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  1. Askher when people ask what’s her name reply Askher,then sit back and watch them ask her 😂
  2. Scaffolding boards will fit and last longer
  3. I did go quite a few years ago,early stages and got to see Ronnie O’Sullivan do 147 against Marco fu ,£12 for an evening session back then better than any final
  4. Turned 50 last week didn’t need want any fuss,just look forward to another 50,as already said get it spent
  5. Yes probably the same method
  6. You have to have a code for it to be done by Timpsons if you want to pm me there’s a cheaper alternative that I wouldn’t put on here or a public place
  7. Wait until the sales drop more than they expect ,haggle for 15% off it will be a buyers market only an idiot would agree to sign that
  8. Is there not a cap that covers the passenger door key hole that pops off to use your key?
  9. Inspected every 7 days and after adverse weather
  10. Surfer

    Queens Speech

    Day Night,Up Down,Left Right,In Out,Right Wrong all opposites,same as some views now where would we be if we all agreed
  11. Surfer

    Queens Speech

    It’s true she was on TV giving a speach its true there’s homeless there for all to see
  12. Surfer

    Queens Speech

    Just an opinion that’s all
  13. Surfer

    Queens Speech

    To be fair I’ve been saying it for years,it’s possibly passed most people’s lips at one time or another i don’t think he would say that as he is one for himself in my opinion it was just my opinion on the post title, just find it ironic and wrong that people are on the street some of which have served her and country are left to rot basically while they’re giving out speeches from a far more comfortable life/home
  14. Surfer

    Queens Speech

    Lol 😂,he’s another bloody idiot i see you 👀 have judged me to be a labour fan,quite typical and sooo wrong
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