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  1. I carry a swiss army champion, have done for over 40 years bought with my first wages when I was an apprentice
  2. vmaxphil


    Problem with chain coffee is they make an espresso then drown it in hot water or milk, if you want a proper coffee use a filter or French press
  3. Well I never someone shooting in the countryside, better call the armed response force then 😉😄
  4. You are very talented, certainly not boring by any means
  5. Steps with hand rail, cabin, pump house, blue liner, no ofcourse it's not a swimming pool
  6. Might be speaking out of turn, but can you not use a horse box ? I assume you have one
  7. Have you tried scrubbing the chekering with a soft brass wire brush as it sounds like oil and grease from hands in it
  8. Any beretta, 303 and upwards for a start
  9. It's fibre all the way for me, just for the environment, plastic cased cartridges can easily be picked up and disposed of easily
  10. I was advised if you go to mick's get a spare sheet for the certificate 😄
  11. Bought a pair of their boots yesterday, not bad for 20pounds nice and warm just right for walking the dog
  12. Done it, damded good idea especially for inner city kids We used to have a lesson in school called rural science dealing with all rural life as we lived in the countryside
  13. All electrical generation feeds into the same pool, it's called the national grid and we take our power from that renewable or not
  14. Still got my pipes, just gave away some borkan riff a couple of weeks ago, I use a vape pipe occasionally to keep my hand in 😉
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