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  1. They made such a fuss of finding a knife on my key ring that they forgot to check my passport, good job, it was still in the sideboard at home. It was only the Isle of Man though, wouldn’t have needed if if I’d gone on the ferry instead.
  2. Next time you have a shoot you should consider moving location, as near to the person who complained as possible.
  3. My cabinet came with 4 coach screws and rawl plugs, so that’s what I used. The FEO was happy enough with it and should I wish to move it in the future it will come off easily. If the FEO had failed it I intended to put bolts straight through the thermalite and sink the nuts in the plaster.
  4. They’ve got better recently, featuring SxS’s, punt guns, 4 bores etc. I couldn’t care less what they say about Yildiz and Hatstands as I won’t be buying any.
  5. Other Jihadi brides have had their nationality stripped, I don’t know if they had kids or not, but why should she be treated any differently just because she’s well known.
  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if she still ends up coming back but well done to Javid for at least trying. I wonder if he’s persuaded Pakistan to grant her citizenship?
  7. Make the penalty for treason so harsh that they will do anything to avoid coming back.
  8. She’s got to get here first. I hope that proves difficult without government assistance.
  9. I think every young person I’ve seen on the BBC wants the government to show mercy, they should come to Newcastle under Lyme for a different opinion. My wife works in a school and the kids were going mad about the prospect of her returning.
  10. Make sure that the sentence she faces is enough to deter her from returning. If they let her back others will try and return as well.
  11. I still buy tripe, brawn and savoury ducks when I see them, I’d like to try chitterlings, udder and cow heel again but never see it. Only had jellied eels once and wasn’t too keen, never had the others though.
  12. I tried pigs head once when I was a kid but can’t remember what it was like. I once ordered roast boars head on holiday in Spain, expecting a pig’s head with an apple in it’s mouth but when it came it was just a plate of brawn. I wouldn’t have minded if it was nice brawn but it was awful. I still like brawn, when I can get it, don’t see it very often though.
  13. They tend to get some peanuts then go and bury them then go back for another load and keep repeating this. So if I see one walking down the fence top it’ll be back again 5 minutes later, which means a few minute wait rather than sitting there for hours.
  14. I saw a vegetarian haggis the other day, might have been in Tesco. I didn’t buy it.
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