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  1. It was better than I expected, I think farmers can got the message over to the general public better than us shooters.
  2. I enjoyed it as well, looking forward to seeing Jonny in a pair of mudpattens.
  3. The neighbour’s worried about losing EU funding for her ‘experimental play’, so why doesn’t she just use her late father’s money to fund it. After all, that’s what’s funding the rest of her life, doubt she’s ever done a proper days paid work.
  4. He moved to France after the accident so is there any way of them actually getting the money off him?
  5. Well if some idiot does lump the neighbour as a result of my joke I’ll gladly contribute towards his fine.
  6. Someone should lump the neighbour. I am, of course, like Jo Brand, joking.
  7. Yeah, and some probably voted for Javid this time to get rid of the Toy Soldier.
  8. Oh dear, Rory’s out, his vote actually went down. Did some MPs just vote for him to wind him up a bit?
  9. So basically it was work experience, I did 3 days of that in a garage. By Rory’s reckoning I can claim to be a qualified mechanic.
  10. Rory seems to have dropped the claim that he served in the army ( 5 months probation doesn’t count as serving ) but does anyone know who’s decision it was no to sign on properly, his or the army’s?
  11. Mighty Ruler

    Jo Brand

    For me it’s not what she said, but where she said it, on a publicly funded broadcaster. I objected to paying my licence fee before and even more so now. I wonder if it was this type of left wing bias that made that British Asperger sufferer think it would be a good idea to shoot Trump.
  12. I wouldn’t mind buying a licence if I was getting an unbiased service. Also, the lack of state educated people on the BBC annoys me, l consider that a bigger scandal than female inequality.
  13. Mighty Ruler


    Too many of ‘em, we need to cull those on the fringes, the main ones can stay, after all, replacing them with politicians wouldn’t be cheap.
  14. May shouldn’t have taken the job if she didn’t believe in Brexit, but once she did she should have worked with the leavers in her cabinet to work a deal out.
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