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  1. my mates gave me it ,long story
  2. hes no diddrent from the rest of us ,if he causes a disturbance old bill will be called should of read no different
  3. olly321


    welcome to the forum bud
  4. ive a 25 mfr and its sub 12lb out to 30 yards it kills everything it hits past that it drops a lot,getting to know your distances its a great rifle to use,but I still always go for my mk1 fac rapid
  5. olly321

    .25 Cal.

    ive a 25 I love it power set at 40lb
  6. very interesting
  7. olly321

    squirrel control

    nice pics there bud
  8. I use a 25 fac when I run it at 50 lb using barracudas the grouping is not the best
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