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  1. Received jacket great condition and fast delivery thanks Gordon
  2. I’ll have this thanks Gordon
  3. This could be right up my street mate if you don’t have to see it
  4. My local ground has a booking system also accepts walk ins end up with cueing
  5. Been a couple of times lately couple of new stands have been put and a couple have been changed also fibre only now
  6. Get yourself down mate
  7. Will a 32 inch barrel shotgun fit in this and will you post it thanks Gordon
  8. Yes for the Kuhl Rydr jeans can you send me payment details thanks Gordon
  9. If that’s who you give your business to I have no doubt if you visit grimsthorpe you will have no problem paying 32p a clay as you will see the work and effort they have put into the ground Gordon
  10. Yes Alan has sold the business the Chipman family have taken it over Gordon
  11. Pinewood has now changed owners you can get a cuppa still a good shoot Gordon
  12. Heard it mate thought you had dropped your wallet
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