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  1. If that’s who you give your business to I have no doubt if you visit grimsthorpe you will have no problem paying 32p a clay as you will see the work and effort they have put into the ground Gordon
  2. Yes Alan has sold the business the Chipman family have taken it over Gordon
  3. Pinewood has now changed owners you can get a cuppa still a good shoot Gordon
  4. Heard it mate thought you had dropped your wallet
  5. goo1

    Chequering tools

    Get in touch with Paul Thompson (stocks refinished / slippery ****) on Facebook he usually has some Gordon
  6. Are these ambidextrous and is PayPal ok thanks Gordon
  7. Ian Medley will sort your firing pins he’s in wolviston Gordon
  8. Same happened with me browning jacket was lost in the post then up for sale later Gordon
  9. goo1

    Miruko mk38 stock

    There’s a new one one the bay Gordon
  10. The problem is mate the sponsors know exactly how they conduct themselves and it doesn’t effect there sponsorship
  11. I only shoot clays would I buy a game gun no i wouldn’t Gordon
  12. Thanks for that he is a fisherman also Gordon
  13. Hi I have a friend who would like to have a go at clay pigeon shooting around the reading area can anyone recommend any grounds Thanks Gordon
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