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  1. I've just got the cfg ones digital, the reason I went with them is I got 15% off and they came to the house to do the impressions , at the moment they are offering 10% but youtuber Johnny Carter ( tgs) has a 15% code, they took a bit longer than anticipated but I am pleased with the fit and finish and very comfortable, I shoot about once a week on average for about 3 hours and the battery's lasted 4 weeks which is all you will get out of them, the last time the guards were bleeping at me telling me the battery's were low but lasted the session, so all in all highly recommended Ps cfg sen
  2. I use hand position to suit the target, quick target hand further back, slow target hand further forward seems to work for me just need to stop using blanks
  3. That's a pain I had no problem earlier in the year came in 3 days
  4. Beretta e store do them for about £ 20 ish not difficult to fit but will need to be crimped
  5. Gmk were the importers of lamber give them a call when they are open, if not it's ring round the gunsmiths to see if they can help. Lamber went out of business quite a while back unfortunately
  6. I wish I was asked for id I could get oap concessions at 45 😉
  7. If this works out well for us I wonder in a year or so if other countries like Greece, Spain, Italy will try their luck in the open market?
  8. Shame your not closer, I've got a fabarm beta lux 3 1/2 super magnum multi choke just like you are after, think o/u with the barrels the right way round was looking for £700
  9. Could be it's got a blue laser therefore it doesn't like anything blue
  10. Well tried out the cfg digital's on Sunday and have to say I'm very impressed, very comfortable sound like normal, no nasal sound when speaking like when your ears are blocked, not to affected by wind noise either, even on the lowest setting I could hear all the conversation around me, only thing interesting is they cut the sound down rather than cut off like my sportacs so gun noise is louder but not dangerous, so all in all very pleased I went down this route ps I'll have to find a better fitting hat as i didn't realise how well the sportacts kept it on
  11. Very suprised the environment agency has agreed to divert the river so he can have a look
  12. I've just got my cfg digital yesterday, the bloke came to the house on the 25th October I got regular emails as they progressed through the factory so good communications and came tracked delivery I am going to try them out today so will let you know how I get on
  13. I've seen the police use pizza delivery to get entry up the road from me quite funny really
  14. I suppose if they brought out anything like it now it would have pokemon tracks and an iPhone in the heel
  15. Me to, very popular in my school in the 60s
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