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  1. My suggestion would be to have a look at the Howa mini action for a .222/223 caliber rifle.
  2. This is by design. It keeps the top lever spring off unnecessary tension when the barrels are taken off the gun and stored separate from the receiver, as in a gun case.
  3. It is not too difficult to make a good looking leather covered pad yourself. There are some very good how to DIY videos on YouTube.
  4. Taking the lacquer from a gunstock just by sanding is possible but difficult to do in the proper way. You can recognize most sanded and refinished stocks by the rounded edges of the panels and disappearance of other sharp lines. If you decide to sand the finish off a stock, use a solid but somewhat flexibele sanding block and sand the panels with sanding paper wrapped around a file or other strip of metal to keep the edges sharp. Be sure to check your progress with the receiver so that the panels don’t end up standing shy to the receiver. Also the sharp edges on the panels should meet the lines on the receiver. Have a close look at your fitted stock before you take it off the receiver and you will see what I mean. Finally wash your stock with turpentine or white spirit.. This shows if you have not left any lacquer on which will show a light spot when oiling the stock.
  5. The trick is to cover the paintstripper on the stock with aluminium or kitchen foil so nothing evaporates from the soltution. This speeds up the proces with any paintstripping solution.
  6. Nothing wrong here. If bulging as a result of high pressure would happen in a multi choke gun, it would be no further forward that the spot where the choke meets the bore. Your can check this spot with a choke tube held against the outside of the barrel and flush with the barrel end.
  7. Both are excellent guns that last more than a lifetime if taken proper care of. It is a decision based on looks and not so much on quality of the build and materials. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder here aswell.
  8. Have you considered the difference in weight, balance and handling between an MK60 and an MK70? If not I suggest you take them both in your hands. 1/4-1/2 choke is excellent for both lead and steelshot and I would prefer that to a muzzle heavy multi choked gun.
  9. MK60 models are fixed choke and not steel proofed. Since it is 1/4-1/2 choked it is safe to shoot standard steel cartridges through it. Max. shotsize recommended is 3,25 mm. I own a model 6000 in 1/4-3/4 choke which is the predecessor of the MK60 and have shot steel through it since the ban on leadshot over here in 1993. Never had an issue with it.
  10. Can also be removed with a little toothpaste.
  11. Learned something here, thanks!
  12. To me the plain action matches the laminated furniture on this gun to perfection. I think any added engraving would just disturb the clean and minimalistic image this gun presents.
  13. I would choose either a true sidelock or a true boxlock and not an inbetween like this. To me the High Pheasant models are much more appealing.
  14. I own a Miroku 7000, with polished barrels that are not chrome lined. I clean the bores with a spiral wired steel brush, the one that shows no sharp ends at the threads. This removes any leading and wadding from my gun bores with just a few strokes. Then I put one of those small round cotton cleansing pads (that I nick from my wife’s dressing table) on top of de brush and run this through the bores for a few strokes. After that treatment the bores shine like new and the pads are black from carbon and dirt. Don’t worry about scratching your bores; After about 35 years of use I can honestly tell you that these brushes don’t scratch and most certainly will not do harm to the bores of any shotgun that was produced during your lifetime.
  15. I own a 101 supergrade with the raised side panels like the 6500 has. I can see difference in the dulled receiver top and in the engraving. Are there other differences between these two Winchesters? What I like most about the 101 is that it is the best handling gun I have ever had in my hands.
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