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  1. I'd like to see one of the magazines shadowing a certificate grant through the process and report on how the grant makes it way round the system to conclusion, bet that whoud be interesting to see where the delays are!
  2. I think someone behind the scenes is manipulating both of them for their own agenda, anti royalist perhaps to bring down the royal family?
  3. I imagine the books will be ghost written but does he have the witt to realise the implications after he's read them?
  4. Best thing is be aware of the speed limit and stick to it
  5. Now you can search Ebay for cheap in date batteries, I use specsavers price of £11.99 free p&p for 60 as a base line 😉
  6. Or the beretta e store if they still post to the UK after Brexit
  7. I'll take them PM sent
  8. The way browning/miroku firing pins chip they should be the easiest ones to identify 😁
  9. vmaxphil


    There's some exceptionally talented people creating some of these short films
  10. If you look at the floor of the action you will see a leaver in the centre which when up will hold the top leaver to the right and bolt in, when the barrels are removed this leaver is free to move only held up by the pressure of the top leaver spring, it's a quirk of the system that it drops and lets the top leaver centralise, just accept it and push the top leaver over when replacing the barrels
  11. My excel has 55 fitted from new but came with the others you should get both sizes with it if not they are easily obtained
  12. I remember over 40 years ago at local clay shoots a platform like that at every stand to put your box of cartridges on, pre skeet vest times
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