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  1. Use what you like if they do the job. How can you overkill a pigeon? Better than wounding it. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  2. Yerr, I’ve had quite a few sk’s from there, I don’t know anywhere else in Notts area who sells them. Only other places I’ve seen them is livens and forest lodge. Good accurate and consistent ammo imo😁👍
  3. Did you have the vase done at the same time?😁👍
  4. Useful video Sam, thanks for sharing 😁👍
  5. Yerr, others around me are doing nowt, they’re only interested in pheasants, partridges and ducks. Whereas I prefer pest control. I’d take a good day on squirrels over a day on driven pheasant any day.😁
  6. Ive been shooting and trapping them for forty years and I’m still shooting them and trapping them just as much as ever. I don’t believe that they’ll ever be gone.
  7. Being forced to reduce numbers would be very difficult to police though, if landowners didn’t put much effort into it and just made a token effort for example? And who’s going to check on every piece of land, woodland, garden etc in the country, they live in a dream world......the vast majority of the population won’t give two hoots about grey squirrels, alive or dead, so they aren’t going to put any effort into controlling them. But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong?😁
  8. Good result pc, what gun is that fella?😁
  9. I’m going to try a smaller bore whip off my dive bottle before going any further. There’s not much to these pumps really, mainly tubes and o rings and a couple of one way ball valves. What more can go wrong?
  10. Yerr, came with a bag of spare seals etc👍
  11. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjZ64H5rO7uAhVVZxUIHRjwDPsQwqsBMAF6BAgFEAg&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DP2VwlgV5OS8&usg=AOvVaw1twX8Ti-EfUWEE_dueZMgx
  12. Put some oil on a penny and gently rub the penny over the rust with the tip of your finger. The penny will remove light rust without marking the blueing. Try this before using abrasives, sounds daft, but it works. I’ve used this method myself.
  13. Probably C P and his daft followers.......
  14. Just a thought, have you enquired at your local fire station? They might be willing to fill your dive bottle, maybe for a small donation.
  15. I bought this one for £17 but the one way valve doesn’t work properly. They gave me a refund and told me to keep it, so I’m going to strip it down and see what, if anything, I can do with it. It looks exactly the same pump as the £40-50 pumps though?
  16. I don’t think they can be beaten for the money, good build quality and one of the best triggers. Good standard, even better tuned and you know it will last and last and just keep working.
  17. I had a sharp ace .22, blow off valve kicked in on the fourth pump, it was up to ten ft lbs on three pumps. The sharp victory was nicer than the ace imo, but they were rare, probably cost a fair bit more to manufacture?
  18. In .177 I use h&n finale match pistol, very fast and flatten on impact. I’ve used rws super-h-point .22 at 26ft lb but accuracy is terrible beyond 30 yards, close range though, take some beating if you have an fac rated rifle.
  19. I run 18 grain jsb’s at 34.5 ft lbs, tried them at 40 ft lb (1000fps) and they’re really zinging, but don’t achieve any better results, just use more air imo.
  20. It took them long enough to get lead ones to work properly, and some of them still don’t. Not a remoaner by any chance?
  21. If you can hit anything smaller than a tin can with it...........
  22. Yerr, eu want to ban them but if they do it won’t mean they’re banned here as this latest lead ban proposal was a month after we left. Anyway, all this effort that has been put into the new slugs will have been a waste of time and investment for the manufacturers.
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