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  1. I'd rather have your catapult than a Dali painting except to use it as target practice
  2. As one of the leaders was promoting the use of psychotropic drugs perhaps they ought to supply some free zombie dust just to show us the benefits
  3. As said 2 1/2 cartridge probably around 30 - 32g as for choke pattern it at 35 yards, if it's the size of a dinner plate it's tight size of a barn door it's open
  4. vmaxphil


    I know what you mean about kids not interested there are 5 trees outside my house and thousands of conkers not one kid collecting them at their age I would have had bags of them
  5. I'm not quite sure i want to know the answer to that
  6. All farmer's and country folk know that there isn't enough land to sustain a vegan lifestyle
  7. vmaxphil


    I think we need a ge right now to clear the carp out of parliament and start again, not that will make any difference though in the long run
  8. Leaving them at your parents should not be a problem as said take the keys with you is being a responsible licence holder
  9. If they get their way that means no more woolly jumpers then
  10. I wonder how many of them eat food flown in from Europe during the lean time of year or imported from Asia, tofu springs to mind
  11. I used to work in a hospital where a lot of people had interesting ideas like that
  12. Seen that one she does a fantastic job of it
  13. My Mrs thinks I'm looking after a couple of guns for a mate that's working in Saudi, how she believed that drivel i don't know
  14. Very funny, when you get to my age that doesn't occur to you
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