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  1. vmaxphil

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    Young people don't want the hassle of gardens, they can't be bothered to mash potatoes let alone grow them
  2. vmaxphil

    Off to pairs tomorrow.....

    I hear tear gas can be quite romantic. Hope you have a good time
  3. Have to second the give it away price, how do you think most of us kit out our workshops, really look around in the up coming sales for new it'll be what swimbo really wants, take up team tractors offer and go and have a look I'm sure you won't be disappointed
  4. vmaxphil

    shed workshop

    I used old kitchen units for benches, then a stool if doing close work, led strip lights for general light then anglepoise over vice and fixed tools ( advantage of being an electrician in a hospital)
  5. vmaxphil

    You couldn’t make this up

    Sell the idea to Mr Dyson for a cordless steam iron it'll solve all the problems and make you millions
  6. vmaxphil

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    Down to Weston-super-mear walk the dog on the beach fried breakfast in the Victorian cafe
  7. vmaxphil

    New to welding, Advice please!

    Hi it is a very old sip topweld 140 must be 30 plus years old fan is bolted to the back vemt pulling air through the sides
  8. vmaxphil

    New to welding, Advice please!

    If you're having problems with the welder cutting out and are confident at doing it, fit a 4" pancake type fan to draw air through it, made the world of difference to my sip welder
  9. vmaxphil

    Confused . Com Today

    Maybe they were "filming" in the barn
  10. vmaxphil

    Air compressor tripping breaker

    Most likely the windings are shorted if it's blowing a 30a trip, if it's the rcd tripping it could be the capacitor
  11. vmaxphil

    Walnut Board for Stocks

    Have a word with team tractor on here, for a few quid he should be able to help
  12. vmaxphil

    Tour de France 2018

    Spot on I think Richie port might agree with you
  13. vmaxphil

    Navy Diver

    Read Martin farr's "dead man's handshake" if that doesn't put you off cave diving nothing will
  14. vmaxphil

    Wide fitting walking boots

    Try altbergs they do wide fittings
  15. vmaxphil

    Mini windfall...

    Beers on you this month then ?