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Top lever question.

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Hi gang.

               When  i open my Browning xs pro to take the barrels off, the top lever does not not stay to the right but goes back

                to the centre so when i put the barrels back onto the action i have to push the lever over to get the barrels back on.

                I've never had this before on any of my guns so any ideas chaps ?.

                                                                                                          Thanks all.

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If you look at the floor of the action you will see a leaver in the centre which when up will hold the top leaver to the right and bolt in, when the barrels are removed this leaver is free to move only held up by the pressure of the top leaver spring, it's a quirk of the system that it drops and lets the top leaver centralise, just accept it and push the top leaver over when replacing the barrels 

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