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  1. Gutted for you, but 100% the right decision and you kept the dogs interests at heart not yours. Get a new puppy, you know you want to!
  2. I am after a set of Sako stainless extra low scope rings. If any of you have any tucked away in a safe place sell them to me instead.
  3. I'm in the middle of building a new shed/run for mine. Inside the sleeping quarters will just be concrete on the floor with some horse matts over it to stop chills. Outside, in the run I am tempted to tile it and use epoxy grout, works well from what I've heard.
  4. It's totally cleared up now. I gave him a lot of rest, not even taking him for walks and he fine. He's back jumping and running around like a lunatic. I'm starting to think and hoping that it was a new injury. They out years on me I tell you. If only they could talk...
  5. Scary, it seems to be spreading slowly.
  6. Back last season around November time I sent my lab for a bird and I carried on shooting, he came back with the bird limping on his front leg, I didn't see what happened. He had a month off coming shooting and I kept him on the lead as much as I could. After a month off and some swimming exercises for a week, just literally sending him for water retrieves no running he seemed back to normal, no limping during or after excercise or training. I was doing some training with him last night and sent him on a long retrieve, he flew out as per usual, but as he stopped to scoop the dummy he st
  7. I would get some advocate from the vets or online. Two treatments, bang on two weeks apart. I wouldn't 100% trust the view of it not being mites. I took my dog to the vet twice, no mites they said, took him for the third time, oh it's mites. Any darkish, thick, waxy type gunk coming out of his ears, or building up around it and the first thing I'd do is treat for mites. It normally doesn't smell if it's mites though, but it could be a combo of a bit of an infection and mites? If you are going to try thornit, don't put it in the ear canal, just lightly dust around the inside of the
  8. My old dogs liver totally gave in, it happened so quickly, one day he started not eating his food, then the small amounts he ate he was sick afterwards. I took him to the vets, they run tests and found that his liver was hardly working, it had finally reached the point, over many months, where there wasn't enough of it functioning and it started to show. The dog was still mental, diving around, wagging his tail, licking you to death, he'd lost a bit of weight but not too much. While in the vets he'd had fluids and it had perked him right up, we took him home for the family to see him and s
  9. Closest for me is 45 mins, furthest about 1 hour 15 mins.
  10. They also said these were Pinks too, so it's not just Packham!
  11. They actually showed Greys at the start saying they were Pinks!
  12. People create an issue when they have a dog by having it with them non-stop. They have them up on the settee, upstairs, they don't go out because they don't want to leave the pup alone. In real life, when the dog is older it's going to have to be left alone, so it needs to know and get used to this from a pup. The sooner it knows that even when it's left alone, somebody will come back to them, the sooner they will calm down and get used to being left alone. I feed my dogs in their crates, put their water in there, if they fall to sleep anywhere other than the crate I put the
  13. Aled, I wouldn't worry about the dog being on it's own for the amount of time you are concerned about. Sometimes mine are crated, after a long walk, for a good 5-6 hours.
  14. Poor deer, that must have been terrible :( Well done for dispatching it.
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