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  1. I see you already live in Scotland and I am sure you know what happened to the previous chief medical officer for Scotland who went for a wee drive. We have to stay at home and not do any unnecessary traveling so there is an official notice in Scotland and I am sure the rest of the UK. I would wait until the 25th of the month and see if things ease up a little. When and where is it that you are due to go. I had a trip over to the outer islands planned for the end of May and a trip to Orkney for end of August, I managed to cancel both my accommodation and ferry's with full refunds.
  2. I worked offshore in the North Sea for 30+ years and that statement would only have come from a few brave heart supporters. Anyone with a bit of savvy who works in the north sea knows different. The oil & gas in the Irish sea and the North sea belongs to the oil company who has the rights to drill for it and they then pay the tax`s accordingly to the country who has given them the drilling rights.
  3. So going back to the initial question, what are we missing and just how did this panic buying get started. was it Donalds fake news ?
  4. SNP want to do away with the reliance on fossil fuels with more wind & wave energy producers so as a Scott who voted NO in the yes - no referendum I dont think they will want to make a big statement again about the oil in the north, North Sea belonging to the people of Scotland. Smoke & mirrors or wind and ****
  5. say for 2 adults X number of trips to the loo a day (for a No 2) by the number of sheets used (unknown) for 14 days I dont think you would need a bulk panic buy of bog roll, just your weekly or monthly shopping when you would normally buy it, especially as most of the large supermarkets do home delivery. it just shows how a large amount of people are like sheep and just follow because someone has suggested it. The mass purchase of bog roll world wide has gone viral quicker than the actual virus.
  6. Recycle news papers just like the good old days you can always do the odd crossword when on the loo.
  7. for a blended whisky well worth it, got a bottle in tescos for £15 and just about to pour one
  8. I re-wax my leather boots regularly but it would appear that I am just layering the wax up and only adding more wax onto the existing wax and not getting into the actual leather. Can anyone suggest a way to remove old wax before applying new. I usually warm the boots up in the cupboard next to my hot water tank before waxing.
  9. I know it is an emotive subject but why do these so called lovers of the planet and tree huggers want to cause all this disruption and affect others daily life. We all love our planet and I believe that the vast majority of us do our little bit. Industry has changed vastly in the last 60 years or more and is continuing to change but we know that it will take more time. What we all do now will make a small change but I dont see any way of doing things any quicker especially if USA, China and some other countries dont give a toss. These rent a mob crowd who glue themselves onto buildings and chain themselves onto structures should be left out in the weather elements and dont give them the publicity that they demand with the vast cost to the public pocket. Maybe turn a fire hose on a wide sprinkler setting and say the streets are being washed down. people go on about global warming but the planet has and still is evolving who knows we may even have another ice age in a millennium or two the planet survived the previous one.
  10. big bad lindz


    do you mean his death, or when he took over power. Rhodesia was once a very sustainable country with massive resources and it all went pair shaped when he took over and will never be the same again.
  11. Yes they are back. I have seen a good number flying around and in the new cut silage and last night heard a large skein flying over the house with a full moon, Soon be time to dust down `big bertha` these have likely to have been sort of local to me as I know they summer in the hills of East Sutherland and Caithness roosting on the smaller inner lochs but hopefully will soon be down on the Firth and followed by the Pinks in October.
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