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  1. Mighty Ruler

    Ay up from Stoke

    No, first choice was another song related username, Double Barrel.
  2. Mighty Ruler

    Small woodland shooting

    I was considering doing something similar myself but it looks like I’ll have to save up for another year or so.
  3. Mighty Ruler

    Brew dog Beer

    Always found Brewdog beers to be expensive and not very nice either.
  4. Mighty Ruler

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    Perhaps she self identified as a man that day.
  5. Mighty Ruler

    Tommy Robinson

    In this case I think he probably bought it on himself although I think he’s been harassed in the past. It’s a spectacular own goal by the authorities though, their mishandling of the situation has turned him into a martyr.
  6. Mighty Ruler

    Help needed; how to return Shotgun from France back to UK

    I seem to remember reading this story before, or maybe the details are just similar. In the previous story the gun was his late fathers and has a low value.
  7. Mighty Ruler

    Motorcyles and Shotguns

    Reading this thread has got me thinking, how would I stand going into a pub with a gun? It’s broken down and in a sports bag so not obvious what it is.
  8. Mighty Ruler

    .410 help please

    I can’t find the thread on here, must have read it somewhere else, from memory the gun shop replaced them with another box of the same brand and they were ok.
  9. Mighty Ruler

    .410 help please

    I’m sure I’ve read about this before, probably on PW.
  10. Mighty Ruler

    Side by Side Club

    Top - Frederick Crutchley, bottom BSA. Unfortunately the Crutchley is de-activated and just hangs on the wall.
  11. Mighty Ruler

    French state visit to USA

    Good, now perhaps the media will stop going on about the special relationship, it’s embarrassing.
  12. Mighty Ruler

    Norfolk County Council Charging For D I Y Rubbish

    When it gets too heavy I spread it around my neighbours and relations. It’s not that I’m tight it’s the principle of the thing. Yeah, only been Stafford twice because Stoke don’t take asbestos, even when double bagged in proper bags. I was expecting them to be awkward but they couldn’t have been more helpful.
  13. Mighty Ruler

    Norfolk County Council Charging For D I Y Rubbish

    Anything they charge for put in the bin, when the bin’s full fill a black bag with stuff they don’t charge for and take it the tip. I’m surprised they haven’t refused to take my bin for being too heavy sometimes.
  14. Mighty Ruler

    Bill Maynard

    I thought he died years ago. RIP Bill.
  15. Mighty Ruler

    Lack of diversity in shooting..

    There’s a few Asian shooters on Facebook.