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  1. Dick

    .577 Rifle

    Wanted.....a .577 Martini Henry rifle in hood condition. Want to shoot it so will go on FAC.
  2. Dick

    Breda, semi auto parts

    It was taken in last Thursday. You could give them a call. Its surprising what they have in the spares bin that doesn't get to the auction.
  3. Dick

    Breda, semi auto parts

    There will be one in Holts sale. It is in very good condition and will probably only fetch £70. May take a few days to get listed as was only taken in on Thursday.
  4. I will only use it for clays. Mainly Sporting and Skeet.
  5. I am looking to buy a Benelli semi auto. Went to a simulated game day, there was a guy there with one....fired around 250 19gram, felt, 12g with no problems at all. Any comments / opinions
  6. Dick

    Formula 1

    Just turned the television on. Thought it was a car race......so far a silly political protest about poor disadvantaged black people!!
  7. I can not and never could understand why our coloured friends are so damed sensitive. I think that the Lewis Hamilton thing is a disgrace and how Mercedes allows him to make political statements using their brand beggars belief. I just want to watch cars racing, I don't want a political lecture on why some of our coloured friends think that they were disadvantaged 200 years ago. It should be born in mind that a vast majority of slaves were captured by black tribal factions and sold to white slavers. I don' agree with slavery but at the time it was legal and acceptable......it isn't now an
  8. Dick

    Premium bonds.

    The odds against winning are about 36000:1. So if you have the maximum, £50000, you should win something every month. It will most likely be £25 or multiples there of as that is what there is most of.
  9. Dick

    noisy planes

    May be because you live near a bombing range. I get them over me sometimes.
  10. The more traps you use the better chance you have. Keep persevering, they can be elusive but will get caught out in the end.
  11. Elderkins of Spalding did them as well......
  12. How is it that so many Scots live outside Scotland? Answer........jobs. I have lived, worked, fished and shot in Scotland never met anyone who wants independence. Certain level of autonomy, yes, independence, no. They are a valued part of the UK, as is Wales and NI........we should stay together.
  13. Dick


    Wanted...a .410 side by side. 3" chambers. Hammerless.
  14. So why hasn't the Syrian government arrested her for terrorism?
  15. )is one like this of any interest
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