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Got myself one of the £5 pumps, can,t believe what it cost, only problem can,t understand the marking on the gauge, my old daystate has a max of 207 bar, anyone any ideas.?     cheers Jim 

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11 hours ago, scouser said:

Sorry about this,I,m a old ****, computers are over my head, the post to look at is  PCP pump by strimmer 13 on march2

Hello, quite a few on the UK airgun forum are fitting better gauges, there are links to these on the above, mine says 0 10 20 30 40, just add a 0 for the Bar pressure, eg, 100/200/300/400, green up to 200, yellow 200 to 300, red 300 to 400 , most PCPs are around 200, if your rifle has a guage use that and not the pump guage, cheers

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14 minutes ago, scouser said:

An old single shot FAC daystate harrier 

Hello, if there is no guage fitted on the rifle you can only go on the pump guage, we tried one of the £5 pumps on a AA S410 and both gauges read as near equal, I see each Daystate rifle had its own pressure regulated in factory , I always fill to 5 Bar under maximum, and top up around 50 Bar, 

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