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  1. Nesbitt isn’t dead 💀 he was the Spanish captain leading the house raid Its a set up we didn’t see the faces of the Spanish police or the dead bodies Thats the theory in our house 😂
  2. People that cannot use a retractable dog lead properly people that think it’s ok to try and touch my dog they’ve only just met modern day people that think they are gangsters you know the ones todays society basically
  3. Had the same bill increasing so rang them keeping same package and less than paying before increase worth a call
  4. Timex expedition for me aswell, batteries and new strap in ten years
  5. Thought it was huttoft beach 🏖 looks nice may have to take a peek in the Christmas break
  6. Crocs warm weather and around the house ,Dr Martin any other time as my dear old grandad used to say -good boots 🥾 & a good bed 🛌 ,if your not in one your in the other.
  7. Another one for nextbase got one fitted uses micro SD card found curry’s cheap this time last year ,plenty of discounts before Xmas
  8. Yes worth changing the gearbox Oil, it’s a box out job to change the filter I am told
  9. Surfer

    oil tanker

    Libyan ship ,capture said pirates and send them to Libya to be dealt with,send out a stronger message than ourselves
  10. 😂 yes taste changes I only have red wine and bornville now both make me thirsty lol
  11. No not normal! loads of people complaining about pain and side effects this year
  12. A spliff red wine dark chocolate 🍫 lol
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