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  1. Muntjac in Wales

    There's a good population of fallow in the Merthyr Mawr area.
  2. Muntjac in Wales

    Ceredigion is a county, Cardigan in Welsh is Aberteifi.
  3. 28b homeloading

    Kofs make a 3" o/u.
  4. That's interesting about the paper cases.

    When I contacted Hull, they reported not being supplied with paper cases for sometime.






    1. Game cartridges

      Hull 3 crown are available in paper cases.
    2. coarse fishing

      Children under 12 never used to have a licence holder to accompany them and I didn't think this had changed.
    3. Daft myths that won't die?

      Not 100% but I think there is a very poisonous crane fly but not the ones we have in this country.
    4. led torch

      I'll have this off you if I can pick it up some time in the week.
    5. Just get a pallet and put the polystyrene into the cavity with a few screws to stop it from sliding out.
    6. Moon Bow

      A photographer friend of mine took a lovely picture of one quite a few years ago. Absolutely stunning

      Collect from where?
    8. Winchester 243 58grn rounds

      PM sent
    9. sako 85 stock

      What stock as my mate has a synthetic one which may be for sale?
    10. swap , quad sticks , for scope and mounts.

      I've got a couple you can choose from. I don't want anything for it. Pm your email and I'll send you pictures. There's a good chance I'll be up the M6 towards the end of the week so can drop it off for you.
    11. Renewal

      I'll try and pop over sometime when I get a chance. Rob