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  1. My first beaters day

    Invite him to lunch and show him what real food tastes like
  2. National insurance after early retirement

    I'll be 60 in February 66 is my state pension age thanks for the info
  3. National insurance after early retirement

    Thanks lads mostly as I thought, I'll just have to wind down now that's if I actually wound up in the first place
  4. I will be taking early retirement on decimal day in February, I have 44 years paid up in national insurance and will take my state pension in 6 years time, the question I'm asking is do I have to pay in / sign-up for n i for the next 6 years?. I have looked on .gov but can't find the answer I hope someone on here can or had experience of it answer me Phil
  5. It's bound to be down the back of the settee
  6. Humberside shooting ground

    Thought that a cheap day was to attract more customers
  7. Unusual high seat

    Now that's what you call an office
  8. Another Saturday Night Of Drivil on T.V.

    It's not compulsory to watch or own a tv you know
  9. question for qualified electricians

    2m ohm or less is a pat test fail, if you've got an element down to that level it's about to fail ( bang ! ) just make sure there is not a neon indicator in circuit as they can cause weird readings
  10. Ten Tors - boots

    Can't recommend boots but tell him to take 3 pairs of socks as he will get wet feet
  11. Giving Blood

    I had to give up after 49 donations, I hated the needle every time and went rigid till it was in but it was only an hour of my time to help others
  12. Unusual Light Fitting

    Got those in the workshop, we use 18w and 26w not interchangeable so check wattage on the fitting
  13. Gun cabinet question

    The feo does not need to be informed as said above it is your responsibility for security, my feo hasn't seen mine for 15 years
  14. 12 bore choke tube comparison

    I've got a fabarm it has the older short tubes not sure how long though if that's any help
  15. Wad

    I shoot fibre for ecology reasons even through my 3.5" chamber gun