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  1. I'd love you to do a breakdown on how you make them 😀
  2. Just renewed in wiltshire no mention of doctors so £0
  3. Sunday at 3.30 in the afternoon I had a phone call from a police sargeant asking if it was ok to come round and check my security and issue my certificate, so at 4.45 a armed response 4x4 turned up ( that will get the neighbour's talking) with two very nice guys in, the sargeant did a cursory check on the cabinet and wrote down the details of my guns while chatting, the paperwork he had was for a transfer and was a bit confused as he thought I was from another division until he saw my old certificate, still he handed me the new one and they were gone within 20 minutes. all in all it took about 10 weeks to issue, it seems that the firearms department is extremely busy which explains why the ordinary plods were doing the checks, Now my certificate has been issued i can start to thin down the collection and get a couple on gun watch. Forgotten to mention no hint of doctors letter
  4. vmaxphil

    ferry err

    South Atlantic mill pond 😉
  5. Our mattress is justifiably called " the rock " i sleep like a log on that no back problem at all
  6. Different manufacturers have different meanings for grades above the base grade and in different models, so a pigeon grade in one manufacture might not exist in another's as for a book I doubt it
  7. Was he in game of thrones? My take was sharp
  8. You can try one layer of plumbers ptfe tape
  9. There was a piece about him on a "flog it" program from Dover, showed the room where he planned dunkirk
  10. Had a phone call from the firearms department today, i thought it was about arranging a visit but no apparently I sent an old photo so I looked younger than the one on record they wanted to know if it was ok to use the one on record for the certificate, so 3 weeks till renewal and no visit yet
  11. Can't have horses we'll need all the land to grow veg for when we are forced to go vegan
  12. vmaxphil


    No it's my own people wipe their feet after getting out 🤔
  13. Hi I have a few spare chokes, briley flush 3/8 3/4 skeet, teague extended titanium 3/8 1/4, rhino ported 1/4 and 2 skeet PM me if interested
  14. vmaxphil


    Mine gets cleaned when it has a service once a year
  15. I use a skeet vest made by a company called wested, very heavy duty as long as you like black you can also have one in all leather
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