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  1. Learned something here, thanks!
  2. To me the plain action matches the laminated furniture on this gun to perfection. I think any added engraving would just disturb the clean and minimalistic image this gun presents.
  3. I would choose either a true sidelock or a true boxlock and not an inbetween like this. To me the High Pheasant models are much more appealing.
  4. I own a Miroku 7000, with polished barrels that are not chrome lined. I clean the bores with a spiral wired steel brush, the one that shows no sharp ends at the threads. This removes any leading and wadding from my gun bores with just a few strokes. Then I put one of those small round cotton cleansing pads (that I nick from my wife’s dressing table) on top of de brush and run this through the bores for a few strokes. After that treatment the bores shine like new and the pads are black from carbon and dirt. Don’t worry about scratching your bores; After about 35 years of use I can honestly tell
  5. I own a 101 supergrade with the raised side panels like the 6500 has. I can see difference in the dulled receiver top and in the engraving. Are there other differences between these two Winchesters? What I like most about the 101 is that it is the best handling gun I have ever had in my hands.
  6. My mint Winchester 101 XTR lightweight supergrade, built in the eighties.
  7. Howa’s are good, solid rifles, accurate and well built. I do not like the two stage HACT trigger however and have always replaced these with a direct Timney trigger, set to 650 gramms.
  8. Hawke Frontier 5-15x50 has parallax adjustment and is a very good match to the Pard 007.
  9. I was involved in the development of the UF 2001 and 2002 vcsel illuminators, that is to say that I asked the manufacturor of the well known T20 850 and 940 Nm. IR illuminators to develop and produce a new illuminator based on vcsel technology. I tested several prototypes for them and made suggestions for improvements. The 2001 may look more modern but is heavier and less flexible in mounting, so the 2002 is the one to choose. There are a lot more illuminators on the market, most of them much more expensive but not better and certainly not if you consider price-performance ratio.
  10. I am curious to hear your verdict on this new Beretta...
  11. Looks a bit ‘in the white’. Some fine scrollwork might add to te picture. 😁
  12. You can easily repair this yourself with polyurethane expanding constuction glue. I repaired several Browning and Miroke fore ends where parts were broken off completely. Try to open the split a bit from the inside with a knife or other sharp tool and work the glue in completely through te split. Then clamp it in a vice or secure it with masking tape , be sure to maintain the correct position of the part that split or broke off. Don’t remove the exanding glue until is has completely set and you repair is as strong as the wood that you glued together.
  13. Max Ern. http://www.hunting-heritage.com/blog/index.php/2017/03/02/max-ern-gunmakers-engravers/ Just a married couple and their son building best guns.
  14. A beautiful Johann Franzoj Round Action...
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