which I am secretary is skeet and a club Nextdoor is esp. sporttrap .Skeet . Both charge £3.50 for skeet and sporttrap.and £7.00 for 50 sporting. Members which cost £20 a year. Non members pay £1.50 per round extra or £3.00 extra for sporting. 

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