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  1. r1steele

    .22 ammo

    Can you pm me your number so I can ring you to sort collection
  2. r1steele

    .22 ammo

    I'll take these if you still have them. I'll pm you later to organise collection etc if that's OK. Thanks, Rob.
  3. Also interested, whereabouts exactly are you. Sorry, just seen your postcode. If the 17 and 22 ammo is still available I'm interested. Thanks, Rob
  4. I know you are looking for cartridges for the .222 but also notice you reload. Nosler do a copper bullet upto 50 grains in .22 caliber, not sure about the deer though as it is a varmint type. Hope this helps.
  5. Just use a screw without it being fully screwed in, about 1/2 an inch sticking out, and push the spring in against it rather than fiddling with an empty case.
  6. For the past few years I've been getting buckets of turkey blood when they are being bled during the preparation for Christmas. Not sure how much it has helped as the snipe bogs were already extremely successful but additional help can't be a bad thing. I do think we have a better residency than previously so that may be down to this .
  7. It is now but wasn't when I asked.
  8. If you can't stretch to the cost of the Beneli you could think about the Franchi. Not far off the same gun for around half the price.
  9. He was my first boss when I started keepering. Sad to hear this news.
  10. First 2 bites last night, right elbow and left thumb. Wasn't too happy.
  11. To be honest I wouldn't want anyone training there dogs on game at this time of year due to young broods. Birds come off roost at first light and go back at last light. Again, training dogs to flush birds as they are heading back to roost is not very good practice.
  12. I got a pair last year and have stood in water and crossed streams without any leaks. They've been comfy from day one and get a fair bit of use. I find them slightly on the narrow side so I wouldn't get them mail order without trying on a pair first. I know a few people who have them and recommend them but I also know 1 person who said his aren't 100% waterproof.
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