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  1. goo1

    Clothing sale

    I am sorry for describing your transaction as c**p nothing personal but when someone asks for payment I expected them to be mine
  2. goo1

    Clothing sale

    This is **** if you said the other buyer had first option I wouldn’t have minded but to say yes and ask for payment receive payment them say there sold what happened to the first to say yes on the post gone Gordon payment details sent
  3. goo1

    Clothing sale

    Payment sent for shirts Gordon
  4. goo1

    Clothing sale

    Can I have the two shirts please Gordon
  5. About the same reception we got there
  6. Received jacket great condition and fast delivery thanks Gordon
  7. I’ll have this thanks Gordon
  8. This could be right up my street mate if you don’t have to see it
  9. My local ground has a booking system also accepts walk ins end up with cueing
  10. Been a couple of times lately couple of new stands have been put and a couple have been changed also fibre only now
  11. Get yourself down mate
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