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  1. For the multi choke yes, can’t remember for the fixed but I don’t think so it was awhile ago.
  2. Send it to Teague and have them open up the chokes to suit you. Well worth I had a Kemen done and another multi choke both fantasy and his work is brilliant
  3. It depends a £200 Schmidt and Bender 6x42 will last a lifetime even second hand, against a new £200 4-12x50, the Schmidt’s glass will outshine it all day and more importantly all evening.
  4. Good gun very under estimated check the hand for cracks. I agree with other about 1k is right.
  5. Sounds like a 007 will be better.
  6. Has anyone tried one of these? looking for something easy for the air rifle and possible a 22 save keep moving the PARD 008 about. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Megaorei3-IR-Lase-200-300M-Hunting-Optical-Night-Vision-Scope-with-USB-Charger-/373834591518?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  7. Now that’s a hard to find gun, I’d love one. What a great piece of kit this is shame I don’t need a 20
  8. It looks a little like Adam Calvert’s logo made an early version?
  9. I’ve had Chams for 10 years now they got replaced but another pair not because their unserviceable but because my wife says they are now look tired and scruffy, coupled with she wanted to buy my a nice birthday present. So I’ve got a nice old comfy pair to wear and smart pair to watch the kids play rugby in🤪 My Aigles are not as comfy but get worn strimmering etc but are still tough and going strong, I just don’t like walking in them. Buy which ever fits you best. This sounds like a which shotgun response!!!!!
  10. If you near me I’ve a few hundred you can have.
  11. That’s fine if the customer turns up in a timely fashion a week or two is not unusual the record here is 11 months!
  12. You will need to get there in their timeline to do that. I wouldn’t offer it as a service.
  13. The RFD is required to physically check the serial number on the gun not box and book the gun into there ledger and check it’s been proofed.
  14. As others have said the original Gun Trader company went into liquidation to avoid claims and reopened as Gun Trader Media. All of use with contacts had them moved to the new company without consultation.
  15. Used them for years very and reliable worth the money.
  16. Is it a modern Churchill Regal or and old one? Having worked for Churchill’s I maybe able to offer abit more info if you want to PM me.
  17. The problem with down jackets is they don’t work when wet like the sleeping bags, they are however the best imho if you know you can keep them dry.
  18. Easy the fork lift never struggles 😆
  19. I wear a monsoon stalking with the right layers it’s great totally waterproof and wind proof. I don’t find it over sweaty but then don’t run about in it. I do sweat when I’m dragging deer but I’d do that in a t shirt.
  20. If shooting got group size I prefer not to see the fall of shot it prevents chasing the error and subconsciously adjusting the point of aim to get the shot into the group.
  21. Hi what barrel has it go on it and what’s the round count please I assume it’s a 30”?
  22. S200 mk3 177 with factory magazine £250 f2f or postage at cost. Good condition but used. PM for photos.
  23. welshwarrior

    Air rifle

    S200 mk3 in 177 any good?
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