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  1. I’d love a ford bronco ☹️ i have a yearning for the big yank tanks of all brands your gmc will be more fun and more reliable than the ranger 😂
  2. When we had the labradors we had many hedgehogs coming in an evening eating the dog food and many a bird 🦅 aswell The dogs passed away and now nothing is allowed in while our patterdale is outside We did notice our recycling box on end and the dog food tins licked clean one morning which are the other side of the gates
  3. Surfer

    Holidays in UK

    It was a question not a statement of holiday in uk cheaper , we have touring Caravan so it’s relatively cheap for two of us and very selective of sites we use , the ones we’ve been on that are family oriented ie haven ect do not put up with any antisocial behaviour we do like small sites aswell helps put into local economy we went to France last year with set up enjoyed that as well .
  4. Surfer

    Holidays in UK

    With recent events what are your views on UK 🇬🇧 Holidays,do you think they will be more popular than abroad Families not wanting/ affording abroad holidays, more for your money? investing in Motorhome/ caravaning camping or the popular lodges any other ideas ? i know I’ve put a similar post in the death thread on the covid section but wanted an off in a different section
  5. Well so far this week we’ve had a couple of crocodile Dundee’s and now a Steve Erwin ,an exciting week 😂 well done on the snake 🐍 rescue from the damsel in distress
  6. Surfer

    Wet shave.

    I think it depends on where you are in the country on price £16 for that in Lincolnshire, good old Turkish shave cannot beat it
  7. We’ve got 2 no problems with them yet had one 2 years and one 9 months good luck in your search
  8. Try the freelander 2 auto box good all rounder with decent tyres will do all you want good towing capacity aswell
  9. First one listening to me ordering chicken and lamb kebab,his favourite second is him relaxing after walk and breakfast
  10. Really scared ? VE Day celebrations around the country with no social distancing from morons , they don’t really look scared full of brave juice As for the stiff upper lip that’s for sheep that’s one of the worst sayings in the world 🌍 , just keep a tiff upper lip dear boy 😂 yeah alright it’s not for me 😂 I don’t really buy into all that show , all bay window ,fur coat 🧥 and no knickers brigades can keep em be a lion 🦁 not a sheep 🐑 now that’s a saying
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