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  1. I use the aniseed oil, never seen the powder, where do you get that from?
  2. Good to be able to hear and see some of the classical replays.
  3. I agree Robert, the shape is irrelevant. It is accuracy that kills.
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    Welcome and good to know you will be able to work on the Grey Squirrel cull total this year. Just don’t rub the working R10 in too much with Mice at the moment. 🙄 😂
  5. For mammals it is heart and lung for me every time whatever gun or calibre. Virtually always guaranteed a kill. Largest target area.
  6. Has this one had the software upgrade
  7. I watch one with the thermal spotter for an hour this morning up in the middle of Scots Pine canopy. Eventually it succumbed to a safe shot. 151
  8. Another male just reaching maturity this morning from the wood yard feeder. This FAC Verminator packs a punch. Total 150
  9. I second everything which has been said. Thanks for sharing 👍
  10. The amount of JSB’s I’ve got in stock, i won’t be worried about any lead ban. I must have a lifetime supply 😂
  11. Didn’t you get those B2’s with Green Shield stamps 😳
  12. Did you mean flat or splat! I’ve seen chickens sitting on top of a two storey house
  13. But that is assuming there are only 17 deaths! Would you really react like that for only 17 deaths, we get more than that from normal pneumonia in this country Probably nature’s answer to global warming
  14. They have been doing it at that price or a little cheaper for years,
  15. I'm just agreeing with you, there are some who use large feeders and just shoot occasionally which is not really doing the job, I know you don't work like that. If it works it will be a great step forward. As I understand it to be gene work and not a disease it will not be like those rabbit diseases. 👍 I see this as likely to be far more effective than the sterilisation plan, which is really going nowhere
  16. I have chains, shovel and track boards in my pickup. Only required once in last three years, but it is no good being in the position where you need them and finding they are sitting on the shelf in the garage. Come the end of March they’ll go back on the shelf in the garage
  17. Yes, it is a privilege to teach your grandkids how to handle and respect guns. As some on here know I have taught twin granddaughters to shoot, they started at 15 and have used everything from air rifles through rimfires to 6.5x55. They are both very good shots and responsible, but there is fun to shoot onions off strings at 150 yards! Particularly when you are leaning over a large straw bale and doing if free hand. They are now 18 years old and pretty young girls, but still enjoy coming out with Poppa, for a days practice. One boyfriend who came with us once was gobsmacked when his girlfriend unslipped a rifle and preceded to load it, lean over the straw bale and shot an onion off a string at 150 yards first shot. That was amusing.
  18. Don’t know Met Police, but Lancashire is virtually by return, first class service 👍
  19. It happens some days, still think you were better out than in bed! 😀
  20. Another two this morning before 9.00am on a feeder I sited only last Sunday in a wood yard, where I had been told a couple of greys had been seen. A good christening for my FX FAC Verminator
  21. Fisheruk


    They are really good off road too. This is my third, I do a fairly high mileage of circa 30000 per annum and change them at 90000. My current one has the raised Pedlar lift suspension which is useful riding over deep tractor tracks. I don’t think I have ever bottomed this one. To be honest I think the 2.5 is a better engine, the 1.9 has to work that much harder.
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