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  1. I've got a pair, does a good job of muffling the sound the reception from the surrounding is not as good as the cfg digital's that i changed to but more than acepable, comfort is in the hands of the beholder plenty of choice of ear buds If you're interested I will sell you mine for £150 posted but bare in mind that some of the buds have been used PM me if interested or want photos
  2. Go and lay a few yards of bricks that'll harden your hands up
  3. They'll also fit some fabarm guns
  4. Go for it, you know you won't be able to stop scratching that itch 😉
  5. The browning sl is available in left and right hand comes with adjustable stock as standard, my auto with adjustable stock can be either as normal
  6. Personally I think they look okay as they are but your gun your money your choice
  7. If it's got brushes they may be stuck up
  8. Looks like a badly stuffed one to me
  9. Maybe the answer is to educate the children better and not to be so naive?
  10. It's so you don't have to go to church
  11. If it's the titanium chokes they are made by briley, as good as any other one's
  12. Lloyd Paterson did a thorough test on his YouTube channel, his concussion was to buy the dx1, I've got cfg digital's and are happy with them they now come to your door to take the impressions
  13. Ginger said in the cordon interview that the media were toxic, why doesn't he just wind his neck in and live the quiet life he says he wants to instead of courting all types of media attention?
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