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  1. r1steele

    CZ452 22lr Magazines

    Yes please. I'll sort payment later.
  2. r1steele

    Cartridge Collecting

    I did have a handful of Wynyard estate cartridges (plastic) which I'll try and hunt out. I did have a handful of Wynyard estate cartridges (plastic) which I'll try and hunt out.
  3. r1steele

    Cartridge Collecting

    I would love to own one of those. I was given a full box of Spartan (same as the second one down in the second picture) many years ago which I should have kept whole but different people have had one or two over the years.
  4. r1steele

    Cartridge Collecting

    Do you have any Spartan cartridges?
  5. r1steele

    Freshwater gear

    Hopefully be down in the week
  6. r1steele

    Freshwater gear

    ?I've got a spare fixed spool reel you can have. I'll drop it off next time I'm near.
  7. r1steele

    Freshwater gear

    What sort of gear are you after as I think Derwent might be fly only?
  8. r1steele

    Krico .22lr magazine

    Sold to Cookie
  9. r1steele


    We had it
  10. r1steele

    .243 ammo

    Still available
  11. r1steele

    Krico .22lr magazine

    5 shot magazine for a model 302 .22lr bolt action Krico. Used but in good working order. £30 posted.
  12. r1steele

    .243 ammo

    Sorry, half asleep. 3 boxes so 60 rounds. I was thinking of putting it as either 3 boxes or 60 rounds and mixed the two together. I'll change it now.
  13. r1steele

    .243 ammo

    3 boxes, 60 rounds of .243 Federal power shok 100grn for sale. Northumberland. £50
  14. r1steele

    Lee 3 hole turret,

    I've got this one if it's any use
  15. r1steele

    Muntjac in Wales

    There's a good population of fallow in the Merthyr Mawr area.