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  1. Looking for Beretta 12 gauge flush Mobilchokes. Must be in vgc and marked SP for steel use. 1/4 and 1/2 equivalent wanted. **** and *** Thanks!
  2. Beretta mobilchokes must be vgc and SP for steel shot
  3. Hi Do you have any Beretta mobilchokes marked SP for steel? Regards
  4. Hi Is the choke in vgc without pitting or damage? Thanks
  5. I think they are marked SP if okay for steel. I guess all less than half choke would be okay for ordinary steel perhaps?
  6. I am looking for two flush fitting 12 gauge Beretta Mobilchokes marked for steel shot use, ideally skeet, 1/4 or 1/2. Must be very good condition
  7. Looking to buy Novorol paintings if anyone is looking to sell. Please PM me.
  8. Happy New year to all. I'm still looking for Novorol paintings if anyone is looking to sell!
  9. Thanks for that I'll keep an eye out.
  10. Yes you are correct but anyone who wants to sell at auction loses around 30% in fees. I bought an oil at auction for around £150 several years ago Regards
  11. Looking for original Julian Novorol oil paintings for sale but not prints. Please PM me. Thanks
  12. Brattonsound mt9+ wanted in good condition
  13. Hi Has anyone got a Beretta 301 users manual from 1980s for sale please? I'm after an orginal paper one please.
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