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  1. I can’t remember where the survey came from, it’s not in my emails but I might have deleted it. I did have a BBC app on my old iPad but that was ages ago, I haven’t got a clue what the password would have been anyway.
  2. I was going to do that survey but after clicking on it I found out that I would need to open a BBC account. I haven’t watched the BBC for 4 years so I’m not about to open an account.
  3. If there is another Scottish independence referendum it can’t be a repeat of the Brexit fiasco, they need to work out the agreement first and then vote on it.
  4. Yes, but if Boris had led the negotiations from the start, without allowing May to do the damage she did we’d probably have a better deal. I’ll never trust Gove again, even though he is one of the more competent ministers.
  5. She sent six 12LB naval guns to Lord Roberts during the Boer War at her own expense after being snubbed by the war office. A fascinating lady, not sure I’d marry her though, don’t think I could put up with the banjo playing.
  6. What are you on about? Project fear focused entirely on hardship and job losses (while at the same time predicting labour shortages due to European immigration ending).
  7. Yeah, you’re right, prices of German goods will rise. Not good for BMW, Mercedes etc.
  8. Yeah, but for some people Farage is the Devil incarnate and they will be genuinely surprised that he didn’t let them drown.
  9. Not seen this on the MSM but Nigel Farage unsuccessfully attempted to pull 2 migrants onto his boat so called the border force instead. They couldn’t get them aboard either, they were eventually saved by a RNLI inflatable.
  10. There’s a short stretch of abandoned canal at the bottom of my street that’s gone red as well, same thing happened last year. I thought vandals had tipped something in the first time. It started stinking first then the smell decreased but the red colour appeared. There’s still ducks and coots on it as far as I know.
  11. I just think my £20 is likely to do more good by giving it to JD rather than the RBL.
  12. I wear the same poppy every year to show my respect but won’t give owt to the RBL, donated to Jim Davidson’s new charity instead.
  13. I think Henry believes that people only care about terrorist peedos when they are non white. I’d hang the lot of ‘em regardless of colour.
  14. There’s the Glebe (Joules) opposite the minster, the White Star (Titanic) round the corner. There’s an oatcake shop on London road, had a nice sausage and mushroom oatcake from there last time I was in Stoke. I think there’s a micro pub opposite the oatcake shop.
  15. Hydroxychloroquine can make other illnesses worse, the main one being Trump Derangement Syndrome. Plenty of people take it for Lupus and other diseases, are they saying it’s only dangerous for Covid sufferers?
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