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  1. I dont know if it is because I am from an older generation but I have always been a bit suspicious of downloading anything for free off the web, someone had to work on building the software package so why give it away are there any catches that you cant see ?? I can be at times an old and a bit cynical ******* but I may be wrong with this. Cheers for the info anyway
  2. thanks Deker, I will bear that in mind when I get a new one. Not going to burst the bank I am just looking at something that will coverall my basic home computing stuff.
  3. thanks for your reply's guys. I wont be able to get into a PC world until Thursday at the earliest so I will see what they say. You mentioned Open Office, I take it is all compatible with word and my existing files when transferred over onto new laptop will work ok I only use the lap top for basic home office type of letter writing and some spread sheets photos & surfing the net. The mrs has all the house keeping stuff on Money which I think we still have the original codes for although may be out of date now. Thanks about the security info I will bare that in mind. I supp
  4. Hi guys, My current lap top is slowly giving up so I am looking at getting a new one. I do not play games or watch movies, mostly used as a home office and surfing. My question is, as I currently have Notron security and MS office if I buy a new lap top are these transferable on to a new lap top. I have already backed up all my files onto an external hard drive will Norton & office also be transferred onto the drive so when I load them onto a new lap top I will have them. I dont know what lap top I am going for and what systems will come with it. but I dont want to be badgere
  5. Last weekend I lifted my early potatoes that I had growing in raised beds in my poly tunnel. When eating the potatoes they appear to have a tainted taste but cant quite identify it. The raised beds were made from old (10 years +) pressure treated sleepers that I acquired. As the sleepers were not deep enough by themselves I raised the height by attaching two 4" fence posts again recycled from my garden. I did not treat the sleepers again but I did give the old fence posts a coat of Creocote the modern equivalent of the old fashioned creosote and I am beginning to wonder if has given the spuds
  6. going to make a start later, going to be busy in the garden now,
  7. Just had my insurance renewal for our 2nd car a Puegot 108. Gone up by £60. May not sound a lot but its the principle. The car is a year older, my mileage has been reduced and I still have to pay more. Shop around time yet again
  8. +1 have to agree thats a very light colored Golden Retriever defiantly the tail is a give away. I have been breeding them for years.
  9. left and right silver birch with a year load of fire wood in the middle distance ?? lol
  10. I see you already live in Scotland and I am sure you know what happened to the previous chief medical officer for Scotland who went for a wee drive. We have to stay at home and not do any unnecessary traveling so there is an official notice in Scotland and I am sure the rest of the UK. I would wait until the 25th of the month and see if things ease up a little. When and where is it that you are due to go. I had a trip over to the outer islands planned for the end of May and a trip to Orkney for end of August, I managed to cancel both my accommodation and ferry's with full refunds.
  11. I worked offshore in the North Sea for 30+ years and that statement would only have come from a few brave heart supporters. Anyone with a bit of savvy who works in the north sea knows different. The oil & gas in the Irish sea and the North sea belongs to the oil company who has the rights to drill for it and they then pay the tax`s accordingly to the country who has given them the drilling rights.
  12. So going back to the initial question, what are we missing and just how did this panic buying get started. was it Donalds fake news ?
  13. SNP want to do away with the reliance on fossil fuels with more wind & wave energy producers so as a Scott who voted NO in the yes - no referendum I dont think they will want to make a big statement again about the oil in the north, North Sea belonging to the people of Scotland. Smoke & mirrors or wind and ****
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