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  1. Didn’t she sign a deal for 350k.
  2. All it boils down to is MONEY, and she wants it.
  3. Haven’t got a high seat.but got access to a flat garage roof, will put out some bait &.the icotec.
  4. Most of the fox’s I’ve shot have been with the rimy at 50/60 yd’s, but these ones are cagey, looks like someone has had a go before, and I don’t want to use the .223 as too many houses about.
  5. Maybe but they won’t come in to rimy rangers, and I don’t want to educate them.
  6. Started to see a few foxes about, but too far for the rimy, so going to switch the pard on to the 17 HMR, what would the trajectory be if I zeroed at 50yds? Anyone help me please.
  7. In a frame mounted on the wall , to remind you not to have another accident
  8. scouser

    Rolls Royce

    I think rollers are own by Volkswagen, & Bentley owed by BMW
  9. Air quality & climate change is used as a cash cow.
  10. As a lifelong Labour supporter, I voted for Boris ( my parents would turn in their grave) in the hope he would get us out of the mess that is the EU, and sort out the immigration , but if he doesn’t, I would vote for the one hit wonder FARAGE if that was needed to achieve what Boris promised.
  11. By the smile on his face,he really enjoyed himself
  12. always had BFGs 285-75-16s on my surf {15yrs} just needed to replace 2, but when i saw the price £200+ each, went with maxxis wormdrives
  13. put them in a room full of angry woman with knives. It’s what the Afghan,s did with captured Russian pilots
  14. Why not just pay the dingy makers to close shop for 6 months, and buy any that’s already made.
  15. They have to learn that the land of MILK & HONEY has turned SOUR, stop what makes UK so attractive.
  16. Another case of the poor chap has served his time,he deserves to be let out, if it was my daughter he raped and killed I would be waiting at the gate for him.
  17. scouser


    When you contribute to a pension, you get tax relief on your contributions, then when you draw your pension,that’s when they tax it.
  18. scouser

    Wonderful News

    Spending billions to shave 20mins off a train timetable, what a waste
  19. scouser


    On a side note, I wonder how many of his mates came over the channel last year.
  20. scouser


    The taxi driver has been released from hospital and is back home, I should imagine with a police guard
  21. scouser


    What would make a taxi explode outside a maternity hospital in Liverpool at the same time as 2mins silence.
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