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Oh dear am I doing the right thing


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11 minutes ago, Sempers said:

I can see Pip working for her, suits her.

I was thinking of  CHIP but S.W.M.O didn't  like it .

Then one day last week I was mulling over names and thought PIP and my Mrs came into the room and said I've got a name for her and came out with PIP I burst out laughing  and she asked why so I told her literally  5 mins ago I had thought of pip

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She certainly  has and I couldn't have asked for a better start. Picked her and her sister up  at 9am to go get their 1st jab and microchip . Vet gave them both a clean bill of health . Brought them home bathed them (kennel stink). They had a daft half hour chasing each other round and playing tug o war with the toys then fed ect with plenty of trips outside with toilet command . My nephew picked her sister up  when he finished work (he bred them).

Pip spent the rest of the day following me round the house and laying at my  feet  when I sat down . . She had a couple oh stints in cage and just slept . . Put her in when  we ate and again she just slept . Couple of 5 min play sessions  and outside with toilet command and wee'd each time . F/F to 10.30pm out for toilet then cage for bed ..

Expecting  a rough 1st night .

Wrong!!! Not a pÚep out of her till 5.30am started whinging came downstairs cage dry took her outside and she done both . Well done PIP . I'll  give her a bit play back outside and see where we go from there  .

But early signs promising20230911_191627.jpg.90352b46c06cd665f8b9dd3c7759e2c2.jpg20230911_185559.jpg.efbfcef3d75219cfc9515676f79fa10e.jpg



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She's way better than expected  ...... I know its early days but she is xlnt in the cage overnight  , put her to bed between 10.30pm and 11pm and she has a 2 min whinge then not a peep till between 5am -7am when she'll  whine ....come down let her out Into the garden and she does both . 

Twice yesterday we put her in the cage in the boot of the xtrail  and she's  fine while travelling. 

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