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  1. I’ve been trying the JSB Hades in .22. Found they work excellently in both sub 12 and FAC. They certainly have great terminal effect on Squirrels using the sub 12. for head shots. With the FAC I still like heart and lung. They don’t punch straight through and loose all their energy very quickly to good effect. I still prefer the Rimfire for anything over 50m
  2. Connor, thanks for posting, great works by the WLSI.
  3. I suspect that this may change as restrictions change.
  4. Yes, it is always good to hear other people’s experiences. There is also the Grey Squirrel cull thread where we add our cull figures as a running total. I will be good to have another active member adding to the PW total. 👍
  5. I think there is a population in Essex, on a little island Mersea Island
  6. Both, some are in areas where there are Reds but others where there are not. Grey Squirrels are an invasive non native species. It is illegal to release them if caught in the UK and they carry a pox disease which doesn’t really affect them but can be fatal to the Reds. Reds are naturally breeding and as the greys are thinned out it makes space for the Reds to repopulate into suitable habitat.
  7. Another two of a feeder this morning. Both were mature females. Beautiful morning across the lake.
  8. Out in a wood at daybreak this morning which is known to have Reds and occasional greys. Feeders not being touched by either. Spotted frass falling from the top a 60ft pine. Used the thermal spotter and located the squirrel partially hidden in the canopy. Thought I could see the halo on its tail in the sunlight. I held my fire until I could get a better view. Waited for it to move and as it set off to forage for another pine cone I had a clear view and saw It was a Red 👍. Saw two other Reds scampering around the trunk of a pine tree but no greys. Very enjoyable 2 hours in the woods.
  9. To die or not to die - Covid? I think that the risk might tip in favour 😳
  10. Two last weekend in a wood where there were multiple Reds. It’s great to watch the Reds and also know you are doing your bit to even the odds for them, but none are coming onto the feeders at present. One Red came down a pine trunk just 3 metres from where I was sitting. I had just taken a grey out with the FAC Verminator, at the top of an adjacent pine. 1381
  11. Unless you are using subsonic ammo you will always have the supersonic crack so it will never be quiet as such. Not sure you can get subsonic in 22wmr.
  12. Well, I’ve been after a skitty Squirrel for three days. It’s been coming to a feeder fixed to a post, which is fixed to the post of a cattle fence running next to a mature Hawthorne Tree at the end of a field hedge. Just staying Long enough to have a quick feast of a few peanuts before going off to forage for natural food which is in abundance. I think it is the only squirrel still using this feeder since I shot one off it last week. It comes through the dense Hawthorne and the only sign it is there is a bounce of the branch just overhanging the feeder on its pole. A quick jump down onto
  13. Which Marlin, please? Are they 7 rounds
  14. The Grabber at3s will easily do 40000 miles and still have plenty of tread, provided your tracking is ok.
  15. Definitely the way to sort them.
  16. We’ll flip top feeder filled Friday evening. I’ve not shot this wood since just before lockdown. The two feeders I have there were both empty apart from a few peanut husks, having never been filled since 23rd March. Arrived back there this morning and as I stepped out of the pickup “clang” as the lid of feeder 1 dropped down and a squirrel scarpered. Took the gun out of the bag, loaded it and settled down to hide. Two minutes later squirrel re-appears through the Hawthorne tree behind the feeder, straight onto the top of the feeder, then dives into the feeder for another nut. Dropped like
  17. But not blind! If you see an ARU pointing weapons at you you hardly need them to tell you to submit!
  18. Dump 3 miles up the road is just stupid, a fox will travel 10 times that distance back home. If you have a problem don’t pass it on. If you don’t want to dispatch it yourself ask for someone on here to help you. I’m sure that you will find someone. If I were local to you I certainly would.
  19. Fisheruk

    Formula 1

    Yes, I agree. I’m not in the slightest bit racist, but do not agree with everybody having to witness personal political points of view being pushed in opportunistic photo shoot opportunities. Every life matters. Once the race started it was a great race and didn’t disappoint, a couple of “offs” and the safety cars mix it up, then the drama of tyres giving up and the urge for a quick single point for fastest lap had the whole family including the grandchildren shouting and screaming as Hamilton managed to hang on to another win. Who would have thought you could win at Silverstone wit
  20. Yes, I have a sharing condition on my FAC, for my son in law To use all my firearms and he has the same on his so we can basically use and keep each other’s weapons at any time.
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