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  1. Not that obsolete then 🤔
  2. Right that's the referee suitably bribed, cheque wrote out and photo photoshopped to make me look less than 90, form signed and all in the post. Now to give them a couple of weeks then e mail to check they received it all.
  3. Letter arrived from wiltshire police yesterday inviting me to renew my certificate, so I downloaded the form ( 15 pages ) and started to fill it in, looks like a new one compared to last time as mostly tick boxes, checking the guidelines on the medical disclosur they don't require a doctor's report unless I declare a problem to be payed for by me. They say it should take on average 8 weeks mine is valid until March 2020! so we will see how that pans out. I will keep you updated on progress as and when, hopefully this might be useful for anybody living in wiltshire as the new guidelines might be implemented
  4. vmaxphil

    Climate Change

    Atmosphere containes about 400 parts per million ( 0.04%) it has gone up from 300 parts per million, in the ice age it's recond to have been 200 parts per million, the poisonous level is about 50,000 parts per million 5% also there is evidence that a rise in co2 follows global warming not causing it as taken from ice samples. This is what I have gleaned from Google so take it as you please
  5. I've got a couple of baikals in the cupboard if anyone wants them
  6. I've just put a new pad on my dt10 today, I would say the original screws are 1 1/4" long in the past I have used 1 1/4 x 8 wood screws with no probs just put a touch of lubricant on the threads and under the head to help it seat in the pad
  7. We used to joke that the noise of the baikals broke the clays not the shot
  8. I'll have a look tomorrow and PM you
  9. You get the beers in and we'll all come round and help you look for it 😉
  10. I watch his channel and have to agree since his move to the us he's got more commercial, his best work was in his second workshop I think the videos are to rushed as there's a business to run
  11. vmaxphil


    Try petanque, played all year round on rough grounds and the ends are played quite quickly also an easy game to learn a hard game to master and no uniform to wear
  12. How else are they going to Jack the price up if they don't ponce the menu up!
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