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  1. big bad lindz


    Are you talking about snow today ?? we had snow at the end of September and in October,
  2. big bad lindz


    do you still have 8 & 11
  3. big bad lindz

    Loader at shoot, newbie

    Hi all, I have just been asked to be a loader at a upmarket shoot that I have been beating at for the past few seasons and I am chuffed at being asked. As I have only ever done this type of loading before on a relaxed simulated clay flush day, is there anything that I should be aware of apart form not running out of cartridges at a stand. I wont know until the day if it will be double gunning but most of the days that I have seen from the beaters line its mostly but not always a single gun to be loaded. Cheers, BBL
  4. big bad lindz

    Findhorn Bay wildfowling mediation to begin

    The Poseidon adventure ?? thought it was going to lossie ? can the MOD afford to have two bases so close
  5. big bad lindz

    Findhorn Bay wildfowling mediation to begin

    Unfortunately it is mostly visiting guns to to Scotland for the free shore shooting access that end up spoiling it in some areas. Although there clubs in various areas around the coasts they cant stop or charge anyone for shooting and personally there is no etiquette in shore wild fowling just a little bit of common sense and a polite request to move further along the shore.
  6. big bad lindz


    Only ever shot grays & pinks so cant comment on canada geese but cant see much difference. pan fried skinless breast lightly seasoned with salt in a little in butter & olive oil for around 5-8 minutes each side place in a hot oven for another 10 minutes or so slice and serve with mashed sweet potato and a red berry sauce. You can brown the slices back in the frying pan fro a couple of seconds if you dont like your meat rare, almost like a steak. Mince the breasts and have it anaway you like mince, burgers, meat balls, chilli, bolonagise etc etc breasts cut into finger thick strips and stir fry, great for mexician fajita kit or add your favorite chinese sauce. Use your imagination I treat it like beef
  7. big bad lindz

    Forres, Nairn & District Wildfowling Association

    When are they planning that as I thought the base was now being used by the army or it was going to be closed completely
  8. big bad lindz

    Forres, Nairn & District Wildfowling Association

    As I am attending the Findhorn Coastal Rowing club regatta at the end of September I am not sure if I am going to go over to Findhorn for a couple of days staying in my caravan and if I did I thought that I might try some fowling in a new area to me. Never having been on that side of the coast I thought I should get in touch with some local wildfowlers as I know that there has been grief with local incomer tree huggers and it would be better for me to have some info up front before I take my shooting gear over with me.
  9. Has anyone the contact details for Forres, Nairn & District Wildfowling Association. Cheers, BBL
  10. big bad lindz

    a flight in febuary ( scotland)

    When Ross came out with me a couple of years back, he left his partner in Inverness on a cold 2nd of January and drove all the way up to Dornoch to do some `bird watching` on the shore. I think he is man enough, the Cairngorms a wee bit further away and I think his partner is a very tolerant person, after all, it is a family break he is having so could be more than his partner involved. Ross, as previously you would be more than welcome to come up again. I havent been down the shore much myself this season as weather, tides and work have all been wrong for me but I hope for a few outings in the next week or so. Enjoy your family break the Cairngorms in February can be great, I have been snowed in with temperatures @ -18* so don't forget your thermal long johns Cheers, BBL
  11. big bad lindz

    North Sea oil rig part evacuated due to storms

    apparently there are known issues with the structure and the initial down manning of non esintial work force is a precaution but I cant understand why not everyone is down manned.
  12. big bad lindz

    Watch out for armed bears

    try telling that to the bobbys when your fire arms go missing they will `bearley` believe that one. it may keep goldilocks away from his porridge
  13. big bad lindz

    Bah humbug....

    An old song tells us there are 12 days of Christmas and none of them are in ******* November so lets leave it until December hum bug
  14. big bad lindz

    Favourite Country Songs

    To many to chose from. This goes back to some older singer song writers, Waylon Jennings, Johny Cash, Patsy Cline, James Taylor, Jim Crochet to name just a few and up to some of the younger singer song writers like Dixie Chicks, Leanne Rimes. Depends in the mood I am in but I do enjoy a wide variety but there is also a lot of country music that sucks.
  15. big bad lindz

    Paramo waterproof jacket and Leon grant skeet vest

    PM sent regarding the Paramo