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Hi Everyone,

Brought a brand new FX crown MK2 in .177 CAL on Saturday 28/08/2021.  Been very unfortunate with it since Saturday.  Cannot get it to group at 15,20 or 30 yards with any pellet for love nor money.  Got a brand new Weihrauch HW100K Bullpup back in may.  Got that all zeroed up with less than 20 JSB Exact 8.44GN pellets no problem.  These FX air rifles are supposed to be the number one airguns nowadays or there abouts.  Taking it back tomorrow.  Can't have that.  Anybody else had the same or similar issues with one of these.

Totally dishearted by it.  Wanna cry

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My local RFD had and FX Dreamline in the other month. He sold it and was helping the customer Zero it it didnt even leave the shop in the end as the reg was playing up so badly that it would fire two pellets and then stick one in the barrel.

In the end it did get sorted but only after having to go back to the importer for a new block. 

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That's a shame .

I believe that  fx guns tend to be either spot on and awesome or really bad .

That's been my experience  from what I've seen so far .I'm lucky to have an fx wildcat from 6 years ago and so far it's not skipped a beat  .

I'd look to a replacement gun as you probably have no idea what's wrong with it and it could be more than 1 thing (most probably  ) hopefully  the replacement  will be an  awesome  one .

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18 hours ago, villaman said:

Have you cleaned the liner with a pull through 

This is a very important point. From new they come heavily gunked up and should be thoroughly cleaned otherwise they will not shoot properly. Most dealers clean the barrels properly before they release the gun but this is not always the case.

My Crown is bang on the money.   

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