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  1. Banks

    Started out with giro ended up with santander due to takeovers no problem in 40 years
  2. Anyone work for Ushers?

    The brewery got sold to n Korea, I'm sure you'll be able to arrange a tour with Kim 😁
  3. Has anyone had experience of a W J Williams

    If you go to look at it check the chokes as at that age they may have been opened up
  4. Yet another national amnesty

    It's been on our local itv news showed a side lock sxs having the barrels being chopped off
  5. Enviwarm

    Right racked the "old" brain today, if I remember it should have a input control plus a thermostat to control the fan also when the night charge starts it cuts off the fan supply like a fan assisted night storage heater, the ducting is probably not insulated so very inefficient I seem to remember they were about 25kw, if you require more help please get in touch
  6. Enviwarm

    Crikey that's 40 year's since I've heard of them, central block storage system runs on economy7 charges up overnight then heat blows out through ducting, as I remember the main fault is not shutting down the fan to allow it to charge wasting heat, not a very good system get rid asap Less of the "old blokes please" lol
  7. Clay ground recommendation in Devon

    North Devon if not to far away
  8. Quarry & literacy

    Crikey you lot use expensive cartridges !!

    The reason for 3" chambers is in the future we might have to use steel, so 28g of steel takes up more room hence longer cartridges
  10. Early mornings

    Sounds like you are in the employment rut
  11. Boot Fair experience.

    Last time I went I found brand new bodems for £2 each so I bought 4 ...............coffee anyone?
  12. Homemade chronograph

    Interesting doesn't mention the distance apart of the leds though
  13. Brexit - Merged Threads

    Teresa may by chance ?
  14. Electrician query

    32 amp supply minimum
  15. Beretta 391

    Have you checked the gas vent holes in the barrel ?