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  1. Another one for nextbase got one fitted uses micro SD card found curry’s cheap this time last year ,plenty of discounts before Xmas
  2. Yes worth changing the gearbox Oil, it’s a box out job to change the filter I am told
  3. Surfer

    oil tanker

    Libyan ship ,capture said pirates and send them to Libya to be dealt with,send out a stronger message than ourselves
  4. 😂 yes taste changes I only have red wine and bornville now both make me thirsty lol
  5. No not normal! loads of people complaining about pain and side effects this year
  6. A spliff red wine dark chocolate 🍫 lol
  7. As is , now you can add to this and fill in overlap later
  8. Have you checked break fluid level? could be as simple as that
  9. Yep sick to death of dogs off leads , also it’s fine he’s friendly ,well mine isn’t with dogs he’s never met or people who come too close for comfort. i think I’ve said before on a thread 2 jrts set about him while they were off lead and he wasn’t , he sorted the pair and the woman called me all the names under the sun , is it me or are they getting thicker
  10. There’s plenty of numbing creams out there ,put on an hour before coupled with a good tattooist it’ll be fine had my first one at 30 several more as the years passed must be due another one , be tactical of where you want it , mine are covered even with a tee shirt 👕
  11. On the vape now , down from 30 a day vaping cost £10 a week roughly after setting up , hard road but going to be a long haul, good luck it’s my 3rd attempt
  12. In France we just used debit card for tolls
  13. Mainly cider ,spiced rums and red wine Shiraz, I did try a bottle of desperados the tequila one last night on a recommendation very nice
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