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  1. I have a 12 litre 300 bar bottle. It lasts ages, even with an fac air rifle running at 40ft lbs. costs £4:00 for a fill and 20 minutes drive each way so I’m ok with that. I have four pcp’s and the 12 litre bottle copes easily with keeping them in air for vermin shooting and a bit of plinking and target practice.
  2. I’ve got a mk2 impact .22 fac and it’s brilliant, would be good in .25 as well...
  3. That’s probably where to start, clean the barrel and try again, the smooth twist x barrels are usually really accurate.
  4. I’ve chrono’d lots of carts through hushpower fourten. The eley fourlongs may be listed 1300fps, but they aren’t through a hushpower ported barrel. Both the 2” and 3” eleys are a lot faster than the 2.5’’ hence the 2.5” fourlongs being so quiet. I don’t have the fourten hushpower now though, just a sbs and I only tend to use 3” carts in that.
  5. Yerr, but they’re really slow. I chrono’d them at 750fps through hushpower. As you say though, really quiet.
  6. As you say though, regarding a stuck bullet, a proper .224 rifle bullet would be too tight in the bore I reckon. Wouldn’t want to try one. The airgun slugs are .217 so not so tight.
  7. Well, as I have no magnum caps, the standard small rifle caps produce a whopping 12.7ft lbs at the muzzle with airgun slugs 😂👎
  8. How many shots will it hold zero for? I remember those flimsy things, had a Webley 4x15 on my Vulcan, spent most of the time re-zeroing it😂
  9. Good result sam😀👍
  10. How long have you had the webley’s? Last time I had those was when I had my Vulcan in 1979😀. Good result anyway fella👍
  11. Not tried that, but cb caps I use are around 30ft lb, not 15. I might try some h&n airgun slugs in a hornet case with just a primer cap. Could be interesting?
  12. I’m pretty sure they’re over fifty years old fella, 1960’s I think.
  13. Still available in high velocity hollow point though, which is a bit odd? .22 subs will be faster out of a 16” barrel than a 26’’ barrel. All the powder has burned and pressure dropped before 16’’.
  14. With those hoops to jump through for something that has less energy than a catapult, you may as well have a live firing pistol. Aren’t they still legal in Northern Ireland?
  15. It does say precision on the tin😂
  16. Sk standard plus I’ve found to be very accurate 😀👍just a shame I can’t get the subsonic hollow point sk’s any more.
  17. The first lot of 38 grain (white box) eley’s I had were carp. I bought 200 more recently and they’ve been ok. Having said that, the sk’s have been brilliant but can’t get them any more. I’ve got some cci subs to try, I used to use them years ago and they were good, but not as accurate as the green box eley’s. Why did eley change a winner?
  18. Good shooting, your lad is the spitting image of you😀👍
  19. Good shooting pc😀👍
  20. That’s extra value alright 😀👍
  21. British hand loaded in a foreign made case.......disgraceful 😂
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