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Dogs ???.


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Hi gang.

              I'll never understand them. I have a Whippet and a Beddy x Whippet.  They have a kennel each which have duvet's in them so they are warm and

               dry and away from any draughts. But every morning i go to take them out they have pulled the duvet's out of the kennels and are sleeping

               on them on the shed floor. Or failing that the Whippet in particular likes to sleep under the yew tree as some of my past dogs have. 

               Just don't make sense. They spend quite a few hours with me indoors but by 10 pm they want to go out.  Dogs and women we'll never

                know what makes them tick. 

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My dog would still sometimes even in winter drag her bedding out and just lie in her bed with no bedding at all. If its a warm dry night she will sometimes curl up in a ball and sleep out under the stars in her kennel run.

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Mines the same two lurcher sisters in a kennel and run one pulls all the covers out and sleeps on them in the run . But when the suns shinning the same one lay's in the full sun panting her head off and the otherone lie's in the shade 

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