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  1. Another 2 this afternoon, one with a 12g another trapped. 2400
  2. Another 5 to report. Two trapped and three shot from feeders. 2398
  3. Interesting photo has cropped up on social media. Greys are not just enemy number one for Red Squirrels but small birds. I frequently find that there is an explosion of new bird activity in woodland when you remove the greys.
  4. Send me a PM, and I’ll be happy to chat and give you a few ideas This year Reds have been seen in Clitheroe and Accrington. They are going about as so many folk are now engaged in getting rid of the greys
  5. I’ve used 3 metre ones and 5 metre ones for survey work. You need to treat them with respect and not use them in the rain . Don’t use them for dusty dirty work or they’ll jamb. I’ve still got an old one 20+ years. . Can’t see how you could possibly get to 15 metres with one and I certainly wouldn’t want to be that high on one!
  6. One off a woodland feeder with the.22lr. 2277
  7. I finally got this elusive female off the woodland feeder. It chased a Jay off the feeder and was standing guard. Big mistake!
  8. I was catching trigger fish when I was a lad, pushing 75 now!
  9. Fisheruk


    Acorns are in short supply here, West Lancashire, this year.
  10. Another mature male trapped by my friend 2275
  11. Yep, plenty of fuel where I am , filled up Thursday- no limit.
  12. I had both the flue jab and booster COVID-19 on the same da, on in each arm
  13. Another two youngsters trapped today, by my friend. One of each 2263
  14. Another two shot, one from a garden and one on a woodland feeder this morning. 2252
  15. That’s the way I made my own floats in the 50’s, but I used a piece of split cane as the float stick. Used them for eal bobbing at the end of a sewer pipe.
  16. I’ve used a similar backstop without any problems. I’d be happy to put centre-fire into that. What I have found with the self healing targets they can get full of lead and if there are a couple of rounds just below the surface of the target the new round doesn’t get caught and can bounce back. Reality is most of the energy will have gone out of the round into the target. Always wise to have glasses on.
  17. Equality or safety This is nothing new. When I was a lad in the early 60’s I could go out walking all night long over the hills by myself but the girls wouldn’t have done it. In Reading girls wouldn’t go home alone, in those days boys would escort them, for nothing more than a wave good night. Because they wanted them to get home safely. Now with this equality lark they suddenly think everything has changed. Folk forget things like Jack the Ripper have happened since the beginning of time. Nothing has changed, and reality never will.
  18. I’m not sure I would want to try and shoot a fox out to 300 yards at night time. Happy enough in daylight if there’s no real wind, but the question of backstop beyond 300 yards at night would always give me concern
  19. Certainly agree 223, much better availability of ammo, Sako 85 is excellent I have one in 6.5x55 Swed, can’t fault it. Mine’s a Stainless synthetic.
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