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  1. What order times are these figgy? Are jsb’s going to run out? If so I’d better stock up😁
  2. If there’s no witnesses to the incident, I don’t think it’s likely that anyone will be brought to justice. Unfortunately, the best that you can probably hope for is that it was a one off incident, still no excuse for that sort of behaviour of course. It sickens me when I read about people doing such things.
  3. Thanks for the heads up 👍
  4. Yerr, you’ll have a good weekend shooting that fella. Enjoy😀👍
  5. Feinwerkbau sport is still one of my favourite break barrel air rifles. Lovely things😀👍
  6. Good result steve😀👍
  7. I have the 400 xtreme 3:1/2 inch and it will cycle 24 gram 2 inch no problem.
  8. Probably best if it’s under warranty 👍
  9. What power range is it running at with the reg at 140 deejay? I have the same model in .22 and I’ve set the reg at 95 bar and it’s running 22ft lb min to 40ft lb max on the power wheel without touching the air flow. Obviously it will go higher, but shot count is incredible as it is.
  10. Don’t think worms will help😂
  11. I think that I must be in the same world as you busbiter 😀👍
  12. CB longs are ok at 25-30 yards, beyond that accuracy goes off. RWS Z Lang are more accurate and more powerful, but that might be a disadvantage in your situation. I’ve recently been using s&b .22 shorts, dirt cheap and does the job at those ranges. One other advantage of CB longs is that they’re so quiet using a moderator, that you only hear a click of the firing pin. If you choose CB longs, shoot a few groups at your intended range and condition your barrel to them, as they tend to improve in accuracy after twenty shots or so.
  13. Edwood Woodpigeon......🐦 it wood have been hungry or it wood not have eaten the wood. 😀
  14. Wood pigeon on GL42 can be taken to stop them eating livestock feed and to prevent spread of disease and to prevent serious damage to crops, fruit, vegetables. You can’t shoot them because you want to eat them. It depends what you’ve got in your garden and if they’re doing any of these things? If not, you can’t shoot them.
  15. I think velocity is going to be borderline at 12ft to stabilise slugs. They might start off fast enough, but down range they might lose the plot? Hopefully they work, it will be interesting to find out.👍
  16. FX dreamlite compact? edit to say sorry, just realised it’s got to be air arms😬
  17. Smaller, lighter and more powerful. Have you considered a .22 rimfire? Cheaper as well, and they tend to work forever with very little maintenance.
  18. It will be interesting to see how you get on with them, expensive though, about the same price as .22 rimfire ammunition.
  19. Nice job, you just need Roger Taylor now to go with it😀
  20. As said before, it’s there in black and white.
  21. The general license runs from 1st January to 31st December. Each license can be used for all listed birds on that license for the purposes listed on that license using any firearm, including semi automatic weapons, shotguns or airguns throughout the duration of the license. If you were shooting them just for sport or to eat them however, then it would be treated as wildfowling and the standard season and suitable shotgun and ammunition would then apply.
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