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  1. I've got one but a bit battered and bruised.
  2. Hi gang. I might treat myself to one of these. So where is the best place to buy one from, battery or rechargable, and also the best one to get. Only for general purpose use. Not the headset type. Thanks all.
  3. I wonder if i'm the only one who doesn't drink on here.
  4. All part of buying and selling i'm afraid.
  5. The way i look at it the government have taxed most of us all to the hilt over the years so why shouldn't we have a bit back. They give enough away to other countries they should look after us a bit more.
  6. Spoke to my pal who gave me Bob and he said he will get me another one. Just got to wait till one turns up.
  7. I was at a show once and they fired one of these. The little girl who was stood in front of me her feet come of the ground.😂
  8. Thanks for all kind replies. I got him when he was 3 and had him out every day. He had his share of rabbits. Give it a couple of weeks and i will start looking for another Whippet. Not trying to replace Bob but they are great little dogs. I think i would go crazy if i didn't have a dog. Still got my Beddy x Whip but he's 12.
  9. I lost my dog this week so i know the pain their going through.
  10. The water company wanted £200 to fit it outside but i had it fitted in the kitchen and it was free with the option of having it taking it out if i was not happy with it.
  11. I had a water meter fitted a few months ago and my bill went down from £56 a month to £18 and now down to £14 a month. I should of had one fitted years ago. I dont keep a tally on what i use though.
  12. Why is everything so far away. I'm looking for a trap gun but dont want to travel too far for the reason the gun may not fit.
  13. Hi gang. Just had to have my 11 year old Whippet put to sleep. After being x rayed and having blood tests the vet said it would be kinder to put him down. I'm sitting here sobbing like a baby. Never known grief like it. Good job my Lurcher is here to help console me.
  14. Hi gang. At the moment i'm shooting a Beretta 687 SP 3 and am happy with it. But i fancy a more upmarket gun. Like a DT 11, Perazzi or whatever takes my fancy on the day. But can a 8 to 10 grand gun Be that much better than my £2000 + SP ?. Thanks all.
  15. Hi gang. Now that i'm an old boy i'm thinking of getting one of the above. So do i get an over or under blanket and what make ?. I haven't started wetting the bed yet so i should be safe. Thanks all.
  16. Bit off his food. Toilet ok. Sleep ok. He's 11 so dont work any more. Food meat and biscuit. I think he may of picked up something to eat over the fields where i take him. You know what scavengers dogs are.
  17. Hi gang. My Whippet has been a bit lethargic lately so is there a decent health tonic out there to perk him up a bit ?. Thanks all.
  18. Did we not call them noddy bikes. I think they were Velocettes.
  19. HI gang. Does anyone on here remember the telegram boys that used to ride round on little motorbikes delivering usually bad news. More often than not to tell you that someone in the family had died. I remember them well. Perhaps i should change my user name to oldsamboy.
  20. Recovery, Home start, Relay, Breakdown repair cover. + a few other benefits if i renew.
  21. Hi gang. Just got my AA renewal price in. They want £339.43. I dont think so. Any suggestions ?. Thanks all.
  22. Hi gang. At the moment i am shooting a 687 Silver Pigeon 3 and am shooting well with it. But i Picked up 2 690 blacks on Sunday and they both fitted me a treat. I just cant decide weather it would be worth my while changing my 687 for a 690. What are your views ?. Thanks all.
  23. Whoever it is i won't be watching. I think Bond has had its day. Only my opinion.
  24. I was once told by a vet that once a dog gets to a certain age they don't need a booster. But i don't think kennels will take them in without them being jabbed. I don't bother and i've had twenty dogs and apart from 3 having fits they have all lived to a good age and they are out every day.
  25. Just got back from an hours dog walk and we are like 3 drowned rats.
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