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    1. Got my fac Christmas eve. Has ground game, vermin and aolq on it.
    2. Fac dropped on the mat yesterday.😊😎
    3. Hi. I have been the last 3 years .Camping is Excellent. If you are going for general access, be prepared to get up early to get a good spot. If you are getting grandstand seats, get drunk get up late get to seat just before the action starts Which ever way, you'll have a great time. Atmosphere is awsome.
    4. Squads are looking good :good: Will any of the Different Strokes team will be shooting? See ya all saturday
    5. I have voted for the 8th April. Might be able to do the date in may if I have enough notice 😃
    6. I would be up for this, depending on dates and times :good:
    7. Have a look here :- http://www.scoobynet.com/forum.php or http://www.sidc.co.uk/
    8. I have had two Impreza's and a Forester in the last 10 years. The first was a WRX with lots of Prodrive goodies , faultless in the three years. Then had a WR1 for three years (17-18mpg on a good day :blink: ), also faultless. Then had a Forester XTen for four years, no problems with that also. I would say though, try and get someone who knows Subaru's to have a look first (piston slap. bottom end knocking), because repair bills can be shocking :look: :o .
    9. Hi guys, I also work for the same REC :yp: who supply Haix boots(chainsaw and linesman), they are very good boots. Will last a very long time if looked after.
    10. Same as me, except I work on wood pole and towers 240v up to 132000v :o :o
    11. Nice little write up The picture on the right in the write up looks an awful lot like me from Hodnet last year :good: :D
    12. Hi guys, does anyone know if there are any cartridge restrictions at Sporting Targets :yp: :yp:
    13. Hi. Don't mind who I shoot with, but if myself and SJ1973 could be on the same squad please as we will be traveling together Thanks
    14. Hi Simon, dont worry bud. I shot in last years charity shoot, having only had my cert a couple of months :wacko: Anyhoo, are you driving or am I :yp: :yp:. Check out the charity shoot web page
    15. Don't think so. 2 Apple computers, a pair of jimmy choo (sp) shoes (over £350) purchased on Bond St, plus loads of other stuff over a four day period :angry:
    16. Hi guys, Just had a phone call from barclay card fraud people. Both of my credit cards have had huge amounts spent on them in London by someone else :( :( :( . Be very carefull people :angry: .
    17. Can do any of these dates . I had a briliant time last year. Met some nice people and won some prizes in the raffle, also raised some money for charity . I had a two hour drive each way last year, Risley is a little closer for me this year .
    18. The only side affect I had were a few weird dreams about smoking :yes: I also had no withdrawal at all
    19. Hi Guys, I had smoked 40 a day for the last 20 years, had tried giving up lots of times but always started again I think it was another post on here about giving up smoking that lead me to a book called THE EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING by ALLAN CARR (not the comedian). Since reading it a few months ago I have not had one fag or cigar or had any cravings. It has also helped atleast two of my friends become non smokers (not ex smokers :yes: ) Give the book a go what have you got to lose.
    20. Hi. My wife uses a Browning GTi 28", she shoots very well with it . I have also used it quit a bit and have to say it is a superb gun. Hers is a 1992 and in stunning condition . Can't comment on the B325 as have never used one.
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