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Is this a Browning B25?

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I'm interested in a gun at an auctionhouse, but I'm not sure what gun it is. The description says it's an belgian FN O/U with serial number 74J10754. Is it a Browning B25?


Best regards
Gustaf from Sweden


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It's not a Browning serial number...

SUPERPOSED MODEL - O & U - 12 ga. Year Ser. # Start Ser. # End 1931 1 2000 1932 2001 4000 1933 4001 6000 1934 6001 8000 1935 8001 10000 1936 10001 12000 1937 12001 14000 1938 14001 16000 1939 16001 17000 1939-1947 NO PRODUCTION 1948 17001 17200 1949 17201 20000 1950 20001 21000 1951 21001 27000 1952 27001 33000 1953 33001 37000 1954 37001 43000 1955 43001 48000 1956 48001 54000 1957 54001 59000 1958 59001 68500 1959 68501 76500 1960 76501 86500 1961 86501 96500 1962 96501 99999 1962 1 6500 Serial number change to letter and number suffix.


1962 S2 suffix after Ser. No.

1963 S3 suffix after Ser. No.

1964 S4 suffix after Ser. No.

1965 S5 suffix after Ser. No.

1966 S6 suffix after Ser. No.

1967 S7 suffix after Ser. No.

1968 S8 suffix after Ser. No.

1969 S69 suffix after Ser. No.

1970 S70 suffix after Ser. No.

1971 S71 suffix after Ser. No.

1972 S72 suffix after Ser. No.

1973 S73 suffix after Ser. No.

1974 S74 suffix after Ser. No.

1975 S75 suffix after Ser. No.

1976 S76 suffix after Ser. No.

1976 to 1984 “P” or Presentation Models only


In 1975 Browning began using the two (2) letter code system (located in the middle of the serial number) for determining the year of manufacture.  For example "PN" would be "89" indicating 1989.


1  2  3  4  5  6 7 8  9  0

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Thank you! I watched that list earlier and that's why I couldn't figure out what gun it could be since they state it's an FN, and it looks similar to a B25. 

If anyone would have an idea about what gun it is, I would still be interested in hearing it.

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I guess so, the discription says "Belgian over and under, brand: FN". (Loosely translated) 

The picture i posted is the only picture the auction house have posted, so I don't have anything more too go on. I have however sent an e-mail to the auction house, but they have not yet replied.

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Looks like the one in the for sale section.

Browning b 26 LIEGE 12 gauge - Guns for Sale (Private Sales) - Pigeon Watch Forums

I think it'll be a 1974 B26 ... not sure on the relationship between Browning and Liege, but there's not a lot between them.

The Leige (a/k/a BAC model B-26) and the Citori were both introduced to the US market in 1973 . They were introduced as an alternative to the costly Superposed. Browning was actually testing the market strength of a entry level European no frills piece, as compared to a Japanese product (Citori) manufactured at the Maurika plant, where sister company Winchester had been producing 101's and side by side 23's for several years. The Leige is a no frills version of the Superposed . Same quality of fit and materials but without the tight checkering (lines per inch) and engraving.

Within three years the American shooting public had accepted the much less expensive Japanese version and a great European entry level product met it's demise. According to the Browning Arms North America web site, the gun is still manufactured for the Euorpean market.

On the value issue, I'll be taking delivery of a one-owner 98% condition unit next week, with 30" bbls, supposedly with only one box of shells put through it. I'm paying $900 for it. The represented conditon, Belguim mfgr and Superposed design are the appeal to me. This gun will be hunted and hopefully will last my 13-year old son the rest of his lifetime!
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Eyefor's reply is bang on, but in my experience the FN (hand) built B25 Browning's are so specialised that there is not one cast iron specification.

A real B25 has the forend iron in one piece from the front of the action to the tip when seen from below with a double lever arrangement hanging down when opened.

Also on the right side of the barrel at the breech end it says "Model B25 Browning's Patent".

Looking at the only picture, I would say it's a B26.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you so much for you answers! I believe that you are both correct, but that Smokersmith pin pointed it. It is probably an B26 or B27, which sadly makes it a no deal for me. The gun is valued as an B25 A1, and then I can just buy an A1. But I value all of the information very highly. So thank you again!

Best regards,

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Early B25's , all made in Belgium , were sold a s Browning's in the US and as FN in Europe .Some signed as Browning gad FN logos on the heel plates . But Basically they were all B25's , the 25 being the year of design but production did nit start until 1929.


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