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Trout pool


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It depends on the size of the thing. Certainly I stocked trout in my pond maybe, now, forty five years ago. The pond was but six feet deep at the deepest and thirty-five yards by thirty-five yards with stream water coming in on the north side and, when the pond reached its usual height running off by a sluice to the south side. There was no aerator. But unless you stock what are known as "triploid" rainbow trout they turn a horrible black, apparently, over winter. But given even a basic skill set any anglers will have the trout out PDQ. I've also fished on the Paris Fly Club water alongside Longchamps racecourse. That had trout and bass! No aerator there either and, again, fed by a stream only.

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Hello, as long as the pond got a good in take and out take water supply you should be ok, but if that dries to a trickle in summer you could look at an aerator , as for types of trout get some advice from a fish farm, your need to get the water analysed to and look at some barley straw bales near the in take stream

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