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  1. Yes I mean Percussion, so far so good for both trousers and jacket, plus the jackets are very well cut.
  2. I had a ridgeline jacket a few years back, I did loose a lot of weight . I had a nice surprise this year, I wanted a cheapish lightweight stalking jacket and bought a make I had never heard of before, Precision. I got caught in some serious rain an it stayed lovely and dry plus the sweat doesn't drip out of my sleeves.
  3. Update on Perkin knives, ordered a flat grind d2 steel hunting knife, communication was good as I had to change delivery address as had to be signed for by an over 18 year old on arrival. The knife was beautifully made with inlays on the handle, my own concern was the blade, it didn't have the taper I would expect from a flat grind and the secondary bevel was quite steep (mainly due to the thick blade), it also looked just to shiny ( if that makes sense) almost chrome like rather than steel. It wasn't overly sharp so was expecting a bit of work to get a good edge but surprisingly the edge became sharp quickly. This didn't really make any sense so I ran the blade lightly over a piece of pine, it dulled extremely quickly, this was not what I had expected. It did look nice but not a lot of good for me in the field. Perkin had enclosed a slip to say to contact them with any problems and they offer a one year refund guarantee, I emailed them and they were prompt and courteous asking me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted to return it for a refund. I returned the knife and they promptly refunded my payment back to PayPal. £66 for a hand made knife is cheap so I guess or you get what you pay for, I don't know enough about metal to say if it was just a bad batch of metal or just had not been tempered correctly. I think it would be fair to say that the knives are not hand made in the UK and they do mention this in their advert somewhere but their service is excellent and they stand by their product, would I use them again, well if I ever wanted a cheap Damascus blade then maybe, they do have many positive reviews.
  4. They have facility for Paypal and they are pretty good at settling any dispute, eg not what it says on the packet etc, think I will take the plunge as the fixed blades seem to have good reviews but apparently the pocket knives suffer from poor mechanics. Plunge taken and will do a review on the knife.
  5. What do you use it for? I may take a chance on a Perkin knife just for its looks, you can never be sure where any knife metal comes from, was thinking about getting a outdoor edge swingblade but apparently that's Chinese stainless ( if you believe the tinternet) and doesn't keep a good edge. I do have the outdoor edge razor pro which has disposable blades, haven't changed the blade yet as sharpens up real well, you just have to make sure you remove the blade and clean it well each time you grallock otherwise the disposable gets stuck with the blood. Does a fallow nicely and as a folder it goes on your belt tidy, just like a bigger fix blade for bleeding and doing pigs.
  6. Trouble is now the children have left home and the wife would probably allow me to buy and Emberleaf I'm to darn forgetful to warrant owning one.
  7. You may not have noticed Walshie but there's a few about that don't speak the Queens English, met a girl in Bangkok once, she could only speak one broken sentence of English but her service was excellent.
  8. Your not a perkin agent are you One reason for being so cheap will be labour rates in Pakistan just wondering whether the rest of the knife will be value for the money. I have an ornately carved chess set, absolutely stunning, all hand carved in Ubud, Bali, the most beautiful detail, inlaid with white and dark wood, must have taken ages to carve but cost me £30. The only downside ( only from a western perspective) was tin hinges made from bean cans but I don't play chess with the hinges. Perkin do accept Paypal so there is some come back, should I take a punt and do a review ?
  9. Nothing yet but one knife that looks nice is a D2 knife with walnut handle and scout style sheath, its a flat grind which I prefer, if its D2 steel its a lot of knife for £60.00
  10. Hi all, while looking for a new knife with some Christmas cash I stumbled on these guys, nice website with some lovely looking knives for not much money for example a handmade knife out of D2 steel with a buffalo horn handle for £60. At first instance you could believe these knives are Made in UK (nice to see that still has some meaning ), but they do state somewhere on the website the knives are not made in the UK, not obvious but there. Now I'm a man of suspicious nature and seeing a true Made in UK knife of reasonable design could cost you into the high hundreds did a bit of research on these guys, a couple of brothers with Pakistani nationality operating from the London area so its not hard to guess the set up. My house is adorned with pictures and carvings from around the world and don't believe something coming from an country of cheaper labour necessarily means absolutely trash quality, many lavish homes around the UK are skirted by acres of imported Indian sandstone, cheaper than concrete yet very hard wearing and well cut. Obviously you get what you pay for in regard to the knives but they do look very good and there seem to be quite a few happy customers around, anyone on here have any personal experience with them.
  11. As titled need a spare mag for my CZ .22 rimfire, ideally a 10 shot but 5 shot would do
  12. Disagree, if your a member of BASC give them a ring and they will give you emails for the complaints procedure, many don't complain because they are worried the police may hinder the process further. If not a member of BASC look it up on your police areas website. They are providing a service and the more complaints they get maybe they will do something about it. This worked for me anyhow
  13. As Title, have 308 but worth a try to get calibre spacific
  14. Just starting reloading for 6.5x55, anyone have anything related
  15. Bit like the driving test then, but at the moment the DSC's aren't law, well at the moment anyway
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