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  1. vmaxphil

    Ear pro

    They quoted about 4 weeks but took 6 if my memory servers me right, worth the wait though, a chap at my club has the vario off the shelf inner ear plugs seems to get on with them ok
  2. vmaxphil

    Ear pro

    I've got the cfg digital's and are very pleased with them, they came to my house for impressions and I had emails from them as they moved through the process, they took a little longer than advised but all in all not a problem, there is a 10% discount code by tgs YouTube channel
  3. I've got a beretta 303 which the stock is quite short going for about £250 if you fancy a trip to wiltshire
  4. Squirt of cleaner down the barrels, leave for 5 minutes, quick bronze brush, pack with a square of kitchen paper, push through, grease lugs, oily rag over barrels, jobs a goodun beauty of having chrome bores 👍
  5. I have a tissot seastar navigator chronograph with a valjoux 7734 movement from 1975, it's unfortunately not in good condition, whoud need a new glass and complete strip and refurbishment, I would like to know from the experts is it worth selling or just binning, I've had it from new and haven't used it for years thanks for replies in advance
  6. According to my mate the conspiracy theorist it's to stop the aliens space ship from crashing into the bridge
  7. I have a beretta 303 £250 if you fancy a trip to wiltshire
  8. Just do your homework on them, it had a bad reputation for reliability when first introduced, John from the gun shop botly said he whoudent deal in them and they are quite pricey to start with but I have to agree with you on the engineering principles though
  9. I'd like to see one of the magazines shadowing a certificate grant through the process and report on how the grant makes it way round the system to conclusion, bet that whoud be interesting to see where the delays are!
  10. I think someone behind the scenes is manipulating both of them for their own agenda, anti royalist perhaps to bring down the royal family?
  11. I imagine the books will be ghost written but does he have the witt to realise the implications after he's read them?
  12. Best thing is be aware of the speed limit and stick to it
  13. Now you can search Ebay for cheap in date batteries, I use specsavers price of £11.99 free p&p for 60 as a base line 😉
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