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  1. It’s all about reducing handling of things that could otherwise cause further Covid issues. If you haven’t a wallet on you all the time, also worth setting up Applepay or similar on your phone... to be fair, I pay for most things (including buying a new car) on Applepay!
  2. I used to live by the firing ranges in Colchester, lovely wake up on a Saturday morning to the sympthony of a couple of dozen SA80’s and then the occasional ‘doof doof doof doof’ noise of something bigger. Not great for lay-ins!
  3. Hardly anyone apart from China makes toilet rolls anymore. The issue being that paper products like this are so commoditised and cheap that to get the prices the buyers want, you need to be buying from countries with cheap labour. Same as Moulded Pulp products.
  4. Am I the only one who lifted their feet off the floor and put them on the coffee table whilst reading this thread? Haha. I used to be a surveyor for Rentokil and spent many a time being covered in the beasties in lofts, worst one was a loft of a 1700’s built Manor House with a loft space that hadn’t been entered in MANY years with horse hair etc up there. This spider went down my collar and it tickled so I flicked my hand and this spider the side of my hand crawled off into the horse hair insulation in front of me, where I had to go. The other time, I was under the floor of the old
  5. Oh I bet if I was on holiday In the Deep South of the USA, I’d have great fun playing with some different weapons on a range... my point really (fun arguments aside) is that if they are banned, but hunters can still buy and use traditional style rifles even if semi auto etc... I’d just go with it. I’ve only been messing, just being a bit silly this week so felt like being a bit of a bother - my apologies, I’ll revert to my normal (slightly not-normal) self :-).
  6. Will you be impressed if I say some nice things about assault rifles? Incidentally, you say my posts say more about me etc... are you referring to just this thread or are you judging me based on my post history overall? Besides, lighten up - it’s not good to get all stressed out over a topic on an Internet forum.
  7. Baited hook caught 😂. I am judgemental as I have first hand experience of the Rambo wannabes. I wasn’t using lots of military jargon to impress you, just to add a little seasoning to my rather annoying piece 🤣. If you turn up to shoot vermin or otherwise looking like you have just come back from Gulf War 1, with an assault rifle - I’d think you wouldn’t be mentally stable enough to have a gun.
  8. Wow, what a thread - glad I had a few glasses of vino before reading. My thoughts: I don’t see why we would need assault rifles outside of military use. If it stops mad people gunning down kids in schools etc... by not having the aesthetics of an assault rifle but you can still have a normal rifle to use for hunting, then grow up and just get over it. Yes, you’ve been let down by the minorities but that is life. I’m not one to be a judgemental person really, however I must admit, the ‘Walt’ culture is huge. I live in Colchester which is a big garrison town (and where you get
  9. I think it was Carole ‘******* Baskin!!!!
  10. To be fair, Essex are good at the moment as they haven’t much on. I did a change of address so phoned them and asked how long it would take and the nice lady said “well, someone comes in every day to check post... once we get it, we’ll get it printed out and post it back to you straight away”.
  11. After being a sub 11:30 Ironman athlete, part of a 24hour enduro running team etc... I flipped my bike last Autumn and broke a few bits including fracturing my Navicular in my foot and some ligament damage - issue is that It won’t heal so I have been on the pies and lagers since and put on 2.5 stone and was just getting back into it before the quarantine - so back to pies and lager haha. To get my motivation back, I dug out all my race photo’s, my kit and my nice TT bike and wheels and cleaned them for fun - that got me all excited so I went out for a 30 min out, 30 min back cycle. Was p
  12. Funnily enough, my other half and I were talking about sex toys after watching something on telly, and the next day she was showing her colleagues at work something on her Facebook and on the suggest ads, it was all sex toys - needless to say she was fairly embarrassed.
  13. I use a old school cast hand mincer which I got for hardly any £ for rabbits purely because it doesn’t take up much space and it’s quite good fun mincing things by hand like my Nan used to! Tip: rabbit and chorizo burgers are food of the gods - I turn any rabbit meat into chorizo and rabbit burgers and all my friends and fam who were originally put off by it being ‘wild food’ changed their minds! Fun fact: I served squirrel and chorizo at a BBQ last summer and didn’t tell anyone and nobody asked hhaahahha
  14. Here’s my Marlin 917 VSF with fluted barrel With a trigger kit to get it perfect. It’s heavy, but Deadly. Always considered getting a lighter shorter model but can’t bear to give this one up! https://ibb.co/Pr4ftSY
  15. Thanks 🙂 You need to know them to be let in at the moment because of Corona, I can facilitate however 🙂
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