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  1. There's a thought, we use acid to de scale the limestone in the kettle, what effect does acid rain have on limestone rocks releasing co2 ?
  2. Ah yes, the clay parrot, very common round these parts likes to perch on your shoulder and screech gibberish when a clay appears
  3. For extinction rebellion to be bed fellows with some of the animal rights group's could be their downfall as some of the activists are not known for their peaceful demonstrations and I can see the militant's joining in uninvited
  4. Population of aprox 20,000-30,000 polar bears 500-600 hunted per year quick check on Google
  5. corsham Wiltshire sn13
  6. Chest freezer free to a good home, all working outside grubby as it is kept in the garage will need cleaning, size about 60l 800 high 500x500 aprox, inside quite clean seal will need cleaning Buyer to collect cost £00.00
  7. I found the battery ones totally gutless stick to mains
  8. Must have been put up by someone with an oligy, the jubilee clips don't even look like they're done up properly
  9. As said don't worry about it, in 5 years I doubt the feo will remember what safe you had before
  10. Don't joke, after the face recognition cameras they might be looking at it
  11. vmaxphil

    Best vacuum

    You're not kidding! we have to do the floors every other day with the amount of hair that the dogs lose
  12. I have a pair of single vision reactions for every day use, my free pair are clear which I use clip on safety lenses for shooting, for reading I use the cheap online suppliers as they only need to be adequate
  13. vmaxphil

    Best vacuum

    Every tradesman I know has a Henry in the back of the van, need to say more?
  14. Might be worth looking into a shed type alarm for inside the cupboard even if only to show that you are serious about security
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