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  1. Another 9 - 4 shot by me and 5 trapped by friends over the last week. Total 1326
  2. Another 3 trapped by my friend. 2 females and a male. 1272
  3. Looking forward to being there 👍
  4. A walk out into another conservation wood with one of the grandsons to re-install the refurbished squirrel feeder. Most of the ironwork is reclaimed from the previous feeder. I’ve learnt my lesson not to use OSB for feeders, after a year it started to delaminate. Back to the trusty 18mm plywood and decking board off cuts. This week I’ll get to try out my latest acquisition. A band saw. I’m beginning to like this retirement thing.
  5. Out this morning early, no grey squirrels about, but two Reds. Both chasing and leaping around on the canopy above my hide. One was a bright ginger, this darker one came for a snack.
  6. Just saying I’ve had my renewals through from Lancashire Constabulary, really nice people to deal with, from the office admin., to the young lass who came to do the home visit. The only difficulty was getting the medical certificate out of my GP. I printed the form out, delivered it by hand and paid the fee. Waited three weeks and then rang to enquire. Not yet done. Excuse they didn’t have the paper copies of my records from my previous GP. I’ve only been registered with this practice for 3 years! Having moved to a new village. Rang again a week later, same story! I offered to go to my old GP and collect the paper records. No don’t do that! Rang again a week later, same story, same offer from me, same response from them. Rang the following week and was advised it was “with the Doctor”. Another week passes and I’m told they have emailed it to Lancashire Constabulary. Quick phone call to Lancashire and they checked and confirmed they had NOT received it, they had had several from the same surgery but not mine! Another call to my GP., when I asked to call in and collect the hard copy, so that I could send it in with my application forms. A long wait on the phone whilst she checked. Only to be told they had shredded the form! They sent me a PDF. Phone call to Lancs Constabulary to explain. They immediately said if it has the Doctor’s signature and practice stamp that would be Ok, so I emailed it to them and 15 minutes later had an email to say it had been received. We are now a month away from my renewal date, so I hand delivered my forms and cheque to the gatehouse at the Lancs headquarters, it’s only 10 minutes from where I live. The following day a very polite phone call from Lancashire asking for a new photo. Apparently they can’t use the same one twice. A quick selfie in the hallway and emailed the new mugshot to Lancashire, 10 minutes later an email saying “that’ll do nicely”. The following day a phone call asking for an appointment for the home visit. Arranged for two days later! Young lady arrives bang on time. Sit in the kitchen, goes through the form, checks storage, checks serial numbers etc., Confirms everything is in order and the renewals arrive in the post a week before the old ones expire. We hear a lot of negative reports about the police handling of these things but it is good to report excellent service from Lancashire Constabulary and great folk to deal with, very helpful. 👏👏👏 The only fly in the ointment was getting the medical form completed, but it’s done now and I’m good to go for another five years.
  7. Hey Ditchy, have you converted that workshop to a kitchen? Maybe in training for Master Chef? 🙄🤣🤣🤣
  8. Hardly a “New Low” he’s been down there a long time. He said that 8 years ago!
  9. I had a report from the owner of a conservation wood on Wednesday that she had seen a cheeky grey squirrel on her large bird feeder. Went out early doors this morning, on site for 5.30am. First grey comes along at 6.20, a further wait and another comes at 6.40. At 7.10am two Reds appear and had a mating chase for 20 minutes, entertaining to watch. Then down to the peanuts I’d scattered on the ground beneath the bird table, for a quick apres snack and away. A very enjoyable morning and two less grey females to breed this summer, but hopefully we’ll have some Red kits in a few weeks time.
  10. Two shot on the ground this morning with the.22lr. 1093
  11. Well the privilege of doing grey control in woods with Reds and Greys, is that you get to look after the Reds as well, once the greys are removed. This afternoon I have made an artificial drey, for the Reds. A 50mm diameter plate will keep the greys out but let the Reds breed safely. The timber is from the same conservation wood. It was cut with a chainsaw mill last year and stacked well for seasoning. It’s now fantastic for working. I’ll help the lass who owns the wood to site it next week. Should be in time for the second brood of Reds later this year.
  12. Well done Nev. I was out at daybreak, getting ever earlier these days. Into the conservation wood. Only saw a single Red on the feeder. No greys came in my two hour stint. Like you the feeders aren’t being used a lot. Yes, we’ve certainly thinned out the greys. The owner of this wood is certainly chuffed to have the Reds established.
  13. Fisheruk


    I haven’t any at present but in a month’s time I should have about 40 or so. They’ll be PPU once fired, if they’ll be any use to you. Could send just for the cost of postage
  14. Beautiful morning out in the woods. Having removed a few greys from this wood recently, no greys appeared this morning, but three Reds on the same tree at the same time. Managed to capture two in one picture by the bird feeder. Interesting difference in colour. Then the Pheasant appeared. Photos not too clear as they were taken from 50 metres away.
  15. Big feeders as well. Each have their uses. When you can consistently get out and effectively clear an area of greys you have the pleasure of watching Reds, if they are near enough to recolonise.
  16. Another two from the trapping session on the Conservation wood this week. That’s five in total over two weeks and 120 trap days. Previous years averaged 40 in the trapping fortnight, but since last year’s trapping I have been shooting the 100 acres of wood to a single feeder position. It shows that persistent shooting to a feeder can get the numbers down and keep the numbers down. I’ll be putting the lift top feeder back this week and wait to see when I get the next off the feeder.
  17. Another two trapped this week. Mature male and female. 989
  18. Out this morning before dawn. Sitting on a picnic bench in the wood 50 metres away from a tree with a bird feeder. Two Red squirrels came for a feed, shortly followed by a female grey, which chased the Reds off. The grey then sat down on the ground at the base of the tree for it’s last meal. 10 minutes later a larger greys male arrives and obligingly sat in the same spot, same result. Hopefully the Reds will be able to enjoy their food undisturbed, for a while without being bullied.
  19. The important thing is not to have a dispute with your neighbours, if there is a confrontation of any sort it will be on your file and could be referred to at a future renewal, or worse your guns could be removed.
  20. I would go for tight to the floor otherwise in an older property over time you will have dust staining around the edges as there is air migration though the outside walls and sub-floor areas.
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