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  1. vmaxphil

    Lager, ebay.

    Put Corbyn's face on it and use it as target practice 😉
  2. vmaxphil

    Junk mail

    Is it just me or has the junk mail dried up it's either that or someone has shot all the pigeons round these parts 🤔 Edit it's post I was thinking
  3. Didn't they do a giveaway vinal record with an awful song at one time?
  4. That's a lot of bog rolls 🤔
  5. Thought you were going to break into your stock of loo rolls 😂
  6. Think about baseing the holiday around a simulated day say in Devon then take in north Devon shooting and south west's ground, then head north to Ian Coley in Gloucestershire
  7. vmaxphil


    If the lockdown lasts longer than 3 months I can see quite a few rfd in financial trouble especially if people are having to tighten their belts, shooting will be well down the list
  8. I wonder if the USA are going to pay for the security?
  9. Weather so nice this afternoon we decided to fire up the barbecue, found a couple of burgers and koftas in the freezer with a bit of chicken and salad very tasty, also found a leftover vegan sausage from the last get together cooked it for the dog but she gave me a filthy look and slunk off to her bed in disgust
  10. A very draughty little place enough to cut your legs off in winter
  11. Looks like the one we had in the outside dunny when i was a kid, set fire to many a piece of newspaper messing about sat there
  12. I think a belt between the blade and motor is needed to protect the motor if the blade hits something solid, most mowers don't like a sudden stop like that bent crankshaft usually
  13. Plants and trees are starting to bud up, so it's spring in my book
  14. Honda all day long, harry is 15 years old and started first pull after 5 months in the shed same old petrol
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