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  1. I only shoot clays would I buy a game gun no i wouldn’t Gordon
  2. Thanks for that he is a fisherman also Gordon
  3. Hi I have a friend who would like to have a go at clay pigeon shooting around the reading area can anyone recommend any grounds Thanks Gordon
  4. As I haven’t received this jacket and your not replying to any pms could you transfer my money back Gordon
  5. I’ll have the Barbour Shirt pm sent Gordon
  6. Could you reply to pms regarding delivery thanks Gordon
  7. Admin could you move this post to other sales Thanks Gordon
  8. goo1

    Cartridges for sale

    Sold to Geordie Ash
  9. 250 Hull Cartridge Sterling Game 34grm 4 shot fibre £75 Gamebore Black Gold 150 30grm 4s fibre 100 36grm 4s fibre £75 collection only from Billingham TS23 with a Sgc Will swap for 3 slabs of 28grm plastic wad
  10. goo1

    Cartridges for sale

    Now sold to scaffman73
  11. Caledonian long reach 12g 32grm 4 shot 70mm plastic wad 1300 in total pick up only from Billingham TS23 with a sgc £250
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