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  1. Mighty Ruler

    Myxi in hares

    An article I read said she’d diagnosed mixy from looking at photos of dead hares, if that’s the only evidence so far I’m not convinced. I hope she’s wrong.
  2. Mighty Ruler


    Any chance the BBC will go down as well? Preferably permanently.
  3. Mighty Ruler

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Yeah, we must be due one, I just hope we’re fully out of the EU by then and don’t get dragged down by Italy, Portugal, Greece etc.
  4. Mighty Ruler


    I have no idea if he’s innocent or guilty but neither has anyone else, unless they have evidence that hasn’t been disclosed. Anyway, I think it’s more likely that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator but that doesn’t seem to worry the Dems as much.
  5. Mighty Ruler

    Russia at "it" again?

    It’s not the Russians, it’s giant shape changing lizards wot done it.
  6. Mighty Ruler

    A new orator?

    Yeah, I caught some of it, great speech but who was this woman that he referred to who was going to deliver Brexit?
  7. Mighty Ruler


    The reason I didn’t send the emails is because I couldn’t read the statement I was putting my name to before filling in my details and hitting the submit button. I have now sent them, they don’t actually go until you hit the send button, allowing you to read the statement first.
  8. Mighty Ruler

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Pair of burgundy English made Loakes on eBay, number 271900459384 . £160.
  9. Mighty Ruler

    National Insurance contributions

    Yeah, next time I see my accountant I’ll have to ask her advice.
  10. Mighty Ruler

    National Insurance contributions

    Yeah, I was told the same but I think the rules have since changed. I own a few properties though so not too bothered about my pension.
  11. Mighty Ruler

    Ben Fogle - Another Anti

    His dad was on Radio 2, think he still is. Nepotism?
  12. Mighty Ruler

    This years flu jab

    I have it done for free every year, never had a problem with it. A mate died of swine flu a few years ago and he wasn’t even 50, he was recovering from leukaemia at the time though.
  13. Mighty Ruler

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    No they don’t. Let me explain, they wanted everyone to know it was them but without having any actual proof.
  14. Mighty Ruler

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    I don’t think the Russians took enough care because they wanted the world to know it was them, but it backfired and we have far more proof than they ever intended.
  15. Mighty Ruler

    Part time man/woman