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    Hi gang. After losing my Whippet recently to ill health i'm looking for another one. Up to 2 yrs old dog or bitch. Tried local rescue centres but no luck. Thanks all.
  2. samboy

    TV aid ads.

    Hi gang. On the tv every day and night there are charities asking for money. The way prices have risen here do they really think we are going to give our hard earned money away. Not me for one. Moan over.
  3. It's not just Vet's, everyone today is out to plunder your wallet.
  4. Just spoke to a woman with a spaniel which had to have 3 plates in its leg. £7000 is what she said i cost. Good job i was insured she said.
  5. Hi gang. I guarantee something goes wrong for me every Monday. Today for instance the gardener was cutting my lawn and a stone flew up and smashed my patio window. He is going to pay for it so that's ok. I wish they would ban Mondays.
  6. Hi gang. I'm not a great follower of football anymore but i love it when it goes to penalties. To me the excitement and tension gives me a buzz. Anyone else or only me ?.
  7. I would like to see a vet broke down in their car and say i will give you a tow but it will cost you £500 + consultation fee and see how they like to be robbed.
  8. Hi gang. I've got the chance of buying one of these in exc cond or should i put my money to something else ?. It would be going on my new rimfire when i get it. I've been using a Simmons Aetec for the last 16 yrs and love it. I do prefer a simple reticle. Thank all.
  9. samboy


    Still hearing the cuckoo's every day but have not seen a woodpecker for months.
  10. Saw 4 this morning got 2 missed 1 but at least that's 2 for the pot.
  11. I make you right.
  12. Hi gang. My pal has just lent me his air rifle with a AGS 3 -9 x 50 scope and it is as fuzzy as you like. It doesn't seem to have any adjustment at the back so how do i adjust it to make it clear ?. Thanks all.
  13. As far as i'm aware the land has not been cleared by the police as i have an open cert i deem it safe myself.
  14. Hi gang. I have an open cert and permission off the landowner to take a friend with me on his land. But my friend has a closed cert. Can someone tell me the legal side of this. I know its been asked before but i can't find it. Thanks all.
  15. Perhaps i will carry on buying them as i am then cos they are dear enough as it is.
  16. Hi gang. For years now i have been buying my clay cartridges 1500/2000 at a time. But i'm thinking of just getting them at my clubs now. Reason being i have to drive to the shop, lug them to the car, drive home, lug them indoors so i think i will change my system. Any comments ?. Thanks all.
  17. One of my neighbours had a Dormeo mattress and used to sit on the corner of it to get dressed which made it go out of shape. When she complained about it they said its your fault they are not meant to be sat on like that. I bought a £60 foam memory mattress from Dunelm 5 yrs ago and it's still ok.
  18. Old samboy is 74 and 3 yrs ago had a triple bypass and was diagnosed with Parkinsons but lucky enough i haven't got the shakes. But i still get out clay shooting every week and rabbit shooting twice a week. I take my Lurcher out every day and yes overall it can be a struggle but i wont give in. As said above get someone to help you or find an easier type of shooting. But good luck to you whatever you decide. Plus i'm looking for a little Whippet to keep me busy.
  19. Hi gang. Put my 12 yr old lurcher into the vets today as he had a lump on his neck and terrible breath. Lump was ok but had to have teeth cleaned and a few out + medication £350. So i can't grumble because that's all he's cost me in the 10 yrs i've had him. Got him at 2 yr old.
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