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  1. I hope so, I "canny" be farsed with them I just dont understand how some people cant or wont see the big picture
  2. very glad we are still part of the Union I dont know where we would be without the bigger financial backing of GB. Going back to the topic, both of them are very good with words and getting a message across to there followers and hangers on. If the outcome of the Scottish Parliament (council) investigation doesn't change things then If she gets her own way in the May elections then I think unfortunately we will have the indy ref nonsense all over again and hopefully it will fail again and then just maybe she will fall on her sword just like her once mentor and best friend did and the res
  3. Unfortunately, but please dont tarnish us all with the same brush. Interesting to read some of the comments and mostly from guys south of border. I personally dont like the little Jimmy Krankie or the SNP politics but I do believe she has handled the C19 situation in Scotland well. There will be some fallout from this and hopefully it will be seen in the forthcoming "scottish county council " elections although it will be difficult to over throw the hard core central belt but division within the ranks is what I want
  4. I will take the remaining 3 thanks, PM payment details please
  5. I am no lawyer but I am sure that if you and your wife are in agreement to the changes and there no issues then a letter stating the changes signed by both of you and witnessed then given to ever holds your current will should be enough and not cost anything. ??
  6. typical, After I have been watching 100`s of pinks coming into fields near me all last week but I couldnt get out then, I went this morning and not a one to be seen. Some grays flew over but in the distance. we have had snow in the area but not as much as the central belt areas but hardly any left on the ground and not to hard a frost. I suppose it is just your luck. Anyway still have a few days for decoying left and onto the shore for a couple of weeks in feb.
  7. apart from the venues what else did the guide provide, decoys, hides, transport ??. I know that some guides feed splash ponds for the ducks but geese usually free range on stubble and grass. Most land owners want the geese moved off the fields and should not charge the guide for providing a service. The guide may provide the landowners with a bottle or two. In my opinion price should be agreed up front even if the locations change and no bag charge. fortunately for me I have free shooting (bottle of rum provided for permission) on land close to me. Up early on Saturday morning set out d
  8. ripley's raspberry ripples in the original was a great sight for a teenage boy
  9. are these still available ?? if so can you PM me cheers, BBL
  10. Hi anyone use or have used a Bettinsoli Overland EL, not the deluxe model i am trying to find a second hand price I cant find much info on this particular gun but plenty info for the other Bettinsoli guns. Looking to use both on clays and game / rough shooting
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, its been a while and last time it was still a paper trail. BBL
  12. Can anyone tell me where to find shotgun transfer forms in the police Scotland web site. They have a section snares & weapon transfers but it only mentions snares. I am thinking of buying a shotgun from a friend but I cant see the details. Cheers, BBL
  13. There is not much in the diffrence but I am just thinking that its a mixed gun cant find any at that price ??
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