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  1. Craig1982 that’s a mint Landy. I’d have one, but they are a labour of love and cannot be bothered anymore with the work load that would come with it. I like going fishing and shooting more than messing about with vehicles. All credit to you though, bonny old lass that.
  2. Looks like spares availability and cost could be a problem with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Really undecided. I am at the point where I am not going to rule out a pick up. A Ford Ranger would fit the budget (need to watch for rot) Can’t find any Toyota Hilux around £4K without rocket ship miles, a hard life or ‘galloping rot’ I am not going to rush this and to be fair with the amount of things to consider I don’t think I can. Oh I forgot, how about a 2004 Ssangyong Rexton 2.7d. Once again a Merc engine, but again the spares situation could be the killer. Anyone had one? I have
  3. Right Gents! Here is a bit of a swerve ball with regards the replacement for my dead Misty Pajero. Thought I new where I was going, then after doing quite a lot of research by looking at how various vehicles have faired by looking at DVSA/VOSA MOT histories, I’ve changed my mind direction completely. Don’t laugh, but I was seriously considering a Suzuki Jimny! Why? Simple and capable off road. I know a bit small, but honestly do we really need all the gear we usually take? In my case I can honestly say no. In past times I have had to jiggle things about to accommodate the bird
  4. Fenlandbob if you don’t mind me asking, what did you give for your rebuilt Landy?
  5. Well, I’ve had to call it. Just had word from the garage and as I thought the rot is really too extensive to bother repairing it. So to the scrappers she goes. Not bad really, 12 years out of a vehicle that I paid £1400 for and intended to keep 2-3 years. Don’t get me wrong like all older vehicles there has been a cost to keeping her going, but really just bits an pieces here and there. So now I have to make the decision. Full 4x4 or ‘soft roader’
  6. Well the Pajero has gone in this morning for chop out/investigate to see how far the rot has gone, with an agreement that if it’s too bad we call time and scrap it. So we shall see. It may be the case that I have to buy something sooner rather than later. I appreciate everyone’s input with regards what I could replace it with that would fit my current requirements. Keep em coming. 😎👍
  7. Both the engine and drive train on my Pajero are bob on. This plus a lengthy discussion with real outcome on what to replace it with lead to the decision to weld it up. I reckon about £500 for what it needs - inner sills, **** end of one of the chassis rails, arches both sides. I paid £1400 for it when I bought it all those years ago and as I said earlier I only intended to keep it a couple sod years. Was going to to look at a ‘06 Freelander Td4 but having worked for a Landry dealer for a while, being fully aware of how good and bad they can be I decided against it. A pre ‘Jelly Moul
  8. Watch out for rot just forward of the rear axle, same as with a lot of 4x4’s Had to scrap an ‘07 plate earlier this year for this reason plus one or two others, simply not worth repairing it. It had never been off road as it was the wife’s car. I was thinking of taking it on as my shooting vehicle when we retired it from everyday use, didn’t get the chance. on a more positive note, I have put one through its paces off road up in Scotland whilst fishing and it shocked me how capable it was, even on road tyres.
  9. Dear all Time to raise that old chestnut again! I am going to need a new shooting/fishing vehicle pretty soon as my old Pajero probably has another year in it and then it needs to go. The Tin Worms have attacked, so weld it up this year and start looking. I don’t need anything too hard core as I don’t do as much winter shooting as I used to, just an odd bit of ‘crowing’ hear and there. So here is the wish list: 1. Under £4K 2. Goodish reliability 3. Semi rot resistant 4. Reasonable ground clearance and off road capabilities 5. Oh and enough room for my gear
  10. I have a 2007 XE and have got to say they are quite suprising off road. Drove my mates on standard road tyres off road in some really snotty conditions up in Dumfries & Gallowaya couple of years ago. It shocked me! It absolutely ate steep, muddy inclines that I thought I had no chance of dealing with in it
  11. I have had an S56E for about the past 10yrs. Love it to bits, a lovely, light game gun, ideal for pigeons, double trigger, choked at 1/4 and 3/4. I will eventually have to replace it, but the question is with what? I suppose a Silver Pigeon will be the nearest to it.
  12. If it's pulverised, cut the bad bit off, use the rest. Fly eggs are unavoidable in summer. Crown them, wash em and fillet them, that will get rid of them. They are generally on the outside anyhow. lead is only a danger when it is ingested in small fragments, regularly. An odd bit of shot won't do any harm, it will just past straight through you. You are probably exposed to more lead in your tap water as some where in the supply line there still will be odd bits of lead pipe left in the system In a nutshell, get it down you, it won't kill ya!
  13. How the hell do you lads deal with white fly. I had a Thai Hot and a Prairie Fire from South Devon Chilli Farm and the White Fly absolutely mullered em. I killed the plants trying to get shut of em. 😬
  14. Has anyone had a VW Touareg 3.0ltr V6 diesel? Was told they were bad news by a mechanic in terms of reliability and also how hard they are to work on. For the amount of 'serious' off road stuff I do and for what you can pick a low mileage example up for, they are tempting
  15. Ditchman if it's any consolation, I had a similar result on Saturday. Flight lines completely changed from usual, birds wanting to land at the other side of the field, tried every trick in the book to get them to come in properly, without much success and then to add insult to injury, the ones that did sort of decoy were landing with the wind, not into it.? To compound my problems, I have a Mk I 'Hatstand' 30" camo, double mag which I bought on a whim years ago and don't really use that much. Well I decided that I was going to force myself to have a day out with it. Usually my trusty o/u
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