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  1. hi all due to lack of work for her i have decided to look for a new home for my wee pup she is 9 month old as is of good breeding, she hasnt done much work but is keen with lots of life! pup with sire the sire is a fully trained shooting dog from multi FTC stock dam and sire the dam has worked it whole life and worked every thing from mice to mink and fox ime wanting £100 not as a price for the dog to but to ensure who ever gets it is serious about her and wond pass it on like a playing card in cumbria pm for more info
  2. ive met a few on hear (henryd and fabbarmgammaboy) and i know a few lads who have turned up on hear (one was a guy who used to own a gun shop . happyhunt) all have been very good lads i would imagian most lads on hear are
  3. i was offerd the mink job a few years back but turned it down due to the amount of red tape involved in it all. it will work if they let a few people who know their oats lose on the island with a load of traps and no red atpe other than the current trapping laws but it wont happen and what ever they do it will be too late anyhow
  4. bushnell black dimond, you mayyy find one for your budget but their very good
  5. well gents as snipe season opens on the 12th who among us will be in the bogs looking for one or two i know i will hopefully get a brace numbers dont show up hear till the frosts arive.
  6. or the few that have been shot........
  7. rem 700 short action vssf 22-250 jewel trigger wildcat t8 mod burris blackdimond scope this is a very very accurate set up and is about the best ive had
  8. hi dave, what dose the hcstand for ime just down by whitehaven
  9. we used to use them and they were about the same price and we used sako mainly but they were about £45 a box too! the 270 is a costly gun to feed! the .300win mag was cheaper!
  10. yeh i know barrow island well, and walney for that matter i have lots of famlie at dalton and askham as well as barrow, now ime away up the coast just near whitehaven, i used to do a bit of mouching around burlinton quarry and burkrigg common ahh happy days....do you know "brady" who used to frequent/run the robin hood pub ?
  11. hi bud ime not far from you, my dad was a legend in vickers shooting club back when it was vickers lol where abouts in barrow are you?
  12. the old pw arms was on like a "channel" thing and you could from memory chat to other people if you changed to other chats now its late and i may have dreamed this but i think thats about right,
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