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  1. So the chief constable is pushing the responsibility onto the doctors, I'm surprised that the GMC haven't complained
  2. It's the electronics in items that can trip you up our washing machine had a circuit board failure at £250 new machine £200 from ao no brainer really
  3. I've had a new job for a year, I'm retired, it's the only job I've ever been good at
  4. I can't believe she didn't just descretly throw it in a bin?
  5. The yellow seems to be the go to colour, glasses with a selection of lenses are not dear so it's a try it and see
  6. Be interesting to see some pictures when you get it, as like gunman never heard of it
  7. Went there in 79, I was so disgusted with the rubbish at base camp I vowed never to go back I hate to think what it is like now, we managed to get to the south coll but beat a hasty retreat when we saw the weather coming in and only just made it back
  8. We steamed the artex off the kitchen ceiling with a wallpaper steamer came off like damp polyfilla back to the boards been okay for the last 30 years
  9. What ! Billy cotton's band show? !!
  10. At his rank the car may have come with a driver
  11. That's not fair we all like Gordon
  12. Look at Honda had mine for 15 years now and just changed the deck due to rust starts second pull after winter with no cleaning inbetween
  13. Bit rich compering a Moreland habitat to the new forest or have I missed thumthing
  14. Personally I wouldn't worry about the difference in weight, if you find it uncomfortable after a lot of cartridges think about changing the but pad to a rubber one
  15. I knew a guy who was an extra, used to be mostly in the pub, but got sacked because he looked to happy
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