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  1. The hymax I’ve got are red, and my remaining old maximums are black. Fourlongs in bb, I bet they threw a good pattern 😂
  2. Interesting, I think some of the different pellet groups would start to open up a bit at longer range. That’s where the quality starts to show up, not so much at shorter range. I got good groups at twenty yards using marksman pellets at £1:37 / 200 box, but at 35 yards they were poor to say the least. Not that 35 yards matters that much for air pistol shooting of course. Thanks for sharing 👍
  3. Yerr, mine were 34 gram, I still have a box of maximum #5’s.
  4. I used to use them and grand prix, both good carts. Also alphamax but I think eley have stopped making alphamax now?
  5. I’ve got a 1517 with two stage trigger, it’s always been good. Had the rifle from new about 12 years?
  6. Nice hw100 fella😁👍
  7. Rimfireboy

    Lead ban

    Regarding energy levels, my hw99 went up by more than 2ft lbs using h&n ftt green compared to lead pellets. Also, they didn’t group at 25 yards but were ok at 30 yards so they must have been stabilising somewhere between 25 and 30. Not good enough for any serious application and much more expensive than lead, so a non starter really. In short, expensive and useless.
  8. Not at all, just ‘avin a larf 😉
  9. ......and not to forget tomato sauce 😁
  10. I don’t think you’ll have much joy at 12ft lbs chaz. I tried .22 slugs in my brocock contour and they were Terry Bull 😕👎.
  11. Rimfireboy

    Lead ban

    At worst it looks like there will be at least five years to use your lead airgun ammo up. Also, indoor target shooting for airguns and rimfires will probably be exempt. Maybe also field target shooting if pellet catchers are used and 90% of used pellets can be collected. Same with smallbore ranges if bullet traps are in place. These exemptions are suggested in the proposals.
  12. Rimfireboy

    Lead ban

    Also, h&n ftt green pushed the muzzle energy of my hw99 up by over 2ft lbs more than lead pellets. So there’s another problem.
  13. JSB are making lead free slugs now, although you probably know more than I do about them vm. I don’t know what weight they are, or if they’re any good, but it looks like that’s the way it’s going to go?
  14. Thanks for that, interesting stuff. I also normally use #7 lead in .410👍
  15. I was just thinking that if you were using #4 shot for energy retention for example, would the pattern be a bit thin? I don’t know as I’ve never come across any steel cartridges in .410.
  16. I didn’t know bismuth was available in .410, I have a sbs choked half and half so maybe I could try steel if or when it’s available, but I can’t see it being much good in a .410? Have you loaded any tss .410 loads?
  17. 😂....I think most did as they seem to be recommending him to get a cz. Nothing wrong with cz’s of course, I have two of them myself, but I get the feeling that he’s answered his own question and as such he should get the anschutz?
  18. He’s already got a cz and he wants a change so................🤔
  19. Yerr, that’s how I remember them too😁
  20. The 42 grain Winchester’s I had weren’t as accurate as the 40 grain in the blue box. Tried them twice, both times not very good for me. My pal found them to be the same. Haven’t bought any since. CCI subs are better in my CZ but my anschutz prefers RWS and SK.
  21. I think Dr Bob is in Yorkshire?
  22. I put some of that Camo tape on my .410 hushpower mod and it didn’t seem any quieter to me.......😂
  23. If it’s time for a change you’ve answered your own question. I have both and as above, the anschutz is a higher quality piece. The cz will just keep working and doing what it was made for, nothing more, nothing less. As tools, they both do the job👍
  24. But not 581 or 511 unfortunately.
  25. You say they won’t load, by that, do you mean they won’t chamber? If it’s been used with shorts for a long period of time the shorts will have created a burn ring in the chamber, stopping a longer cartridge from chambering. If that’s the case, it will need a good scrub to remove the residue.
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